I Want – Chapter 12

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*Rating*: Again, people, I stress a strong R rating! This is a dark fic; it’s supposed to be filled with dark images and stuff! You’ve been warned.


*Warning*: This chapter has disturbing images in it. Character deaths. If this is not your cup of tea, then do not read it. Have someone else just give you the condensed version.

“Go! Go! Go!” Jacob yelled frantically, pushing his fellow Tok’ra in front of him, constantly looking over his shoulder down the crystal tunnel, looking for any signs of movement. Once he was assured that they were safe, he faced the empty tunnel.


Behind Jacob, he felt the sudden ‘whoosh’ of air as the ring transporter activated, bringing the last Tok’ra survivors he could find up to the surface and to momentary safety.


He was the last one left down in the tunnels.


At least, that’s what he prayed. He couldn’t stomach the thought of a Tok’ra being left behind and trapped.


They had already lost so many. Too many.


Jacob’s eyes roved the destroyed tunnels and the fallen bodies of those he called friends as they littered their home.


Blood was everywhere as well as discarded staff weapons, zat guns, and abandoned equipment. Debris lightly coated the floor and Jacob could feel Selmac’s wordless sadness and remorse on the tragedy that had descended upon the Tok’ra.


This was indeed a day to remember.


Never had such a large number of Tok’ra died on the same day and in such a fashion. The massacre was utter chaos.


Jacob pessimistically wondered in this was to be the end of the Tok’ra and their revolution.


A noise echoing in the tunnel caused Jacob’s eyes to snap forward, frantically scanning the area. His ears deciphered the sound of something heavy being dragged on the floor. The zat gun in Jacob’s hand rose as he pointed it in the direction of the noise.


His hand was shaking slightly.


He didn’t notice, too intent on the shadows that were steadily growing larger as they moved closer to his location.


Aware that he be moving, Jacob stood his ground, hoping that whoever was coming towards him was an innocent Tok’ra. He held his position, zat gun poised defensively in front of him.


Jacob held his breath as the shadows rounded the corner.


He had been in the Air Force for a long time and he had seen many horrors during his life, but what he saw made him take a step back.


Tirl, Caldwen, Talia, Kian…old friends…corrupted Tok’ra…confidantes…now dangerous enemies.


Blood-covered and filled with blood-lust, breathing heavily and foaming at their mouths as they advanced.


Eyes filled with red haze.


Kian grinned maniacally as she spotted a wide-eyes Jacob. “Jacob…” She sing-song-d as she crooked a bloody finger at him.


Jacob stumbled back, zat still raised in one hand and the other flying to cover his mouth and nose to suppress the urge to gag as the smells of blood, urine, and vomit intermingled in the air, permeating from the quartet.


His eyes widened even further as he saw the source of the noise that had attracted his attention earlier.


Caldwen grinned broadly, as he saw his old friend focus his attention on him…or rather what he held in his hand.


A boot.


Connected to a body…attached still to a body that had long gone cold.


Caldwen was gleefully dragging a body in his wake.


Jacob took one final step back, directly into the ring transporter. As it activated, Tirl, Talia, and Kian began sprinting toward him. Whether it was to stop him or to turn him, he didn’t want to find out either.


The moment Jacob reached the surface he said a silent prayer to Anise, her lifeless image still clear in his mind as the last ring transporter, the one he was using, disappeared as it dismantled itself.


Jacob turned and ran to the DHD, hearing the faint sounds of the explosives going off in the tunnels below him. Caldwen, Tirl, Talia, Adel, Bronwen, Milaya, Garshaw, Aldwin, Kian…and so many more. He dialed the co-ordinates to his home, inputting the code.


He disregarded Selmac’s question of why he wasn’t following the other Tok’ra to the new base and stepped through the wormhole to Earth.


The sight of his old friend welcomed Jacob as he walked wearily down the ramp.


“Any word?” The words came out Jacob’s mouth as he searched his friend’s face. Jacob had visited the SGC to alert them that Martouf had kidnapped Sam and they had no idea where he took her. He had also informed them of what was happening to the Tok’ra. Jacob’s only hope was that his daughter had somehow escaped Martouf and was trying to make contact with the SGC. His heart couldn’t bear to think of any other scenario that might be happening to his precious daughter.


General Hammond shook his head sadly. “No Jacob, there’s been no sign of Major Carter. We can only hope that she’s alright.”


Jacob blinked back tears at the news and rubbed at his forehead tiredly. He was dirty and covered in sweat and blood and he still had to head to the new Tok’ra base. He looked around.


“Where’s SG-1, George?”


Jacob watched his friend grimace. “We kind of had a problem on our hands, Jacob. One of our teams was captured by Niirti and well, we all know about her penchant for experimentation. I’ve sent SG-1 and two other teams in for a rescue mission.”


“Niirti?” Jacob grimaced as he said the Goa’uld’s name. That particular one had been a nuisance for awhile. “How long have they been gone?”


Hammond huffed a bit. “A little over 4 hours. It has me a tad worried as you can see.” General Hammond looked over Jacob. “What happened over with the Tok’ra?”


Jacob shook his head sadly. “Bad, George. *Real* bad. We’ve lost so many and the way they died…it was horrible. I’ve never seen anything like it…” Jacob looked wearily into his friend’s eyes. “I don’t know if we’re going to make it, George. I really don’t. And now, you obviously have your own problems…and Sam…” Jacob broke off to compose himself before speaking again. “My little girl’s out there, George. With a man, I used to call one of my closest friends. I don’t even know where she is or if she’s still alive…I don’t even want to think about what might be happening to her.”