All Right ---- Interlude 1

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Sam tried vainly to wipe her tears as she jammed her equipment into her backpack in her laboratory. After deftly avoiding as many people as she could, Sam managed to make it down to her lab without anyone stopping the major.


She couldnít believe what just happened. Lantash and Martouf, though he hadnít physically said anything, had broken her heart. She loved them so much, how hard was it for them to accept her decision of remaining unblended? And that remark Lantash made about her living a human life span while they would live on was just too cruel to think about. Sam had pledged to spend her life with the man she loved for as long as she lived and he was too selfish to let her die while he lived on, still carrying feelings for her?


Sam shook her head and tried to take deep steadying breaths to calm herself, but she couldnít seem to stifle the sobs wracking her body. She gave up all hope of trying to calm herself down and slammed her hand down on her desk. Sam let out all her anguish as she flung pieces of paper, folders, books, pencils, pens, disks, anything she could get her hands on around her lab.


ďSam! Whatís wrong?Ē Danielís frantic voice filtered through Samís loud cries.


Before Daniel could enter her lab, Sam beat him to the door, looked at Daniel and said, ďI think I need to be alone right now, Daniel. Iím sorry.Ē Sam closed her lab door gently, leaving a shocked and increasingly worried Daniel out in the hallway.


After Sam shut the door, her hand flung out to flip the light switch off and her lab plunged into darkness. Sam hugged the middle of her stomach and screwed her eyes shut. She tried to quiet her gut-wrenching sobs as she slid down the door, oblivious to everything except the silent painful squeezing of her heart.