All Right – Chapter 8

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Jacob looked uncertainly at Martouf and then sat back down, not bothering to conceal his puzzlement and worry.


“Please, Jacob, I know how my questions are alarming to you, but I will tell you honestly, that…I cannot remember some things lately…” Martouf struggled to find something to say that would explain his questions.


“I won’t pretend to understand what’s going on with you, but you do seriously look…a bit stressed lately…I mean, just hearing about Rosha and Jolinar and now…” Jacob trailed off.


Martouf paused before asking quietly, “Jacob how did Jolinar and Rosha die?” Martouf knew that his question would spark a reaction.


There was silence for awhile before Jacob cleared his throat. Martouf knew that Jacob would insist him going to see a healer after this conversation.


“Rosha and Jolinar, along with Tyrel, were sent undercover on Apophis’ ship to learn about and report about his new super soldiers. They had been spotted and Rosha was caught by Apophis’ first prime and taken to Apophis where she was subsequently tortured to death. Tyrel witnessed her death, but was unable to do anything. He barely escaped detection himself.” Jacob said quietly.


Martouf and Lantash allowed a moment of grief to pass over them at their first mate’s death and then realized that they did not know of any Tok’ra by the name of Tyrel and another fact.


“Did…Tyrel describe Apophis’ first prime?” Martouf asked with a niggling suspicion.


Jacob shook his head. “Not a whole lot, I mean, big and bulky as all Jaffa go, dark-skinned, permanent scowl…that sort of thing.”


<It could quite possibly be Teal’c.> Lantash surmised. <In this time, he is still in the service of Apophis.>


Martouf agreed. He sat there silently, contemplating the changes in his life when he turned to Jacob to ask something.


“Jacob! Martouf!” A Tok’ra that Martouf did not recognize ran up to them.


“Cre’al, what is the matter?” Jacob stood immediately taking in the distress on Cre’al’s face.


“It is Garshaw, she is failing. The High Council has decided we cannot wait any longer. You and Martouf are ordered to go to the Tau’ri and request a host for her immediately.” Cre’al reported hastily.


Martouf became alarmed as he heard the news, not only at the imminent loss of Garshaw, but what did this Cre’al mean that he and Jacob should go to the Tau’ri and request a host?


<I do not understand it myself, Martouf, but we must seize this opportunity to visit the Tau’ri, perhaps there is still a chance that Samantha is living there.> Lantash decided.


Jacob, upon hearing the news, snapped into action and began to run towards the Stargate. “Come, Martouf, we must hurry!”


Martouf, though still confused, ran after Jacob. As the two reached the DHD, Jacob began dialing the Earth gate o-ordinates, as the wormhole activated, Jacob began to move toward it when Martouf reacted and grabbed his arm.


When Jacob turned to him, Martouf questioned, “Should we not send the signal for them to open their iris?”


“Iris? What’s that?”


“The Tau’ri, do they not have a protective shield covering the entrance of their wormhole? To defend against incoming Goa’uld attacks?”


Jacob looked impatient and shrugged off Martouf’s hand. “Martouf, we do not have time for your questions anymore. You know as well every other Tok’ra and Goa’uld for that matter that the Tau’ri have no such thing as an ‘iris’. They are protected by the treaty signed between the Goa’uld and the Furlings.”


Martouf staggered back at the changing information and stood there, overwhelmed until Lantash prodded him to follow Jacob through the wormhole.


Martouf did and mentally braced himself for more changes. Surprisingly and relieved, Martouf found that the Tau’ri gate room was still the same as did three of the five figures standing at the bottom of the ramp awaiting them. O’Neill, Dr. - Major Jackson, and General Hammond had not changed in the slightest, although Martouf did not recognize the two remaining people standing next to them and deemed them to be the rest of this SG-1, Captain Peterson was a slender man with blonde hair and green eyes and Lt. Hailey was a small woman with reddish-brown hair and brown eyes.


Martouf trailed behind Jacob, nodding silently to those gathered and waiting for Jacob to announce the reason of their visit.


“Jacob, how are you?” General Hammond asked.


“I’m fine; Jacob, but Martouf and I have come for an important request. Garshaw and her host, Yosef, are dying. We need another host and fast.” Jacob got right down to the point.


Martouf listened and focused his attention on SG-1 and General Hammond to gauge their reaction to what he thought was an unacceptable request.


Nobody batted an eye as General Hammond nodded his head briskly. “Come to my office and I’ll show you the list of waiting hosts.” General Hammond and Jacob began to walk out of the gate room in a hurry, followed by everyone else. “I’ll assume that Garshaw would prefer a female host?”


“Right George.”


Martouf was astounded at what just happened. How did this happen? How could the Tau’ri permit this? When he had first met the Tau’ri, they made it increasingly clear that they would not be giving them hosts and yet here…


<It is a fine arrangement, though, you must admit Martouf, if the Tau’ri are willing to give us hosts, then perhaps the Tok’ra population has a chance to expand and maybe one day overthrow the Goa’uld.> Lantash pointed out reasonably.


(Please, Lantash, I do not want to think of such things now. I am suddenly not feeling well.) Martouf stated, grimacing slightly. Everything had changed in his life and it would take time getting used to.


As the delegation reached the briefing room, Jacob and General Hammond went into his office to discuss hosts while everyone else sat down around the big table to wait. Colonel O’Neill sat next to Martouf, much to his discomfort bracing himself as he saw O’Neill open his mouth, no doubt to call him that awful name and shoot an insult at him.


“Hey, Martouf, we heard the bad news. I’m sorry about Rosha and Jolinar; I wish there was something we could’ve done.” When Martouf heard O’Neill’s sympathetic words, he almost fell out of his seat as he snapped his head in disbelief at O’Neill who was being…nice?!


Major Jackson cleared his throat. “Yes, I am also sorry about what happened, Rosha was an extraordinary woman and she will be missed.”


This was too much for Martouf and he shook his head to clear it. He was speechless about this entire situation and begged Lantash to take over. Martouf bowed his head and when he lifted it, Lantash flashed his eyes.


“I accept your condolences, Colonel O’Neill, Major Jackson. However, there is something I wish to ask you,” Lantash turned his attention to the two others sitting with them and gave an apologetic glance. “In private, please.” The two looked at O’Neill, who nodded, and got up to leave. Once they were out the door, Lantash looked at the two remaining men. “I must ask if one or the both of you know of a woman named Samantha working here? She is perhaps a doctor of astrophysics.” Lantash paused expectantly.


O’Neill and Major Jackson looked at each other for a moment before turning back to Lantash and shook their heads. “Sorry, Martouf, I don’t know any woman named Samantha who works here, doctor or otherwise.” O’Neill replied.


Major Jackson nodded his head. “Me either, I’m sorry. Why?”


Lantash shook his head. “I’m sorry I cannot tell you, but it was my hope that she would be living on earth and was somehow connected to your Stargate program.” He looked down dejectedly at his hands, trying not to show his despair. He felt a hand on his shoulder and saw O’Neill looking kindly at him.


“Hey, just because we don’t know anyone by that name doesn’t automatically mean she doesn’t work here or maybe at another branch of the Stargate program.”


“Yeah, maybe she works at the Pentagon, or at any of our bases in Russia, China, Canada…she might be stationed at one of our off-world sites even. We could scrounge up the lists of employees there and see if she’s there. What does she look like?” Major Jackson piped up brightly.


Both Lantash and Martouf marveled at the distinct personality changes in both men and were touched by their offer of help.


Lantash gave a small smile. “It would be better if you could just narrow the lists to anyone named Samantha and provide a picture if possible. I will recognize her if I can. Please it is very important I find her.” 


O’Neill patted him on the shoulder and nodded firmly. “It’s settled then. It’ll take a while, but Daniel and I are willing to do it.”


“Of course we are, maybe we could even get my wife to help since she works at the Pentagon part-time.”


“Your wife?” Lantash couldn’t help but question.


Both men gave him a strange look but dismissed his confusion as being in grief over his mate.


“Yes, my wife, Sarah, she could gather the employees lists of the Stargate program at the Pentagon and other places as well.”


Lantash nodded gratefully. “I am in both your debts.”


O’Neill waved his hand. “Think nothing about it. It’s what friends are for, right?” He stood up suddenly as General Hammond and Jacob re-entered the room.