All Right ---- Interlude 3

Disclaimer in pt. 1

Rating: R


I stand here watching her fiddle with something I really have no idea does what and I do not really care, as long as I get to watch her. Although I already know she is extremely beautiful, sometimes when she is concentrating really hard, she gets this little frown on her face and when she’s feeling extremely frustrated, she puts on this adorable little pout that makes me smile like an idiot.  I am so deeply in love with this woman that it hurts and I would not trade this for anything.


She clears her throat to snap me out of my daydreaming thoughts and I notice she has stopped working to stare at me with amusement in her eyes.


“Dare I ask why you’re smiling at me like that?” She asks teasingly, setting down her tools and walking over to me to place her arms around my neck.


I automatically put my arms around her waist and pull her closer. I murmur quietly to her, “Does a husband need a reason to look at his beautiful wife?” before I kiss her gently. The kiss does not remain that way, however, as she threads her hands through my hair, pulling my head closer. She opens her mouth and my tongue is immediately seeking hers out to duel with. The kiss becomes more passionate as my hands roam her back, over her hips, grasping her butt. She groans and I spin us around to push her against the wall that I have been leaning on and still the kiss continues.


Finally, the need for air becomes necessary and we break apart, gasping for breath. She lays her head against my chest and sighs softly, “Well, when you put it like that, you can stare at me all day.”


I kiss the top of her head. “I plan to do a lot more than just stare at you, my lovely wife.” As if to demonstrate what I mean, I press myself closer to her and nibble on her ear.


She moans a little, responding to my caresses. “Martouf…not here. I am trying to work and…aren’t you supposed to be doing something?” She pulls her head away, much to my dismay, and looks up to me. “Better yet, aren’t you supposed to be watching someone?”


I look into her blue eyes and smile, getting lost in them. I dip my head to rest my forehead against hers. “He insisted that he wanted to bring you something and was quite adamant that he do it alone. I left him under the watchful eye of Jameel, do not worry.” My hands start to roam my wife’s body even though it has only been a couple of hours since we had gotten out of bed.


Sam takes her hands from around my neck and begins to knead my shoulders through my white shirt. “Do you know what he wants to get me?”


“Absolutely no idea. In the meantime, however, since it seems as if you are having no success on whatever it is you’re working on,” I receive that cute pout she was doing a while ago and my blood speeds up faster. “How about I distract you for awhile?” I bend my head to kiss her again and the lab we are in is silent interrupted only by heavy breathing and small groans of pleasure. I have been married to Sam for a total of two years now and known her for four since that day we met and I still cannot get enough of her; I hope I never do.


The door hitting me in the back causes me to lift my head from the task of pleasuring my wife to turn and look who just came in. As I see who it is, I pull my wife from the wall, but do not relinquish my hold on her.


Sam’s face is flushed and she is breathing hard, looking at me with a promise that we shall continue our interrupted activities later tonight as she sees who has joined them. I cannot wait.


“Look what I got for you!” A voice pipes up, thrusting a handful of flowers at Sam. She bends down to pick up our young son to hold him. He shoves the flowers into his mother’s face and beams happily, his blue-grey eyes shining. “I picked them myself, mommy!”


Sam smells them and her smile is even brighter. “They are absolutely beautiful, my little darling.”


I adjust my hold on my wife to include my son. “Yes, they are beautiful, just like you, my love.” I say deeply, staring at the two people, I love most in the world.


The End