A New View – Chapter 10

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The Stargate finished dialing and the wormhole engaged. Teal’c turned his head to see Garshaw re-enter the gate room with Colonel O’Neil accompanying her.


Garshaw talked to the colonel as she stopped at the bottom of the ramp. “There will come a time when the Tok'ra and the people of the Tau'ri will destroy the Goa'uld System Lords.”


Colonel O'Neil nodded his head and replied, “This'll be a good day.”


Daniel entered the room approaching Garshaw and the colonel with a Sagan Institute box in his hands. Giving it to Garshaw, he elaborated, “Um...this box has a signature in it we can recognize.  Just send it through the gate and we'll know you want to contact us.”


Garshaw nodded her thanks and beckoned to Martouf as he re-entered the room, holding the vo’cume. “Thank you. Come, Martouf.”


Martouf handed the vo’cume to Daniel. “I would be grateful to you if you could give this to Samantha. It is a recorded message for her from me.”


Daniel nodded. “Sure thing, Martouf.”


Martouf nodded and together, he and Garshaw bowed before turning to walk up the ramp and disappeared through the event horizon.


As soon as they left, Jack turned to Daniel and gestured to the object in his hands. “Guess you should put that in Carter’s lab, Daniel. After that, let’s head to the hospital, what do you say?”



  Sam wearily unlocked the door to her lab and trudged through the darkness to her desk. She had spent the greater part of the day at the hospital, arranging her father’s funeral and his burial, right next to her mother’s plot.


The colonel, Daniel, and Teal’c had showed up shortly after the general had left. Saying very little, they offered Sam the silent support she needed. They had mentioned nothing of the Tok’ra except to say that everyone had escaped and as far as they knew, were safe at the moment.


As night drew near, the guys of SG-1 had cajoled Sam into leaving the hospital. They had wanted to drive her home, but she insisted that she was capable of driving herself and that there were a few things she needed to do at the SGC first. So Daniel had opted to accompany Sam in her car, with the colonel and Teal’c following close behind. Once there, Daniel had offered to tell the general about Sam’s extended leave of absence, while the colonel and Teal’c tried not to make it look like they were hovering as they walked Sam first to the change room where she changed into her civvies and then to her office, where they vanished with a sheepish grin as she glared at them exasperatedly.


Sam packed her laptop into her canvas bag along with a few reports she had wanted to finish. Her hand came in contact with a smooth sphere-like object sitting on her desk. Puzzled, she picked it up and clicked on her desk lamp. It looked like a piece of Goa’uld technology, but Sam wasn’t sure. She had no idea what it did or how it got into her office. She searched the surface for buttons or markings and she was rewarded as her fingers brushed against a small button near the base of the object.


Pressing it, a small holographic screen popped up and Sam almost dropped the ball in surprise. As she continued to stare, an image slowly appeared and Sam recognized Martouf’s face. He was looking straight at her and as he began to speak, Sam realized it was a recorded message. Quietly she listened.


“Samantha, Garshaw and I have just been informed of what has occurred with your father. I offer my condolences. Both Lantash and I are truly sorry for not being able to help you sooner, though we have just met, I feel as if I already know you. I mourn the loss of your father, even though we had never met, because he meant so much to you and in turn, you have some to mean a lot to me. Your father must have been a great man for raising such a wonderful daughter.


“Our talk alone in the desert made me feel like I have grown close to you and I hope you felt the same. I also hope you do not begrudge the Tok’ra for what has happened.


 “I do not know if anyone has informed you, but a tentative alliance has been forged between your people and mine. It is my hope that this alliance will be beneficial to both sides and will bring serve to bring us closer.


“Again, I am sorry for your loss and I wished that we could have stayed longer to offer you comfort physically as opposed to leaving you a message as a poor substitute. It is my hope and greatest wish to forge a friendship with you, to remain in your life as you will forever remain in my life and in my mind.


“I hope our paths cross again and soon, Samantha. Until then, I must be content in reliving your day amongst the Tok’ra, however unpleasant it was for you and hopefully during your next visit, I can provide the opportunity to make it more enjoyable.


“Be well, be safe, Samantha Carter.”

Martouf stopped talking and the screen disappeared. Sam stood there for a moment and was lost in her thoughts.


“I hope we’ll meet again soon too, Martouf.” She placed the metal sphere in her bag and hesitated a moment before picking up her office phone.


“This is Major Carter; I’d like to place a long-distance call outside the base.” Sam waited a moment before saying thank you and dialing a number.


When her call finally connected, Sam swallowed hard as a voice on the opposite end answered.




Sam cleared her throat. “Mark? It’s me, Sam. There’s something you need to know…”


The End