A New View – Chapter 9

This chapter takes place at the same time as chapter 8.

General Hammond hung up the phone after informing Siler of the news, asking him to relay it to the rest of SG-1 when they arrived in case he was still en-route to the base. He was glad that SG-3 had made it safely home, but a large part of him was filled with grief and sorrow.


He turned and walked slowly over to the doors that would lead him to the distraught captain and her deceased father and one of his oldest friends.


Captain Carter hadn’t moved from her position where George had left her. Sitting despondently and tearful in the hospital chair beside the bed that had held her father. Jacob’s body was currently being placed in the morgue until it was such time for him to be moved to a cemetery.


Captain Carter stared vacantly ahead, her eyes glassy and dull rimmed with red. Cheeks streaked with tears-stains and her entire face was pale. Slouched over in the uncomfortable plastic chair, the captain’s hands lay limp on her lap.


“Captain Carter?” George remained in the doorway of the room. He didn’t really expect her to answer him or that protocol be the first thing in her mind right now, so he continued softly, “Take all the time you need, Captain. I’ll be heading back to the SGC now; SG-1 should be returning shortly.” He paused. “If you need any help with the arrangements, I’m here. There’s no need for you to do this alone.” George hesitated before crossing over to the silent captain and laid a comforting hand on her shoulder. “I’m sorry, Sam. Jacob was a good man, a good friend; he’ll be greatly missed.”


“Yes, he will, sir.” Captain Carter croaked out, not moving.


“Well then, I’ll be leaving now. Do you want me to send over SG-1 when they return?”


Captain Carter shook her head slowly. “No, I want to do this alone. But thank you.”


George gave the captain’s shoulder a small squeeze. “When you feel up to it, return to work. Take as long as you need.”


General Hammond was still recalling the haunted look on the captain’s face half an hour later as he sat at his desk, half-tempted to pull out the whiskey flask he kept in the locked drawer of his desk.


General Hammond walked quickly to the gate room and stood watching his team rush through the Stargate, accompanied by two other oddly-dressed people. A woman wearing a shiny purple dress and a man wearing a tan colored tunic, pants, and boots. It looked like some sort of uniform.


“Colonel, it’s nice of you to finally return.” Hammond said.


“Ah, yes sir, it’s good to be back. Had a little trouble, being imprisoned and then running for our lives. The usual.” Colonel replied flippantly, walking down the ramp, escorting the woman. He stopped in front of the general and gestured to the woman by his side. “General, I’d like you to meet Garshaw and Martouf of the Tok’ra.” He added as Martouf took up his place slightly behind Garshaw.


Martouf’s eyes scanned the Tau’ri’s facility and was surprised at how well prepared they were in their endeavors. Perhaps there was a possibility of an alliance between the two; it’d be nice to have people fight alongside the Tok’ra in the battle against the Goa’uld.


<Samantha is not present.> Lantash observed.


(No, she is not.) Martouf answered sadly. (It is my hope that she is with her father.)


“Excuse me…general…” Martouf interrupted the colonel and the general. “But I wonder if I may ask about Captain Carter and her father?”


Martouf noted that the general’s shoulders slumped at the mention of Samantha and he felt apprehensive.


“Yes, please, general. What happened with Sam?” Daniel piped up, pushing the bridge of his glasses.


General Hammond took a deep breath before saying, “I’m afraid Captain Carter arrived within seconds of her father passing away. I don’t know exactly what happened as they were both alone, but needless to say that the captain is still at the hospital; she’s grieving, folks. I told her to return when she was ready.”


Martouf’s heart constricted and he blamed himself for not being able to let Samantha go sooner to her father.


(We too late to offer our help. Samantha must be in pain.)


<You wish to offer comfort. Martouf, I sense that you are feeling…something toward this woman. I too, cannot deny that there is something about Samantha, but there are circumstances greater than Samantha and ourselves that need our more immediate attention.> Lantash replied apologetically.


“Well, perhaps you can ask them to come with me to do a little debriefing.” General Hammond requested, turning toward the door.


Garshaw stopped him as she refused firmly. “I'm afraid we cannot. We must go.”


General Hammond, Colonel O’Neil, Teal’c, and Daniel looked confused at Garshaw’s adamant tone and Teal’c said, “You are safe here.”


Garshaw saw the confusion and explained further, “Because of the spy, the Goa'uld may already be at the site the Tok'ra have moved to. No, we must go quickly and stop the tunnels there before they are grown. We must move the Tok'ra to yet another new home.  Do you not have a dialing device here?” She looked around the room, but came up empty.


“Yeah, we slapped a little one together.” Colonel O’Neil mentioned, gesturing to the control room.


Garshaw cocked her head in mild surprise. “Hmm, you made it yourself, impressive.  Will you show it to me?  I would like to put in the coordinates myself.”


General Hammond gestured to the doorway. “This way.” He escorted Garshaw out followed by Daniel and the colonel. Teal’c made a move to follow, but stopped when he noticed Martouf had not moved. As he raised an eyebrow, Martouf reached into the pouch still in his bag and pulled out a small metal ball. Teal’c recognized it as a vo’cume. A Goa’uld device that was used to record holographic messages.


Martouf explained further, gesturing to the vo’cume in his hand. “I wish to say a private message to Samantha, offering my condolences to her about the loss of her father.”


Teal’c bowed his head and offered a small smile as he showed Martouf out of the gate room using the opposite entrance. “Perhaps this small corner can afford you some privacy.” Teal’c suggested.


Martouf nodded. “It will do, thank you.” Teal’c bowed again and stepped back into the gate room.