A New View – Chapter 5A

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Comments: I have no knowledge in the medical field whatsoever, so please forgive me, if in this chapter it sounds like I don’t know what I’m talking about,  it’s ‘cause I don’t!

Colonel O’Neil, Daniel, and Teal’c continued to aid the evacuation, hefting crates and moving equipment as well as packing items up.


“So fill me in. How'd the System Lords find the Tok’ra?” Colonel O’Neil asked, waiting for a Tok’ra woman to finish packing whatever into a crate so he could take it.

Teal’c stacked two heavy crates on top of each other, bent down, and lifted it with his hands with ease, earning a raised eyebrow from Daniel and a mock stare from the colonel. “That is unknown.”

O’Neil took the offered crate the Tok’ra had finished packing as she moved on the next one and lifted it, mentally wincing as he felt a small pain in his knee. “Are we talking about a spy here, or what?”

“Well, if that's the case, moving to another planet's not gonna do them much good.” Daniel added, his arms loaded with cloth satchels full of reading tablets as another Tok’ra woman continued to pile more onto his load. Daniel’s eyes blinked worriedly from behind his glasses as his vision began to become obscured by the growing heap in his arms.

Colonel O’Neil rolled his eyes at Daniel’s predicament, set the crate he was holding down, and placed some of the satchels on top of the crate he was carrying before lifting it. He nodded in the direction of the doorway and began to exit the room. “Teal'c, you know those little pellet-ball things?”

“The long-range visual communications device?” Teal’c answered as he strode easily beside the colonel, despite his heavy load.

“Right.” Colonel O’Neil silently thanked the Tok’ra for placing a ring transporter close to the room they were in before. “How small do they make those?”

“I have seen them small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.” Teal’c replied, depositing his load to be ringed up and then turning to catch Daniel as he stumbled his way toward them.

Sam almost stamped her foot in frustration as she found herself lost in the many long-winded tunnels of the Tok’ra. It didn’t help that she didn’t speak Goa’uld in order to get directions from the Tok’ra flying by her.

She hefted her equipment and was about to follow a group of people when a hand gripped her shoulder.


Sam turned around and saw Martouf standing behind her. Lantash’s words still stung and combined with Sam’s frustration at being lost and her worry for her father did nothing to make Sam more pleasant. She shrugged off Martouf’s hand and turned her back on him, walking further down the tunnel.


“Captain Carter! Please wait!” Martouf pleaded, following her and grabbing her hand. He stopped her and pulled her to one side of the tunnel. Taking in her impatient and worried expression, he rushed on, “I’m sorry again for Lantash’s behavior and I also apologize for not being able to convince Garshaw to let you return to get your father.” Martouf replied, contrite.


Despite Lantash’s cautioned warning to stay away from this Tau’ri, this woman was the last link Martouf had to Jolinar and it also didn’t help matters that she was so much like her, in both appearance and personality. Yet, for all that, Captain Carter was definitely different. The only thought that drove itself into Martouf’s head was not to let her go without being in her good graces. Without establishing some sort of friendship between them. He couldn’t let her go.


“Please, Captain…” Martouf stopped and then started again hesitantly, “I heard your friend call you Sam…may I also call you that?” Martouf looked shyly at Sam.


“Actually, my name’s Samantha.” Sam blurted out, staring at Martouf. He was so gorgeous, kind, and…what the heck was she doing?! Sam, where are your priorities?! She yelled at herself. Sam pulled her hand from Martouf’s grasp and shook her head. “I’m sorry…” Sam said. “I have to go. My father needs me now.”


The confusion in Martouf’s eyes cleared as he nodded briskly. He moved to take her hand again and proceeded to guide her down the tunnel. “There is a ring transporter here that should take you rather close to the Stargate. I will take you there…Samantha.” Martouf finished, sending a sideways glance over at Sam to see her reaction.


Sam nodded tightly and gave Martouf’s hand a squeeze. “Thank you, Martouf.”



General Hammond swung around from where he was looking out the window in Jacob’s room as a high-pitched alarm went off. He stared at his friend’s closed eyes, still chest, silent posture, and Hammond’s eyes widened in horror.


He moved to step up the Jacob’s bedside to check on his friend when the hospital door burst open and rushed nurses and the same doctor he had talked to awhile ago flooded into the room. General Hammond took a step back as he watched the nurses’ whirl around Jacob’s bedside, calling out numbers and medical terms that he had no idea meant what. 


The doctor shouted out an order and the flurry of white uniforms increased in its frenzy. General Hammond scooted over to the doctor, touching him firmly on the shoulder.


“What’s going on?” He asked anxiously, watching as two orderlies transferred Jacob to a gurney.


The doctor shook his head. “General Carter’s had another relapse. It doesn’t look good.”


Hammond questioned, “Will he be alright though?”


The doctor looked sadly at the general. “All I can say is, I hope you called his family and that they’re on their way here. Excuse me.” The doctor followed the orderlies, nurses, and Jacob as they wheeled him out to another room.


General Hammond followed apprehensively before being stopped by a nurse who turned back to him and shook her head. “I’m sorry, sir, medical personnel only. You’re going to have to wait here.”