A New View – Chapter 3

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Comments: I’m trying to stick as close as possible to the original dialogue and actions.


Sam slumped down in her seat and rubbed at her eyes, wondering if it was the right thing to seek out the Tok’ra. Sam had been so sure that Garshaw would’ve agreed to her suggestion, her memories of Jolinar confirmed it, and yet…


Someone cleared their throat beside Sam and she wearily turned her head to see Daniel’s concerned face. His eyes blinked at her and he asked, “Sam, I understand how you feel about wanting to save your father, but was that really a good thing to do?” He questioned, worried at what Sam had tried to offer. He knew she was desperate to get out of here, but the suggestion of offering up her dad as a host had momentarily boggled his mind.


Daniel continued, “Offer up your dad as a host without really knowing anything about these people? I mean, even if he was up to giving his body to a Goa’uld...he wouldn’t be living on Earth anymore, he’d be out there somewhere, risking his life. There would be no guarantee that you’d ever see him again.”


Sam sighed, rubbing a hand through her already mussed hair and replied tiredly, “He wouldn’t be ‘giving his body to a Goa’uld, Daniel. It’d be more as if he was sharing it with a *Tok’ra*, equal partnership.” Sam persisted, frustrated slightly at the fact that this was just something she couldn’t explain.  “And whether he’s with the Tok’ra or serving the Air Force, all of us know that the next mission we go on could be our last. I can’t describe it to you, Daniel, the difference between a Tok’ra and a Goa’uld. Jolinar was different and the Tok’ra are different, trust me. I’m sure that if I talked to my dad, he would’ve gone for it.” Sam couldn’t blame Daniel for being skeptical at what she proposed, but Sam knew that she alone could understand and differentiate between the Goa’uld and the Tok’ra.

 Colonel O’Neil, from where he was leaning against the wall, piped up, “I dunno, Carter.” He wrung his hat in his hands before crossing his arms. “I mean, your dad’s a retired General who knows a lot about Earth AND the US military. If they had agreed to let Jacob become a host, it would’ve been like handing the Goa’uld a key to all of our defenses and weaknesses and saying, ‘Here, please come and invade our world and don’t forget to sample our lovely cocktails.’” Colonel O’Neil added sarcastically, sending a glare to the Tok’ra guards.

 Sam clenched her hands in frustration. It wouldn’t be good for her career if she yelled at her commanding officer, no matter how good friends they were. “We’re not dealing with the Goa’uld, sir. We’re dealing with the Tok’ra.” Sam took a deep breath and looking at her hands as she slowly unclenched them. Her eyes grew misty. What was the point of arguing this? She thought bitterly. “But it doesn’t matter now does it?” Sam bit out harshly. “Garshaw rejected the idea and we’re still stuck here. My father is still lying in some hospital bed, possibly dying, and he’s still *alone*!” Sam got up from her spot and walked to the opposite side of the room where Teal’c was quietly observing his team-mates. Sam not-so-gently smacked the wall with her hand and gave it a kick. She ignored the expressions of everyone’s faces and leaned into the corner of the room, sliding down it as she placed her face in the palms of her hands, defeated.


General Hammond walked into the room of one of his oldest friends to see Jacob staring vacantly out the window. He cleared his throat.
 “Hello again, Jacob.” General Hammond said quietly, grabbing the chair, he had placed in the corner of the room and bringing it up to the side of Jacob’s bed.


Jacob turned from his mindless staring and tried not to grimace at the pain he felt inside him. He glanced into his friend’s eyes and then sighed. “Did you try to recall her, George?”


General Hammond chuckled a bit at his predictable behavior before sobering up. “Yes, Jacob, I did.” Hammond continued as he saw Jacob shaking his head. “Now I don’t care what you say, Jacob, your children need to be here. Unfortunately, as of right now, Captain Carter is currently unavailable. That doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying. Your son, Mark, is out of the country.” Hammond finished quietly, knowing that no matter how strong a front his friend put up, Jacob had to be devastated at the news.  

Jacob laughed harshly before breaking off into a raspy cough. He scoffed at himself. “Guess I should have expected this huh, George. No, no, I was prepared for this.” Jacob rushed on before his friend could interrupt. “The doctors say that I probably won’t be able to survive another relapse, but I’m not going without a fight, that’s what I always told Sam, don’t give up, don’t back down.” Jacob remained quiet for a second before looking seriously at his old friend with old and tired eyes. “George, please...tell me what my little girl is really doing?” Jacob asked softly, knowing that he might leave this world without ever reconciling with his son and without ever showing Sam how proud, he was of her.

 Hammond shook his head and sighed. “Jacob, it's still classified.” Hammond mentally berated himself for doing this to his friend.

Jacob rolled his eyes and exhaled noisily. “George, the doctor came in awhile ago and told me that the likelihood of me surviving another relapse is slim to none. I am going to die soon. I’ve accepted that. You’ve been one of my oldest friends and I can just tell that by looking at your face that when you say that my daughter’s ‘currently unavailable’, it probably means that either 1) she’s too far out of range to reach, 2) she’s involved in something where getting in touch with her could get her killed, or 3) you have no clue where she is right now, am I right? Now, please, look around you, it’s just us, you and me. Please grant me some peace.” Jacob finished.

General Hammond clenched his jaw and shut his eyes momentarily, struggling with himself. “Jacob...”

Jacob remained silent, looking at his friend.

Hammond stared into his friend’s eyes and saw the gentle pleading and the acceptance of defeat and death. He took a deep breath before muttering, “I am about to breach some serious protocol and disobey direct orders...”  He sighed heavily and moved closer to Jacob. “Have you ever heard of the Stargate program?”

Puzzlement and confusion entered Jacob’s eyes as he racked his brain. “No, is that one of your satellites?”

 “You know damn well, we don't work with satellites, Jacob.” Hammond grounded, shaking his head irritably.

Jacob laughed before wincing, followed by some coughing.  “No kidding. I never would have guessed.” He said voice strained.  “So tell me, what does my daughter do that's so great that she didn't want me to get her into the astronaut program?”

Hammond got up from his chair and started to pace before coming to stand directly in front of Jacob, a serious look on his face. “Well, this is gonna be a lot for you to take in at once.”

“Stop beating around the bush, George. What does she do?”  

“She, along with Colonel O’Neil and her other team-mates travel to other planets. Much farther away than any astronaut goes.” Hammond finished calmly.

Jacob stared at his friend before smiling lightly. “So you're not going to tell me the truth.”

Hammond rolled his eyes at Jacob. “I am telling you the truth, Jacob.”

The smile on Jacob’s face melted away as his friend continued to look at his seriously. “She goes to other planets. What, like in simulations?”

“No. In reality.” Hammond took a deep breath and rubbed his head. “Years ago, the military discovered a piece of alien technology that had the ability to send people to thousands of planets all over the galaxy.”

Staring at his friend in disbelief and wonderment. “You're not kidding, are you?”

Hammond shook his head gravely. “No.”

“Holy Hannah!” Hammond smiled at his friend’s awe and incredulity. Jacob hesitated before asking, “And that’s what my little girl’s been doing? She’s out there…doing that, walking around on different planets...talking to…aliens?”

“For the past year or so, yes.” Hammond confirmed. “Captain Carter has been traveling out there to different planets and galaxies, meeting alien races and discovering technology. This is her dream, Jacob. You should be extremely proud of her.”

 Jacob’s eyes grew glassy as he thought of his little girl and what she was doing. It was incredible and she was doing the impossible.  “I am.” He choked out.


A Tok’ra, frantic, runs across the desert to the ring transporter.

Martouf rushed into the chamber where Garshaw was sitting quietly next to the room where SG-1 and 3 were being held. “Master Garshaw, we just received word from our scout in the Shoran'ka quadrant. The Goa'uld System Lords have been told where we are. They have dispatched two mother-ships.” He reported quickly, trying to suppress his pounding heart.

Garshaw shot up from her chair and asked sharply, “When will they arrive?”  

Martouf replied anxiously, “Within the day, perhaps hours.”

“Start the evacuation!” Garshaw yelled, running from the room, followed by Martouf and the other Tok’ra guards.

SG-1 and SG-3, with the exception of Sam, had heard the frantic yelling of Garshaw and Martouf’s voice, but weren’t close enough to distinguish exactly what was going on. They tried not to hover close to the doorway and were surprised when suddenly; their Tok’ra guards abandoned their posts to join in the frenzied running. What was going on?