Change of Fate – Chapter 3

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Having gotten to his feet, Martouf seemed at a momentary loss to find himself without a weapon and stared at his hand in somewhat of a daze. Teal’c took advantage of Martouf’s hesitation to grab his arms and pull them roughly behind his back. Martouf struggled to get free and he grew more agitated as he saw the object of his assassination being hurriedly escorted to safety. His thrashing didn’t cease even when a dart appeared out of nowhere to embed itself in his leg.


With a loud yell, Martouf threw his head back to smash against Teal’c’s face and Martouf used Teal’c stunned state to rip his arms from Teal’c’s grasp and began to rush mindlessly in the direction the President had gone.


Sam, in her emotional state, watched the events take place before her as if it were a television show until she heard Martouf’s yell and the deadly situation she was in came back to her in a rush, she slowly began to push the trigger when she felt a wisp of air whiz past the side of her head followed seconds later by another one.


“Hold your fire!” Sam stood frozen as she barely heard Colonel O’Neill’s voice bark out the order. “He’s not going anywhere.” As Sam watched, Martouf began to sluggishly slow down until he swayed for a minute before beginning to collapse onto the ground. Sam snapped out of her trance, dropped her zat gun, and rushed to catch Martouf before his head hit the ground. As she cradled his head, she saw the tranquilizer darts sticking out of him and glanced up to see the colonel making his way toward her, tranquilizer gun in hand.


“Looks like I made it just in time, Carter. Is he gonna be okay?” He asked gruffly, concern for her shining in his eyes.


Sam tried to blink the oncoming rush of tears away as she returned her blurry gaze to the man lying in her arms. She blindly slid her hand down to his throat to check his pulse and as she did, she involuntary let out a sob. She glanced back up at the colonel, not caring anymore as tears of relief slid down her face and she shakily responded, “Yes, sir, he’s alive.” She stroked Martouf’s hair and softly caressed his face as she took in his sleeping face. “He’s alive.” Sam whispered. “Thank God.”


Colonel O’Neill managed a smile as he looked at his 21C and finally acknowledged that while he cared a great deal about Sam, it was evident that she was in love with someone else. Martouf was a lucky son of a gun.


“We must bring him immediately to the Tok’ra where we can begin the process of removing the zatarc technology from his brain.” Anise’s calm voice sounded from behind the colonel.


As Sam heard Anise’s words, she became chilled. No one had survived Anise’s experimentations to remove zatarc technology. Unconsciously, she clutched Martouf’s body closer as Anise stepped forward.


Anise must’ve seen the wary look in Sam’s eyes as she said, “I promise you, this time it will work. Martouf is important to the Tok’ra as he is to you, Major Carter. I give you my word that everything possible will be done to see that Martouf and Lantash live.” Anise directed her gaze to two Tok’ra standing around High Councilor Persus and nodded. “If it be permissible to you, High Councilor, I would like to take Martouf back immediately to begin extraction.” As she received High Councilor Persus’ nod, she beckoned the two Tok’ra to take Martouf’s body.


As they approached, Sam let them lift his body while still cradling his head. She stared directly into Anise’s eyes and said clearly, “I’m trusting you to bring him back to me.”


Anise nodded.  


Sam looked down at Martouf. “Please, please don’t leave me, my love.” She whispered. She bent her head to softly kiss Martouf’s forehead. “I love you.”