Change of Fate – Chapter 4

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*One month later*


“Wormhole activation! Incoming traveler!” The klaxons sounded as General Hammond walked out of his office where he and Major Carter had been. She had been requesting a temporary leave of absence and to the general, it certainly looked as if she needed it. The major in the month since Martouf had been despondent and withdrawn, the rings under her eyes indicated the lack of rest and Dr. Fraiser had more than once approached the general about the major’s decreased appetite. So far, there had been no news about Martouf since four weeks ago when Jacob had visited to comfort his daughter and to report that Anise was still working on extracting the zatarc technology from Martouf’s mind.


Sam followed the general to the control room, mentally praying that she didn’t make a fool out of herself by collapsing onto the floor right there and then. Although the way she was feeling right now, she could care less about anything. It had been a month since Martouf had gone from her life and it seemed as if a permanent heart ache had anchored itself deep within her. The guys and Janet had tried to be supportive, but Sam was the kind of person who tried to be strong, despite everything. So she had thrown herself into her work and to hell with everything else.


“What have we got, son?” The general’s voice interrupted Sam’s reverie.


“Receiving Tok’ra IDC, sir.” Sgt. Siler reported.


“Open the iris.” The general ordered, glancing momentarily at Sam.


At the mention of the Tok’ra, Sam felt a jolt of apprehension surge through her. Part of her rejoiced at the fact that this visit might bring her some news about Martouf and part of her feared what sort of news they would bring. Sam caught the glance of the general and managed a small smile; she raked her hands through her already tousled hair and began to make her way to the embarkation room to greet their visitors. The apprehensive feeling doubled and Sam felt sick to her stomach as she entered the room and made her way to stand at the end of the ramp.


The feelings didn’t subside even as she recognized her father followed by two hooded guards exit the wormhole. A feeling of dread passed over Sam as she tried to read her father’s carefully blank face and a million thoughts whirled through her head. He’s dead. She realized. Having her father break the news to her was supposed to soften the blow. They’re wrong. He’s dead. Oh. God.


As Jacob exited the wormhole, he was shocked at the appearance of his little girl. The ever-present sparkle in her eye was gone and she looked as if she wanted to die. It broke his heart to see his proud and strong daughter standing defeated. In his mind, he heard Selmac’s reassuring voice as he walked over to his daughter and enveloped her in a strong comforting hug.


He held on to her for a moment longer before nodding to George and the rest of SG-1 who had suddenly appeared in the gate room before turning back to his daughter and clasping her hands in his.


“Sammy…” He said quietly. “There’s something you should know. Now I told the Tok’ra High Council that you had a right to know this and they agreed.” It seemed to Jacob that Sam had deflated right in front of him.


“Dad…” Sam whispered heartbrokenly. “Please…just tell me.”


Before Jacob could say another word, one of the Tok’ra guards stepped forward and threw back his hood.




Sam shifted her eyes from her father to the figure now standing next to her. She froze unable to believe.




Sam let go of her father’s hands and turned to face the man she loved, unable to believe, her mind unable to comprehend just what was going on.


“Samantha…” Martouf cleared his throat and looked down for a moment. Seeing the face of the woman he loved staring at him with such disbelief mixed with love shook him. As his head came up to gaze once again at his love, his eyes flashed signaling a change from host to symbiote.


“Samantha, forgive us, this is an extremely emotional time for all of us.” Lantash stepped forward to hold Sam’s hands. “As you can see, Anise’s experimental procedure has worked and the zatarc technology removed. We have returned to the Tok’ra and…to you as well. Please accept our apologies for such a long wait to hear of our recovery, it has…not been easy…to recuperate…and we did not wish to see you further troubled.” Lantash bowed his head and allowed Martouf to resurface.


“As Lantash has explained, the desire to not see you further troubled is what has kept us from you for so long-“


“Martouf…” Sam breathed, cutting Martouf off. She pulled her hands from his grip and lifted them to cradle his face. Without a second thought and without a care of who was in the room and watching, she placed her lips on his and kissed him softly.


Martouf’s eyes flashed yet again and his hands immediately came to wrap themselves around Sam’s waist, pulling her closer. The kiss seemed to go on forever, until Jacob cleared his throat.


Sam reluctantly pulled her lips from her beloved’s to rest her forehead against Martouf’s. She gazed deeply into her love’s gray eyes and whispered, “I love you.”


Martouf smiled broadly and he tightened his hold on Sam. “As we love you.”    


The end.