A New View – Chapter 1


“General Hammond sent us to extract Captain Carter...I’m afraid it’s your father, Captain. He’s in the hospital in serious condition.”


“You have to let her go home.”


“I’m sorry, I cannot do that...I’m sure you understand with your knowledge of this planet, you have become a security risk. We cannot allow you to leave until we have moved elsewhere that you do not know about.”


“Well, surely as Tok’ra you’re more compassionate than that? Captain Carter’s father is dying, I mean, at least let her go.”


“She is the highest risk of all. She contains the memory of Jolinar of Malkshur.”


Sam replayed the remnants of the last conversation they had with Garshaw and found herself becoming even more agitated and worried. This cannot be happening, Sam thought; please tell me this all a bad nightmare.


Sam had never gotten along with her father that well after her mother died, but he was still her father and when he showed up back in her life a few short days ago, Sam had thought that maybe, just maybe they could reconcile some differences. Sam snorted silently. Everything had gone wrong since the minute they started talking, but there was always hope.


To learn that her father had cancer was a shock. Sam had always thought nothing could take down her dad; he was Jacob Carter. Her dad. He had told her it was nothing to worry about, that he had a few years still to go only for her to turn around and find out that as usual, her dad was shielding the truth from her, thinking he could handle anything and everything thrown his way.


Unbidden, silent tears rose to the surface of her eyes. Sam blinked them rapidly away, mindful that she was still on a mission and her commanding officer was in the room, not to mention the four testosterone-filled macho marines of SG-3. Teal’c and Daniel didn’t count.


As she was sat, legs folded and clutched to her chest, Sam came out of her thoughts as she heard her teammates talking heatedly with Garshaw.


“We’re already a priority target.” Colonel O’Neil said, exasperated.


“They previously dispatched two mother-ships to destroy us.” Teal’c added.


Sam watched the determined face of Garshaw and knew that the protection of Earth and the promise of shared technology wasn’t all of the reason that the Tok’ra was reluctant to form an alliance with Earth. And she could probably guess what the main reason was.


“There’s anther reason, isn’t there? Something else bothers you about us.” She asked, not moving from her position.


Garshaw confirmed Sam’s guess when she answered and Sam fell silent once more as she continued to watch her teammates argue with Garshaw. Could she really blame Daniel, the Colonel and the rest of SG-3 if they weren’t exactly jumping up and raising their hands to becoming a host? Earth may have been a relatively new player in the struggle for the entire galaxy and beyond, but they had already seen much and had become somewhat tainted. As much as Sam hated to admit, the Tok’ra had some reminiscent characteristics of the Goa’uld. SG-1 and SG-3 were being held prisoner and pressured to ‘volunteer’ to become a host, all under different reasons of course.


“…There is nothing more to be said. There will be no alliance. You will remain here until we say otherwise.” Garshaw finished steadily and as Sam watched her storm off, worry, pain, concern, and anguish played over her face. This could not be happening.