Getting to Know You – Chapter 3



Jacob bit back a laugh as Martouf’s head snapped up and he stared hopefully at Jacob. “You are willing to give this picture to me?” Martouf’s hands gripped the book tighter.


Laughing inside, Jacob feigned a careless shrug. “Sure, why not? I have plenty of pictures of Sam; I can afford to give you one or two, maybe a couple dozen if you want.” He added. “Here, give me that for a second.” Prying the book from a reluctant Martouf, Jacob gently took the picture out and handed him back both the book and the picture. “You can have it. It’s yours. Actually, there’s tons of pictures of Sam in there, feel free to take whichever ones you want. I can get more copies from Sam the next time I see her, so it’s no big loss.” Jacob waved a hand to Martouf. “Go ahead. Take as many as you want.” He bit his tongue as Martouf stared at him with something akin to wonder. He could just hear the questions inside Martouf’s head. I can take as many pictures of Samantha as I want? Truly? He looked as if he’d just won the lottery or something.


“Thank you, Jacob. I truly appreciate this.” Martouf said solemnly, his hands flipping through the pages, no doubt looking for more pictures to take. After a few moments of sorting through the pictures he’d taken from Jacob’s picture album, Lantash was alternating between berating Martouf for taking so many and trying to decide if he’d forgotten to take any other enticing pictures of Samantha out of the book.


“Aha, here it is. For a second I thought I’d forgotten to pack it.” Jacob exclaimed, triumphantly holding up a small blue box.


Martouf’s furrowed in bewilderment. “What is that, Jacob?”


Jacob took a moment to touch the box tenderly before opening it up and showing Martouf what was inside. It was a gold ring with the same shiny white gems that were in Samantha’s hair in his picture. The gems sparkled in the light of the room and Martouf appreciated its beauty.


“It is an amazing ring, Jacob.” Seeing the look on Jacob’s face as he stared at the ring, Martouf knew that this particular item was precious to his friend.


Taking the ring from its cushion, Jacob held it between his fingers. “This is called a wedding ring, Martouf. I gave it to Samantha’s mother when I asked her to marry me, er, to become my mate for life. She wore it as customary in my society on her left ring finger. By accepting this ring, she became my wife, mate.” Jacob’s eyes took on a faraway look and he smiled sadly. “The best years of my life were spent with her. She gave me everything I’d ever wanted in life. Love, friendship, comfort, warmth, support, and best of all, she gave me Sam and Mark, my two children.” He replaced the ring in the box, but didn’t shut it. “She died when Sam and Mark were still young.” Jacob swallowed hard and he closed his eyes momentarily before finishing off, “I am hoping to give this to Sam the day she gets married, er, mated to the man she loves. Her mother would’ve wanted it and I think Sam would appreciate another reminder of her mother.” Jacob snapped the box shut and glanced at Martouf from the corner of his eye. “Of course, Sam has yet to find the special someone she wants to spend the rest of her life with. I’m hoping for her to find someone soon though ‘cause I’m selfish and greedy. I want more grandchildren, I suppose.” Shifting slightly on his bed, Jacob slyly added, “You know, when I was on earth a few days ago, Sam asked about you. You know, how you were doing, what you were doing, if you’d asked about her, that sort of stuff. It was actually quite funny. You seemed to make a big impression on her.” And just like that, Jacob stopped talking as Martouf began to smile.


Jacob got up with a few tokens in his arms, headed over to the shelves in his room, and began placing them accordingly.


“Samantha has asked about me?” Martouf’s voice came from behind him, hopeful curiosity evident.


Without turning around, Jacob answered. “Sure thing. I could tell she was a bit disappointed that you hadn’t come along when I visited, but when I told her that you were on a mission, she became a tad worried.” Jacob laughed. “I had to reassure her a couple of times that you could handle yourself just fine. She asked that when the next time I came, if it was possible to bring you too. Since its kind of hard to guess the next time when both you and I would be available at the same time, I invited her to come visit me. In fact,” Jacob stifled a grin as he turned to face Martouf still sitting on his bed, attention riveted to what he was saying. “I was pretty sure that you’d be returning sometime this week, although I wasn’t sure of the day, I told Sam to come visit me. She’s coming today actually, sometime within the next few hours, I suppose. After cleaning and fixing my room, I was going to come find you to tell you.”


Jacob watched as Martouf shot up from his sitting position on Jacob’s bed as he stared incredulously at his friend. “Samantha is coming here? Today? Soon?” His head snapped in the direction of the tunnel hallway and Jacob heard him mutter, “But there so much that I must do before she comes. I would like to prepared when I meet her.” Martouf turned his attention back to Jacob, whose insides were threatening to burst with laughter. Martouf was acting like a boy with a huge crush, which he rather was. Grabbing the pile of photographs that he had taken from Jacob, Martouf hastily bowed his head. “If you will excuse me, Jacob, there are some things that I must do now. Please, when you receive word that Samantha is arriving, come find me so that I too, may welcome her here.” Bowing his head again, he hurried from Jacob’s room and to his own.


The moment he left, Jacob collapsed in his chair by his desk and laughed until he cried.


“Oh, we’re good, Selmie, we are just too good.”