A New View – Chapter 5B

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Comments: Yes, I’m aware that the Stargate must be in heavy use, but they were kind enough to let Sam use it.


As soon as the Stargate was in view, Sam dropped Martouf’s hand to start running when she was blocked by two Tok’ra carrying staff weapons.


“No! Let her leave.” Martouf ordered to his fellow Tok’ra. He nodded to Sam with a soft look. “Hurry Samantha.”


Sam hesitated before running up to Martouf and hugging him tightly. Martouf, though surprised, returned the hug, inhaling the scent of her hair, before letting her go.


“Thank you Martouf.” Sam’s eyes shone with gratitude.


Martouf smiled and again nodded. “I hope that we will meet again soon, Samantha.”


Sam sent him a dazzling smile. “I hope so too. Goodbye.” She turned and quickly ran to the Stargate, amidst the Tok’ra, swiftly dialing Earth’s co-ordinates. She inputted her GDO code and ran through the Stargate, leaving Martouf staring after her, feeling an unexplainable sense of loss and loneliness. He stood there for a moment before responding to Lantash’s prodding and returning to the tunnels. But first there was something he still had to do for Samantha.


Colonel O’Neil stuck his head into another room and his eyebrows lifted in victory as he spotted Garshaw talking rapidly with some Tok’ra. He beckoned Daniel and Teal’c to follow him into the room, stopping behind Garshaw. “Garshaw?”


Garshaw turned around and the reports she’d been hearing about the Tau’ri prisoners helping the Tok’ra evacuate turned out to be true as the ones called Colonel O’Neil, Daniel Jackson, and Teal’c stood before her. She clasped her hands together. “What can I do for you?”

Colonel O’Neil wrung his hat with his hands, a habit he’d been doing a lot of lately. “I think you might have a spy in your ranks.”

“Nonsense, the Tok'ra are loyal for life!” Garshaw exclaimed, dismissing the Tau’ri’s statement.

Teal’c stepped forward, arms behind his back as usual as he put forth, “How then were you located by the System Lords?”

Garshaw huffed. “How did you find us?” She shot back.

 “Well, we did have a spy in our ranks.” Daniel admitted, shuffling his feet.

 As Garshaw’s eyes shot to Daniel, Teal’c endeavored to explain his team-mate’s answer. “Jolinar of Malk-shur, through Captain Carter.”

Garshaw sighed tiredly. “I suppose you know the name of the spy?” Yosuf was telling her to be patient, but Garshaw thought the Tau’ri were wasting her time.

 “I've got a pretty good idea.” Colonel O’Neil said grimly.

Garshaw raised an eyebrow. “Who?”

“Well, I don't wanna point fingers, but I'd keep my eye on Cordesh.”

“Cordesh?” Garshaw asked, now puzzled. “Why do you say that?”

“You folks make a habit of walking around with those little teleball dealie...” Colonel O’Neil trailed off to turn to Teal’c. “What are they?”

“He speaks of a long-range visual communications device.” Teal’c answered him.

Garshaw shook her head fiercely, anger and fear warring within her at the thought that what these Tau’ri were saying was right. “We don't have those; we have no use for them. The system is not secure.”

Colonel O’Neil shrugged nonchalantly. “Well, your buddy Cordesh has one.”

Garshaw exploded as she heard the colonel. “Tok'ra kree!  Tal shak Cordesh, kree!” She fumed, gesturing to the Tok’ra guards ever-present by her side and storming out of the room.

Colonel O’Neil turned to Daniel and Teal’c. “Better stay here.” He turned and followed Garshaw.

Daniel and Teal’c turned to look at each other and then Daniel looked about the empty room. “We’ll stay here then.” He said to no one.


Sam stepped through the wormhole and quickly ran down the ramp, shrugging off her gear to the nearest soldiers. She immediately noticed that General Hammond was nowhere in sight. Sam spotted Sgt. Siler up in the control room and she bolted out of the gate room and up the stairs to the control room.


“Siler, where’s the general?” Sam asked hurriedly, panting slightly.


“He told me that he would be at the hospital, Captain. As far as I know, he’s still there.” Siler answered.


Sam shut her eyes for a second. “He went to my father, didn’t he? They’re at the Air Force Academy Hospital, right?” Sam waited for Siler to nod before heading quickly to the elevator. “That’s where I’ll be. SG-1 and 3 will be coming shortly.” She shouted over her shoulder, jogging down the steps and through the hallways.