All Right – Chapter 2

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“So, what do you think about our chances of replicating this lost technology the Tok’ra scout reported seeing?” Sam asked, lazily twirling circles on Martouf’s broad chest as they lay together, hours later, in her quarters.


Sam was referring to the briefing General Hammond held on the purpose of the Tok’ra’s visit. The Tok’ra had come with a proposition of sorts. A Tok’ra scout had reported that he had found an underground cavern on the planet Yalan. Sam’s dad and Martouf explained that once, long ago, an ancient civilization had lived on Yalan and they were extremely advanced in technology, out-rivaling even the Goa’uld. Mysteriously the civilization on Yalan disappeared thousands of years ago and the planet deserted. There were only rumors of what had happened to them, but in the end, they were just rumors and the ancient civilization faded from history like a distant echo. Jacob said that Selmac was still a young Tok’ra larva when she heard about the Yalan people.


Martouf ran his fingers up and down Sam’s arm as he answered, “Optimistic. The scout, Ciaran, reported that the material casing of most of the technology was made from an unknown material. It is the hope of the Tok’ra that when properly studied, it will hopefully provide us with an advantage over the Goa’uld, no matter how slight and of course, we will share our findings with the Tau’ri.” Martouf added.


“Uh huh, you better, mister. After all, we’re going to be the ones retrieving it and hauling it all the way to the Stargate.” Sam thumped Martouf lightly on the chest before snuggling herself by his side. The Tok’ra had come to Earth because they did not have a large contingent of Tok’ra operatives to send and retrieve the technology; they promised that in exchange, the Tok’ra would allow Samantha and some other Tau’ri scientists study alongside the Tok’ra. SG-1, Jacob, and Martouf were due to ship out at 13:30 hours. Sam glanced at the clock and saw it was already 11:00 am.


“Ugh, you’ve just arrived yesterday and probably you’ll be gone late tonight or early morning. I miss you.” Sam planted kisses on Martouf’s shoulder, hugging him tighter.


“And we have missed you, Samantha. It seems we have been separated too long since we have become mated.” Martouf’s apologetic voice sounded. “Lantash is extremely irritated that we have not been as attentive to you as we should be. Unfortunately, the High Council does not appear to understand.” Martouf reported, thinking back to numerous arguments that both he and Lantash had gotten into with the High Council about their prolonged absence from their mate. They always received the same answer, being a Tok’ra meant that the fight against the Goa’uld came first before personal needs; it is their way and it has been their way for thousands of years. Martouf and Lantash’s case was extremely difficult since their mate, Samantha, lived on Earth while the Tok’ra never stayed in one place too long. When this was pointed out, the High Council offered only one solution: Samantha would make a wonderful host. Martouf mentally shook his head as he was reminded of Samantha’s words when they first met and she had been extremely upset when he suggested she become a host to Selmac. No, Martouf thought, Samantha would never willingly become a host, even if it meant that she could remain with Martouf all the time if she did.


<It would not hurt to suggest it again though. When we first approached her with the idea, the Tau’ri experience with the Tok’ra was tentative and new, now however, it has been many years since our first meeting, perhaps Samantha has changed her mind.> Lantash suggested, as Martouf kissed Samantha’s forehead in response to her soft kisses along his chest.


(That is highly unlikely. There must be another solution, there has to be. Perhaps if I requested a permanent assignment here among the Tau’ri.)


Lantash would’ve snorted if he could. <And what would you do, Martouf? The Tau’ri are still considered primitive to Tok’ra standards, though they have extreme potential. They still have much growing and learning to do.>


(I could assist them in that learning.) Martouf insisted. (And we would be able to spend much more time with our beloved.)


<Impossible, Martouf, our duties amongst the Tok’ra are too important for the High Council to agree to such a ridiculous idea. Our place is with the Tok’ra and has to remain so.> Lantash reprimanded.


Martouf sighed as he silently agreed with Lantash. As much as he loved Samantha, he could do so much more among the Tok’ra. (But you cannot deny that constant ache we feel for Samantha. This is the fourth time since we first mated those many months ago.)


Martouf watched as Sam shifted her body so that she was lying on top of him, her arms wrapped around him. She lifted her head to look up at him. “What are you thinking about? Or rather what are you and Lantash thinking about?” Sam smiled as she lifted one hand to tap his head.


Martouf stared into his beloved’s blue eyes and felt his heart contract at the thought of leaving her again. He tightened his grip on her as he said, “Lantash and I were just discussing solutions to our constantly being apart, Samantha, we both agree that being away from you for such long periods of time is unbearable.”


Sam’s eyes dimmed a little as she agreed. “I know, I’ve thought about it a lot too.” Martouf looked dismayed as she lifted her warm body away from him and moved to sit up, not caring about her nudity. She turned to face him and waited until his eyes finished appraising her body to look into her eyes. “I’ve come up with something, now I know that it’s completely out of the question to ask you to come live on Earth. I can just imagine how bored you would be and there’s really nothing for you to do here anyway. So…I thought that I’d go to live with the Tok’ra as maybe a permanent liaison between the Tok’ra and Earth and I could help you guys out with missions and science stuff.” Sam shifted her eyes to gaze down at the blanket. She was extremely nervous. “What do you think?”


Martouf remained silent for a minute before whispering, “You would do that for us? Give up your life on Earth and live with the Tok’ra?” He held his breath, ignoring the warning that Lantash was yelling in his head. He sat up, letting the blanket fall to his lap, baring his chest.


“Well, I wouldn’t be completely giving up my life, I mean; I could visit the SGC and my friends when the Tok’ra came to visit occasionally. Besides, my father’s with the Tok’ra and I could always spend more time with him and you, of course.” Sam glanced back up to look at Martouf. “If I lived with the Tok’ra, I could be with you all the time and that’s all that really matters, isn’t it?” She smiled hesitantly, her eyes betraying the fact that although she had indeed given her idea immense thought, she wasn’t all that comfortable giving up everything she had known since she was born.


Martouf was touched and honored that she was willing to do such a thing.


<Martouf, while the idea is extremely pleasing, it still presents some problems.> Lantash reminded his host harshly, trying to bring Martouf out of his happy daze and back to reality.


(I am aware of what complications you are talking about, but this is at least a step in the right direction, is it not?) Martouf pleaded desperately, unwilling to admit that Lantash was right.


<No! I forbid you to tell Samantha that all will be well if she comes with us. Believe me Martouf, there is nothing else I’d rather have than Samantha by our side…if only temporarily.> Lantash felt Martouf wince internally and as much as he hated it, Lantash continued, <Samantha has not said she would become a Tok’ra, what she is proposing is coming to the Tok’ra and remaining human.>


Sam watched worriedly as Martouf’s head bowed and he appeared to be gripping the blanket at his side so tightly that his knuckles turned white. She reached over, grabbed her standard military black t-shirt, and pulled it on, watching it come down mid-thigh. She scooted closer to her fiancé and placed a concerned hand on his blanket-covered thigh.


“Martouf, darling, what’s wrong?”


Sam was startled when Martouf’s head snapped up and his eyes flashed. “Lantash, what…?”


“I apologize, Samantha, for startling and worrying you. Martouf and I were…discussing your proposal.” His hands unclenched and he placed his hands on Sam’s shoulders.


“Oh…well, okay, then. What do you think?” Sam replied, smiling once again.


“I am afraid that it is unacceptable.” Lantash replied firmly, ignoring Martouf’s loud protest in his mind.