Change of Fate – Chapter 2

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Sam could see Daniel standing next to a rigid Martouf as she burst into the room only to be met with bewildered expressions and yet again pointed guns in her direction.


“Sam…?” Sam could see the confused question in Daniel’s eyes.


“Major Carter, Teal’c, what-“


“Sir, Anise conducted another test on the Colonel and I and we are not zatarcs. However, we have reason to believe that Martouf may have been compromised, sir.” Sam cut off General Hammond as she moved toward Martouf, zat extended in her hand and ready to fire. She hoped she’d only have to use it once.


“Daniel Jackson, it appears advisable to move away from Martouf at this moment.” Teal’c’s rumbling voice pointed out. He had moved to take up position opposite Sam with his arms slightly open and looked as if he were ready and willing to take down Martouf if need be.


Daniel jumped slightly, rapidly blinked his eyes for a moment before taking his hands out of his pants pocket, and nervously pushed his glasses back onto the bridge of his nose. “Uh…right. Sure thing.” He quickly walked away to stand behind Teal’c.


Throughout this entire scene, Martouf remained aloof and appeared as if he didn’t hear a word being said.


Sam gingerly approached Martouf and tried to calm her rapidly beating heart. She peered into Martouf’s eyes and held back a gasp at the emptiness in those gray depths that could usually hold her captive.


“General, sir, I recommend we not bring the President down for the meeting.”


General Hammond glanced at Martouf and then back at Sam before nodding sharply. “He’s already on his way, major, but I’ll see if I can intercept him and have him placed in safe custody until this matter is cleared.” He turned to walk out when he caught sight of the President himself entering the room and all hell broke loose.


Sam had barely enough time to shout a warning before Martouf raised his hand and began firing in the direction of the President.


He’s early! Damn! Sam cursed as she dove to the ground to avoid Martouf’s sporadic fire. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the President’s body guards as well as other soldiers take aim at Martouf and she screamed, “Hold your fire! Teal’c!”


Answering Sam’s frantic call, Teal’c, who had pushed Daniel to the ground while ducking himself, turned in the direction of Martouf and with a heave, launched himself at Martouf’s midsection, causing both men to land hard on the concrete floor. Martouf’s eyes flashed and he bucked, trying to dislodge Teal’c and stand up again, the Goa’uld weapon in Martouf’s hand still letting off some shots until Teal’c grabbed Martouf’s arm and forcefully yanked the weapon off Martouf’s finger. Sam, from her position still on the floor, waited until she was certain Teal’c was clear of Martouf before raising her zat gun and fired a shot at Martouf. The blast from the zat did nothing to stun Martouf as he made a move to get up.


Sam could feel her heart break as she realized that she would have to shoot Martouf again. Unbidden, she could feel tears rushing to her eyes as she raised the zat gun a second time to shoot again at the man she loved.