Getting to Know You - Chapter 5

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“And these are your quarters, Sammy.” Jacob said his arm still wrapped around his daughter’s waist. Martouf and Caldwen followed close behind them, Caldwen depositing Sam’s bags beside her bed.


“Thank you Caldwen,” Sam said as she gave him a bright smile.


Caldwen returned her smile and stepped closer to her. “It is my pleasure to make your stay here as comfortable as possible, Samantha. Perhaps later on, if it be your wish, I could escort you on a tour of the base.”


Jacob chuckled and squeezed Sam’s waist. “Well Sammie, if I knew you’d be this popular and have people clambering for your attention, I would’ve visited you back on Earth; at least that way I’d actually get to spend some time with you.”


Caldwen grasped Sam’s hand, looking into her eyes, but addressing Jacob. “It cannot be helped, Jacob. It is clear that your daughter is a very special woman. Would you like me to show you around?”


Sam opened her mouth to answer, but instead tilted her head, frowning. “Do you hear that?”


Jacob and Caldwen listened in silence as they detected a faint grating noise. Sam turned to Martouf, still standing there. “Martouf, do you have-“ She broke off as she saw Martouf glaring at Caldwen, hands clenching and unclenching, and most importantly, she’d found the source of the grating noise, Martouf was grinding his teeth together.


Sam hid a smile and shared an amused glance with her father at Martouf’s behavior.


Caldwen looked at his friend, confused. “Martouf, are you well?”


Martouf stared incredulously back at his friend before he said tightly, “I believe that *I* offered myself as a guide for Samantha during her stay with me, us, the Tok’ra.” He stumbled and the smile was getting harder to conceal for Sam and Jacob.


Sam stepped out of her father’s hold and walked over to placate Martouf. “Actually Martouf did offer to be my guide first, so it’s only right that he show me around, but perhaps later on, Caldwen, we could talk.” Sam smiled to try to diffuse the situation.


Martouf repressed an arrogant smirk as he heard Samantha and resisted the urge to grab her and hold her possessively.


Lantash ‘sighed’. <You are hopeless.>



“And these are my quarters.” Martouf said as he waved her into his private sanctuary. His eyes anxiously scanned for anything out of place.


<Martouf! I order you to calm down! It is much work to constantly try to keep your body temperatures regulated.> Lantash said irritably.


Martouf swallowed and shuffled his feet, looking very much like a schoolboy being chastened as he watched Samantha from beneath lowered lashes. He saw her take in his many collected items and objects over the years and his breath hitched as she ran a gentle hand over the soft fabric of the material covering his bed.


“This is beautiful,” she said, marveling at the color and incredibly soft texture of the fabric.


(<So are you, beloved.>) Came Martouf and Lantash’s identical responses as they watched her flit from his bed to wander over to his shelves. They could watch her forever.


Studying a multi-colored gem propped up in a small cushioned box; Sam said casually, “So did you miss me?”


Martouf still caught up in a sudden vision of Samantha sharing his quarters, replied somewhat dreamily, “Yes, Samantha, I have.”


<What are you doing?!> Lantash cried into his head.


Martouf snapped out of his fantasy of him and Samantha getting ready for bed as his response to Samantha’s question registered to him. He stared sheepishly at Samantha, whose head was turned in his direction and whose lips were curled into a playful grin. Her eyes twinkled as he tried to think of something to say.


“Well that’s good. I mean, even when you’re missing me, you’ve still got my picture to remind you of me.” She said with an amused tone.


Martouf was about to ask her what she meant by her remark when she faced him and showed him the pictures of her that he had gotten from Jacob earlier. He flushed before Lantash could stop it. “Uh, t-those...those were from your father. He...must have left them here a-and...” Martouf stuttered slightly, wringing his fingers.


Sam put the pictures of herself down and sauntered over to Martouf. “Oh really?”


Martouf swallowed hard as Samantha placed herself so close to him that there was barely an inch of space between them. He opened his mouth to say something, but only managed to emit a small squeak.


Lantash uttered a few choice expletives before demanding, <Let me to the fore, Martouf.>


Once in control, Lantash smiled. “Please forgive Martouf, he was caught unawares.” Lantash stared into Samantha’s blue eyes and had to pull himself back from being lost in them. “As for the pictures, Jacob gave them to me. I consider you a very close friend, Samantha, and he thought it would be nice if I had some reminders of you.” He said, happy at himself for gaining control unlike someone else.


(I had control of myself! I was just...caught off-guard momentarily that is all.) Martouf retorted sullenly.  


<Right. I must admit in all our years together, I have never heard you squeak before.>


(I did not squeak!) Martouf grumped.


Lantash started to smirk when he felt something on his chest. Looking down he gulped as Samantha placed a hand on his chest, drawing little circles. Glancing into her eyes, Lantash saw the mischievous twinkle there. “Very close friends, huh?” She rubbed her hand over his chest and then leaned in to whisper in his ear, “That’s just too bad.”


Lantash felt bereaved as she took her hand away, giving him one last smile before walking out of his chambers.


Lantash’s grey eyes followed her out of his quarters, he opened his mouth to call after her, but only a small squeak came out.


Inside, Martouf smirked. (In control, my mitka.)