I Want – Chapter 11

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Rating: R ----violence, again, *I* don’t think it’s too graphic, but take notice, folks, that this had a *strong* R rating.


“Samantha!” Lantash roared, clutching the bloody dagger in his hand as he angrily took in his beloved’s frantic movements. <She should not be running away from us.>


(Our love is frightened; we must calm her down.) Martouf’s soft voice penetrated Lantash’s haze of red.


Lantash clenched his teeth together and stalked quickly down the hill to where Samantha had succeeded in prying the DHD’s panel open and was trying to access what was wrong.


“I have dismantled the DHD, love; you will find no escape possible.” Lantash raised his voice sternly. “Return to the cave with me.”


Lantash managed to make out his beloved muttering, “There has to be a way; he wouldn’t do that. There has to be a way.” He grew angrier at his love; why would she want to run away from him? They were meant to be together, forever and eternally.

Lantash continued making his way toward Sam, stopping only a few feet away from her. Lantash’s eyes roved his beloved’s almost naked body and felt an incredible pull of desire.


(Do not frighten her. She is hurt.) Martouf rebuked slightly. (Let me talk to her. You are too angry right now.)


Lantash snarled mentally. <She should be frightened of me. She is trying to leave me. I love her. And she loves me. Why does she not understand this?> After saying this, Lantash retreated, relinquishing control to Martouf.


Martouf gingerly took a step toward Sam, who had stood up and was staring at him frightened and wary.


“Stay away from me.” Sam spat out, wrapping her arms around herself, taking a step back. Her eyes scanned possible escape routes.


Martouf stopped moving and held out his hands in a pleading gesture.  “Love,” Martouf said, his tone gentle and caring and his eyes showing concern. “I would never harm you. I love you. Lantash is just upset that you had gone without telling us. Please, love, let us return home.”


Sam’s eyebrows rose incredulously. “Home?” She choked out. “Martouf…this isn’t home. It’s not yours and it certainly isn’t mine. My home is on earth, with my friends and family.”


Martouf smiled. “*This* is our new home, love. You and me. We can make our own family and it will be lovely. Our children will be beautiful, love, just like you.” He said dreamily.


At Martouf’s tone, Sam took another step back and bent to pick up a middle-sized rock, gripping it tightly in her hand. “Martouf, you’re not well. That’s obvious. Why don’t you just fix whatever you did to the DHD and we can get help for you. We-“


“No!” Lantash shouted as his eyes flashed, signaling the change. “There is nothing wrong with me and we are not going anywhere, Samantha! We will stay right here, where we belong.” Lantash began to advance steadily on Sam, his grey eyes glowing.


Instead of turning around and running, Sam shakily stood her ground, waiting for Lantash to come within striking range. Her head was screaming at her to run, but even then, she stood frozen.


Lantash stepped up to Sam and gripped both of her upper arms tightly. “Let us go home now, Samantha.”


Sam winced as his fingers bit harshly into her flesh, but her grip on the jagged rock in her hand tightened. “No, Lantash.” Sam muttered an apology to the man she once loved before bringing the rock in her hand to smash it hard against the side of Lantash’s head.


Lantash let go of Sam and stumbled to the side, falling to the ground, but did not pass out. He bewilderedly touched the side of his head and gazed at his hand covered in his own blood with momentary confusion. He glanced back at Sam, still standing there, clutching a bloody rock, and his anger and confusion grew.


“Why do you hurt us, love? We love you.” Martouf said brokenly as he pushed to the fore. He made to kneel down, one hand pressed against his head. “I do not understand. Have I done something to upset you, Samantha? I only want to make you happy; I only want to cherish you.” Martouf whispered quietly, his grey eyes looking soulfully at Sam.


Sam slowly lowered the rock and her hand as she saw Martouf kneeling there, bleeding and confused. Her brow furrowed as she cursed. Martouf’s behavior was so radically different from Lantash’s that she couldn’t handle them the same way. It frustrated her and she stood there, wavering with indecision.


That was all Lantash needed.


He surged to his feet unexpectedly and grabbed both of Sam’s wrists, gripping them tightly. He pulled her close to his body, uncaring of the blood splattering against her from his wounds on his chest and head. He heard his love gasp with surprise as he let go of her wrists, but didn’t give her a chance to move as he wrapped his arms tightly around her, trapping Sam within the confines of his body.


Lantash bent slowly, despite Sam’s intense struggling, to lower his mouth to her ear.


“Mine.” He whispered.


Sam closed her eyes as she felt Lantash’s breath on her neck, followed by his lips as he planted small kisses along her jaw line. She continued to struggle, but succeeded only in Lantash tightening his grip on her until she could hardly breathe.


Lantash lifted his head and then shook her hard. He waited until Sam’s eyes snapped open to stare intensely into her blue eyes.


“You are mine. You cannot run from me.” Lantash clenched his jaw before squeezing Sam hard.


Sam gasped silently in pain and Lantash took the opportunity to seize her mouth in a kiss.


Sam’s eyes filled with tears.


Lantash smiled grimly at the feel of his love shivering violently against him.


Martouf rejoiced silently as the kiss continued.


Neither noticed the blood still flowing from Lantash’s head. The blood glistened in the sunlight as it seeped slowly, steadily down Lantash’s face and headed towards their mouths.