A New View - Chapter 4

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Comments: For my story, I’m assuming the Tok’ra have more than one ring transporter ‘cause if they didn’t, well, during an evacuation, that’d suck, now wouldn’t it?

Sam and the rest of the captives stood in the hallway outside of the room they were held in, gazing about in confusion at the many Tok’ra running from one place to the next, wearing silent grim faces.

Colonel O’Neil rubbed his hands together briskly. “Ok, kids, guess this means we’re free. Great, let’s find our gear that these snake-heads took and leave!”

Colonel Makepeace nodded shortly. “My men and I will scour one section of these tunnels, then.” He looked at his team and jerked his head down the tunnel. Quietly, his team filed behind him, trying to avoid being hit by the many fleeing Tok’ra.  

“Wait Jack!” Daniel exclaimed as Colonel O’Neil turned in the opposite direction to search for their gear. “We can’t just leave them like this!” He side-stepped quickly to avoid crashing into two Tok’ra women carrying a large crate in between them.

Colonel O’Neil stopped and turned, arching an eyebrow at his archaeologist. “Why not?”

Daniel rolled his eyes and adjusted his hat. “Because we still want to be allies right? It would be helpful to have friends out there in the galaxy we could turn to. The Tok’ra has been around just as long as the Goa’uld; they could provide a great deal of information.”

“Daniel, have you forgotten already? They don’t *want* to be friends!” Colonel O’Neil exasperated.

Colonel Makepeace and his team approached SG-1, holding their gear out to them. He took one look at the bickering Colonel and the archaeologist and signaled his men to step back inside the room to wait for the two men to stop arguing with each other and pick a course of action. The marines on his team made disgusted noises at Daniel, summing up all their feelings with one word: civilian.

“Jack, think about it.” Daniel said patiently, being jostled by a passing Tok’ra male. “If we stick around and help them, it’ll be interpreted as a gesture of kindness and compassion. Perhaps the Tok’ra would see this and change their minds about us not having anything to offer. It’s worth a try.” He finished triumphantly. 

“Indeed, O’Neil, such an action on our part would bode well in further communication with the Tok’ra.” Teal’c added his two cents in.

 Sam hurriedly stepped up after putting on her gear in order to stop the argument from continuing. She was wasting time. “Sir, I think that we should stay here and help out. I know for a fact that the Tok’ra would be grateful enough to us to re-evaluate their decision about considering us as allies. But I have to go. I need to get to my father.”

Colonel O’Neil sighed, wanting to slap his forehead at constantly being sided against by Daniel, followed by his 21C and Teal’c. Today just wasn’t his day. “Fine, we’ll stay. Carter, you go.

Sam nodded briskly before waving a quick goodbye to Daniel and Teal’c and sprinted down the tunnel in the direction from where they came from.  

“Daniel, grab one of these people and ask what the hell’s going on.” Colonel O’Neil waved his hand at the passing crowd. “Makepeace, why don’t you and your men help carry whatever they’re carrying and bring it wherever they’re bringing it. As soon as things start clearing up, get yourselves home.” SG-3 nodded and headed off.


Daniel had stopped a young woman and asked her in Goa’uld what the situation was and after a few moments of talking, turned to Jack and said, “The Tok’ra said that they received a message that the System Lords are about to attack. The mother-ships are on their way.”

 Colonel O’Neil saw a pair pf Tok’ra women struggling with a pair of crates and gestured to Teal’c to pick up the handle of one of them. Daniel gathered a small metallic box and walked alongside Jack and Teal’c as they followed the women. They deposited their loads, along with the women’s, to be ringed up by a ring transporter. Colonel O’Neil, Daniel, and Teal’c turn around to gape at the tunnel before them as it is closing in on itself.

 “Chel nak.” Teal’c uttered eyes wide.

“Direct translation:  "very cool".” Daniel muttered, still entranced by the process.  


In space, two Goa'uld mother-ships are traveling at hyper-speed.


 Sam continued running towards the area where she was certain there was ring transporter, dodging numerous Tok’ra.


 Sam came to a sudden halt when she heard crying and she turned around to see a young woman rushing out of a room, her face buried in her hands. She looks vaguely familiar to Sam. Sam rushed over to her. She grabbed the girl gently by the arms. “Are you alright?”

“Saroosh and Selmac are dead!” The girl sobbed.

Sam’s eyes widened as she let go of the girl in shock and she runs off. Sam stood frozen as she relived some of Jolinar’s memories of Saroosh and Selmac.

She turned toward the room the girl had run out of, and stopped when she sees Martouf, alone, placing a silk white cloth over Saroosh’s face. Sam raises her hand to her mouth in sadness. Her action causes Martouf to notice her. As he did, he straightened and took in her shocked face as she looked at Saroosh.

“Captain Carter.” He said quietly, the shock and sadness on her face created a lump in his throat.


 “I’m so sorry.” Sam gasped. “If I had been allowed to get my father...” She took a step inside the room.


Martouf shook his head, lowering his eyes. “Garshaw refused...” Martouf’s head suddenly lifted and with it, Sam saw his eyes flash. She shivered involuntarily, associating that particular trait with the Goa’uld.


Martouf opened his mouth to speak and as he did, Sam was startled to hear Lantash speaking. “Perhaps if one of your team-mates or you had volunteered, Selmac would still be alive and with us. But now it is too late, the Tok’ra has truly lost one of the best-educated Tok’ra among us. Selmac was one of the oldest and wisest of us.” Lantash finished angrily, staring at Sam with fury in his eyes.


Martouf blinked and then grimaced apologetically at Sam. “Please forgive Lantash. He has always been rather-“


“Passionate in his opinions. Yes, I know.” Sam cut Martouf quietly, but firmly. Their eyes locked and they stared at each other for a minute, caught up in something between them before Sam shook her head. “I have to go. Though I didn’t know Saroosh and Selmac personally, Jolinar did and so I can feel pain about her passing, but if I don’t leave now, I’ll lose my father too. I’m sorry.” Sam whispered painfully, avoiding looking at Martouf as she backed out of the room to continue looking for a ring transporter.