All Right – Chapter 1


Sam practically bounced with excitement as she waited with the rest of SG-1 at the bottom of the ramp in the Gate room. She was oblivious at the gentle amusement of her three teammates as they looked at her and if she wasn’t so incredibly happy, she would’ve noticed how sore her face was becoming from the non-stop smiling she had done today.


“For crying out loud, Carter, calm down, would ya kid?” Colonel O’Neill shook his head teasingly, staring at his bouncing 21C who was all but leaping in the air and clicking her heels together.


Sam didn’t hesitate in her constant fidgeting as she answered back, “I am calm, sir, very calm. I’m just a bit…”


“Excited?” Daniel finished for her, chuckling softly.


Before Sam could respond, the Stargate began to turn and seconds later, the gate room was awash with the familiar blue tinge. Sam turned her head to beam a huge mega-watt smile at her teammates and replying, “Ecstatic!”


Daniel and Colonel O’Neill stifled their laughter at Sam acting like a five-year-old on Christmas day and Teal’c looked on the situation fondly with a gentle smile.


“Dad!” Sam collided with her father as they each grabbed each other in a huge bear-hug. “I haven’t seen you in so long.” She hugged her father a moment longer as she whispered, “I missed you, dad.”


“I missed you too, kiddo.” Jacob returned his daughter’s exuberant hug, smiling at seeing her and at her animation, all of which he knew was not just because of him and the reason for the extra happiness was clearing his throat behind them. Jacob let go of his daughter and turned to see her practically fly into Martouf’s outstretched arms. Jacob turned back around to greet the rest of SG-1 and his old friend George and to give the two lovebirds a little privacy.


“Teal’c.” Jacob received a nod back from the stoic Jaffa.


“Daniel.” A quiet reply of “Jacob” and gentle laughter at the scene behind him was Daniel’s response.


“Colonel O’Neill.” A brisk nod and a crisp “Hey, dad” while muttering “Get a room” was his answer.


Jacob shook his head at the greetings and turned to his old friend. “George, how are things?”


General Hammond also shook his head at the ridiculous playful atmosphere emitted by his foremost team who experienced Goa’uld system lords, the likely chance of dying, kidnapped, tortured or all of the above almost daily and yet here they were, acting like indulgent children. “Jacob. Everything’s fine, it’s good to see you and…” General Hammond craned his head to glimpse at the two oblivious lovebirds. “And Martouf. If you’ll come with me, I’ll escort you to the infirmary.” General Hammond gestured with his to the doorway.


“George, we’ve been through this every time I come here. Trust me, I don’t relish the idea of being poked and prodded by the evil Dr. Frasier. Selmac doesn’t enjoy it either, she says.” Jacob’s reply faded as the two men walked away, followed shortly by the men of SG-1, who paused briefly to wonder if the two people left in the gate room were going to move anytime soon before shrugging their shoulders and left.


Sam and Martouf were ignorant of everybody and everything as they stood still at the bottom of the ramp, holding hands tightly and staring deeply into the other’s eyes. They talked quietly until about five minutes later; they were interrupted by Sgt. Siler’s voice on the overhead speaker.


“Ah…excuse me Major Carter, but we are expecting the arrival of SG-10 any minute, so…”


Sam snapped her head around to gaze around the gate room and only then noticed that her dad, the general and the rest of SG-1 were gone and all the soldiers left, whose duty was to guard the gate, were staring at them with a mix of expressions. Sam blushed and cleared her throat. “Thanks Siler. We’ll just…” She stopped for a moment before glancing up to look at Siler in the control room, her face asking a question.


Siler answered her. “They went to the infirmary, Major.”


Sam blushed again at her stupidity and grasped Martouf’s hand tighter. “The infirmary, right, thanks Siler.” Sam began to walk out of the gate room, pulling Martouf along with her.




Hours later, Sam pushed the door to her quarters open, pulling Martouf with her before turning around and pushing him against the door, slamming it shut. She quickly locked before she kissed fiancé hard on the lips.


“God, I’ve missed you so much.” Sam muttered, running her hands through his hair and every other inch of his gorgeous body. She quickly pulled off the top of his uniform and ran her hands over his bare chest, planting kisses here, there, and everywhere. Her hands wandered even lower as her breathing increased.


“Samantha…” Martouf groaned, as he was assaulted by his beloved. He struggled to remove her jacket, her shirt, and that last flimsy piece of material, which he always wondered why she wore it. Once off, he grabbed her and lifted her off the floor. She wrapped her legs around his waist and threw back her head as he kissed her recently bared body as he carried her to the bed. He knelt down on the bed, laying her down and then started removing the rest of her clothes. After doing so, he stood and gazed worshipping her before she beckoned him to remove his clothing. Martouf grinned and did just that, saying,


“It has been too long, my love.”