I Want – Chapter 10

Disclaimer in part 1

Rating: R ----- violence, while I don’t think it is too graphic, others may consider it to be, so  depending on your opinion, this chappie has a *strong* R rating


Lantash dove to his left and rolled to his feet, avoiding the raeban’s claws. Species indigenous to this planet, they were once plentiful before a famine caused most of their prey to die and the raeban species began to turn on one another to survive.


He snarled and darted to one side of the raeban, pressing his blood-covered dagger against the raeban’s side, viciously slicing into its side.


(Beloved.) Martouf’s soft endearment caught Lantash’s attention as well as his anxiousness to get back to her.


Lantash’s attention was painfully brought back to the raeban as it swiped at Lantash’s chest with its sharp claws, causing Lantash to wince as he felt the skin being pierced. He scrambled out of range of the raeban and stood gasping for breath as he assessed the damage done to himself and his opponent. Both sides took the opportunity to size each other up for potential weaknesses.


(Kill it quickly, Lantash.)


Lantash’s eyes flashed dangerously as both he and Martouf pictured their beloved alone and vulnerable.


<Enough of this.>


Lantash rushed the raeban, dagger held high as he managed to get beyond the raeban’s claws and in close range to plunge the dagger into the chest the raeban before immediately ducking underneath its massive arm and creating an identical slash to its other side as he had done before.


Lantash’s vision began to turn red as he anticipated his kill and without really thinking, Lantash sunk his dagger deeply into the raeban’s hind leg, violently tearing it out, not caring of the agonized moan from the raeban or of the blood that was splattered across Lantash’s face and clothes.


(She will be cold by now.) Martouf remarked distantly, his thoughts never straying from the woman they were protecting.

Still trapped in a haze of violent thoughts, Lantash continued to strike at the raeban until everything was covered in blood. Lantash wiped it from his face as best he could with his bloodied hand and stood, chest heaving while staring down at the dead beast with a cold predatory gaze.


He kicked the now-dead animal once before picking up one of its legs and dragging it back to the fire and his waiting love, uncaring of the massive trail of blood it was leaving behind.


(She will be happy that we have returned to her with only minor injuries.)


Lantash’s eyes flashed as he imagined burying himself in his love’s arms as she took care of him when he stopped at what he saw…or rather, what he didn’t see.


“Samantha!” Lantash snarled loudly, throwing the leg of the animal away from him as his eyes scanned the darkness around him, his eyes coming up with nothing. Lantash and Martouf came to the same conclusion at the same time; their love was headed to the Chappa’ai.


(We must have her back.) Martouf said quietly.


<Mine. Only mine. She never leaves me.> Lantash grounded out furiously as he turned on his heel to head out of the cave, his hand convulsing around the bloody knife still in his hand, still dripping fresh red blood.




Sam winced as her bare feet scraped against the rough rocks as she made a hasty descent down the small hill that would lead to the Stargate set in a wide grassy plain.


She had to get out of here, she had to find help, and she had to DO something. Sam was so filled with fear right now that her skin was frozen and she was gasping and silently crying at the same time. This worse than Jonas, this was worse than going through the Air force, where she had to suffer from sexist comments and prejudices. This…this was just bad. And Sam had no idea that up until now, she hadn’t really experienced *real* fear. Martouf…Lantash…both of them were completely unstable and Sam couldn’t stop the horrid violent pictures popping up in her head of what Martouf or Lantash would do to her if she wasn’t able to leave before they noticed she was gone and she couldn’t stop the taunting little voice inside chanting that she was going to fail, she was going to die, accept it.


Sam gritted her teeth and made her way stumbling, toward the DHD.  She pressed the co-ordinates for the Tok’ra world and hoped, prayed to God that they hadn’t left, that they would still be there. She wouldn’t know what to do if they weren’t.


“Please, oh please…God please, help, I can’t…help me…please, I’m begging, I’m praying…” Sam continued to gasp incoherently as she frantically pressed the symbols on the round surface. Her eyes were blurry from the tears and she squinted to make sure she was dialing the right address. Sam let loose a panic-stricken sob. Everything depended on this…her life depended on this…


The final chevron did not work.


Sam hysterically pressed the symbol again and again, but it wouldn’t work.


“No…no…no, no, no, no…no!” Sam cried, pressing the symbol repeatedly.  “Why won’t you work?”


This can’t happen. Sam thought. I’m supposed to be with my dad, be with Daniel, the colonel, Teal’c, Janet, the general, Cassie…


I’m not supposed to be here. This can’t happen.


I can’t…I can’t stay here…


It can’t end here…


I can’t die here.


Random thoughts of despair and hopelessness flew through her head.


Sam dropped to her knees and began prying the DHD’s control panel open with her cold numb fingers.




Sam squeezed her eyes shut for a second before doubling her efforts.


It couldn’t end like this; she wouldn’t let it.