A New View – Chapter 8

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Colonel O’Neil, Daniel, and Teal’c followed Garshaw as she strode through the Tok’ra tunnels amidst the other Tok’ra, who were still packing and moving crates around, though there were fewer in number. Colonel O’Neil passed a Tok’ra female and noticed immediately that she appeared to be carrying the same small metallic box that he saw Cordesh with when he caught him in his quarters.


 “Excuse me.”  Colonel O’Neil said loudly, turning to face the Tok’ra.


Instead of stopping, the Tok’ra took one frightened look at the colonel and began to run in the opposite direction. Colonel O’Neil gave chase and grabbed her arm to stop her. The woman glared at Jack as Garshaw approached them hurriedly.

Garshaw stepped up, but when she spoke, the voice that came out was that of Yosuf. “What are you doing?”


Colonel O’Neil ignored Yosuf’s question as he took the metallic box from the woman’s grasp. “I'll apologize if I'm wrong.”  He opened the box and revealed a small Goa’uld long-range communications device. The Tok’ra woman continued to glare at Colonel O’Neil as Teal’c and Daniel approached.


Colonel O’Neil showed the contents of the box to Yosuf. “Cordesh had one of these.”

Yosuf took the box and stared hard at the Tok’ra. “So there are two spies.”


Colonel O’Neil looks thoughtfully at the Tok’ra woman. “Or not. Cordesh said he wasn’t who he appeared to be.”


Teal’c clarified the colonel’s answer. “Goa'uld can jump hosts to hide, much as Jolinar of Malk-shur.”


Yosuf scrutinized the Tok’ra woman’s face and asked, “Cordesh?”


The Tok’ra hesitated before spitting out, “The plague that is the Tok'ra will soon be wiped out!”


Yosuf straightened regally and Garshaw said disgustingly, I am sickened to think I once called you my friend, Cordesh, but I want you to know - the System Lords will fall, but you won't be alive to see it.” Garshaw gestured to the Tok’ra guards behind her.  “Attempt to remove Cordesh from the host without harming her.  Then put this traitor in one of the vanishing tunnels.”


As the Tok'ra guards escorted the woman away, Garshaw turned to the colonel and kissed him on both of his cheeks. “I believe I shall be proud to call you friend.” She said gratefully before walking away.


Colonel O’Neil stood stupefied for a moment before clearing his throat. He walked quickly to catch up to Garshaw and his team. They stood next to a ring transporter where groups of Tok’ra were transporting up to the surface. Garshaw was conferring with Martouf, who had shown up out of nowhere, wearing a tan bag slung around his chest.


“Are you sure there are no more Tok’ra left?” Garshaw asked.


Martouf nodded. “I am assured, Master Garshaw. There is no one left. We are to be the last group out.” Martouf turned to Colonel O’Neil. “Your fellow Tau’ri have already left Colonel, as well as Sa-Captain Carter.”


Colonel O’Neil noted the Tok’ra’s slip, but only nodded.


Soon it was their turn and as they waited for the ring transporter to activate, SG-1 watched as the tunnel they were in begin to dissolve. As soon as they reached the surface, the rings around them also dissolved and the group began running toward the gate.


Yosuf, again in control, said worriedly, “We may not have much time before the Goa'uld come through the 'gate blocking our way.”


Daniel rushed to the DHD and paused. “We can take you to our planet and then send you to your new home from there.”

”Daniel, start dialing home.” Colonel O’Neil ordered.


“O’Neil!” Teal'c shouted alarmed as he pointed upward into the sky where a bunch of death gliders were seen approaching them.


Colonel O'Neil shouted to Daniel. “Dial!”

Daniel turned back to the DHD and started dialing. The gliders close start to close in on their position and begin firing.  The Stargate activates and SG-1 along with Garshaw and Martouf, all run to gate, narrowly missing being hit by weapons fire, jumping through the wormhole.