Change of Fate – Chapter 1


“What about Martouf?” Sam asked Anise as they stood in the room.


At Sam’s question, Anise stopped her examinations on the Zatarc detector and stared at Sam with something akin to horror on her face. By her expression, Sam knew what she was going to say and began to move toward the door before hearing Anise answered, “We’ve never tested Martouf!”


Behind her, Sam could hear Colonel O’Neill mutter a curse. “Carter, wait, here, you might need this.” Sam turned around and saw the Colonel throw her a zat while he followed her out of the room. He turned in the opposite direction and yelled over his shoulder as both began to run. “I’m gonna get some tranquilizer darts to bring ole Marty down, just in case.”


“Yes, sir!” Sam barely acknowledged the colonel as he disappeared around the corner, most likely headed to Lock-up C, where she knew there would be back-up weapons. She prayed she was wrong about Martouf; either that or that she wasn’t too late to save both him and the president. Not now. Unwillingly, the words of their conversation floated in her head and while he said that he had grown fond of her, she knew that she loved him. She’d be damned if he died before she could tell him.


Sam increased her strength and began to sprint down the hallway. Pounding footsteps behind her made her aware that Teal’c was right behind her; the urgency of the situation filled the atmosphere. Sam gripped the zat gun tighter as if doing so made her faster in getting to the embarkation room.


Please, God, please…The desperate plea repeated in Sam’s head.


As Sam rounded the rounded the corner to the hallway that would take her to her destination, she was met with the pointed barrels of M-16’s and other firearms held by soldiers alarmed at the oncoming rush of footsteps.


“Stand down!” She shouted, noting their momentary hesitation. God, Sam could just picture how disheveled and crazed she looked, but she didn’t have time for that now. “That’s an order, airmen!”


The men slowly lowered their guns with a tinge of apprehension still in their eyes as they followed the whirlwind that was Major Carter and the pounding bulk of a Jaffa that was Teal’c that made their way down the hallway.




Colonel O’Neill jammed the last tranquilizer dart into the bullet chamber and took a moment to ponder quickly whether or not four darts was enough.


I mean, there is a snake in Marty, for crying out loud, where’s Janet when ya need her? Jack thought irritably as he slammed the door to Lock-up C and began to race toward the embarkation room.  Carter might know the layout to massive honking Goa’uld spaceships, but I know this place like the back of my hand. Never know when you might need a shortcut when tryin’ to escape ole George threatening to shove paperwork down your throat. Shouldn’t there have been a memo about how much paperwork one has to do in the Air force?


Jack began to jog even faster as he wound around corridors and avoided crashing into people who tried their best not to stare at their favorite wayward colonel. Jack felt a slow pain creeping up on his knee and cursed himself, refusing to slow down.


I have to be there for Carter. I can’t let her down. Jack thought back to their confessions. While Carter may have admitted that, she was glad that the colonel hadn’t left her to die; she hadn’t said anything that might have led him to believe she reciprocated his feelings. Jack felt he knew why and which was the reason why he couldn’t afford to slow down now.


Almost there…