Getting to Know You – Chapter 6

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Lantash ‘exhaled’ tiredly. <What are you doing, Martouf?>


Martouf scowled. (Something you would do also.) He pressed himself further against the crystal tunnel just outside a small informal meeting room.


He strained his ear to listen to the voices of the people inside and he was rewarded by the quiet laughter of Samantha in response to something said by her companion. Martouf heard the deep rumbling of Caldwen and unconsciously Martouf clenched his jaw.


<There is no reason why you should be angry with Caldwen. We, after all, have made no public claim on Samantha and so he is free to seek her out as well.> Lantash pointed out reasonably.


Martouf snorted. (Then why are there bloody pictures of Caldwen slumped against a wall floating in our mind, I know *I’m* not the one thinking those things.) He heard Caldwen’s voice again and he wondered what he was saying to his Samantha. (He is most likely charming her with words and telling her we do not deserve her.) He grumbled.


<Yes, and right now he is holding her passionately in his arms and convincing her to become his mate.> Lantash said sarcastically.


Martouf’s heart jumped. (He is?!) Martouf was about to march in there, yank Samantha away from him, and declare her as his.


Martouf could hear Lantash mutter incoherently in his mind; all he caught were a few choice words that had him scowling. <Martouf, would it not be easier if we proclaimed our affections for Samantha to her? That way you would not be traipsing through the Tok’ra tunnels looking like a fool and *spying* on people.>


Listening to Lantash’s harsh comments, Martouf shifted uneasily and then squared his shoulders. He would do what Lantash suggested and tell Samantha all of what he was feeling.


“Martouf!”  Giving a mental scream of frustration, Martouf turned around and for the second time that day, Martouf found himself in a confrontation with Durien.


He sighed. “Greetings again, Durien. Have you found Mala yet?”


Durien stormed up to him. “No I have not. She is proving extremely elusive or perhaps the reason I cannot find her is because you are hiding her in your quarters.”




Lantash ‘chuckled’ evilly. <It’ll be my pleasure. I have been listening to your paranoid thoughts for too long; this would be a good exercise to get our mind off our troubles.>


Lantash came to the fore and he crossed his arms, arrogantly leaned against the wall, and smirked. “Are you suggesting that Mala is in my quarters, Durien?”


Durien gave a noisy sigh. “That is exactly what I am suggesting, Lantash. She is my mate-“


“Yes, she is, but if you continue to fight and drive her away, then she will not be for long.”


“I am aware of our difficulties.” Durien waved a hand dismissively. “Answer my question, is Mala in your quarters?” His tone was hard and accusatory.


Lantash’s smirk grew as he decided to play with Durien. Even though he was Tok’ra, he was the most irritating man Lantash knew. He gave a careless shrug. “I cannot be certain, Durien, I must admit, there are quite a few women coming and going from my quarters, asking for advice, wanting to talk; I cannot deny them the pleasure of my company.”


“Oh really?”


Immediately Lantash lost his smirk and snapped his head in the direction of the room that Martouf was spying on earlier, the room where Caldwen and Samantha were. As of right not, Samantha was standing in the doorway, arms crossed and eyebrows raised in an inquisitive manner.


“Samantha.” Lantash almost fell in his haste to straighten up from his position against the wall. He looked over her shoulder and saw Caldwen shaking his head in amused pity. Lantash focused his gaze back on the semi-angry questioning look on Samantha’s face and cursed himself.




Angry silence with a tinge of malice answered him back.


“So, Lantash, you were saying about these many women coming and going out of your quarters? Please continue. I’m interested to know what you do when in the company of these women.”


Lantash smiled sheepishly and ducked his head. “I was merely jesting when I said that, Samantha. Rest assured that absolutely *no* women have been in my quarters. At all.”


Sam arched an eyebrow. “Hmph, then why would you say something like that to your fellow Tok’ra?” She gave a cursory glance at Durien, who gave a nod.


Lantash cleared his throat. “Durien, this is-“


Sam held up a hand. “I can introduce myself, Lantash.”  She turned to Durien. “I’m Sam, Jacob’s daughter.”


“Of the Tau’ri, SG-1, yes I have heard of you. Greetings.” Durien bowed his head.


Re-focusing her attention, Sam observed, “You still haven’t answered my question, Lantash.”


Feeling distinctly uncomfortable, Lantash answered, “Durien and I are not always on good terms, Samantha, I was merely jesting to him about his mate; I did not intend any real harm.” He looked beseechingly into Samantha’s blue eyes.


“You deliberately toyed with Durien’s feelings about his mate because you dislike him and you enjoyed making him suffer, that much was clear from what I saw.” Sam rushed on as Lantash opened his mouth to defend his actions. “You say that you didn’t intend any real harm, but by making such rude inferences about Durien’s mate and making light of his feelings toward her, I’d say that was pretty harmful. I mean, how would you feel if someone told you that your mate was in another man’s quarters?”


Lantash’s eyes flared and his entire body became rigid as he thought of Samantha just *talking* to another male let alone being in someone’s else quarters.


Sam nodded satisfactorily as she took in Lantash’s posture. “Point proven. So I take it then that Durien’s mate is *not* in your quarters?”


“No Samantha, she is not. I have not seen Mala this day.” He answered petulantly, pouting angrily at Sam for making him feel thoroughly chastened.


“I guess that settles it then. I think I’m going to go visit my dad. Caldwen, thank you for such an enjoyable afternoon, I hope we have another one soon. Durien, it was nice meeting you. Lantash.” The last word was spoken in a sharp and brief tone as opposed to the rest of Sam’s reply.


Martouf had only one thing to say: (Fool.)