I Want – Chapter 13

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Rating: R – sexual content


Sam awoke feeling strangely. There was a tingling sensation throughout her entire body and if she could forgive the cliché, she had never felt this good in her entire life. She blinked her eyes to adjust to the darkness and realized that she was back in the damned cave that Martouf had brought her to when he first kidnapped her.


Sam sat up quickly. “What happened?” She croaked out, followed by a grimace, as she tasted blood on her tongue. She raised her hand to touch her mouth and came away with specks of dried blood.


A movement in front of her revealed Martouf crouched on the opposite side of the fire, bare-chested, as he dried his shirt and vest by the fire. As she saw, Sam surprisingly no felt afraid that he would hurt her; in fact, if she were truthful, Sam didn’t mind being here alone with him at all.


At Sam’s question, Martouf stood up slowly and began to make his way over to her. She squinted upwards as he hovered above her for a moment and the instant Sam met his eyes, a surge of desire, adoration, and possessiveness rippled through her. She wanted him. Now.


One thought echoed in her mind as Martouf knelt beside her: Mine.


Sam closed her eyes briefly, inhaled the scent of Martouf and found herself wanting him even more. Her every thought was of him, every single ounce of energy was directed at having him.


Martouf laid a gentle hand on Sam’s cheek and she smiled, leaning into it. Martouf was safe, he loved her and she loved him. That was all that mattered.


He was hers.


She was his.

Sam opened her eyes and smiled.


“Love, are you alright? You passed out earlier.” Martouf stated, concerned. Lantash observed their beloved critically, waiting to see her reaction to them. If she ran from them again, he’d hate to have to punish her.


Sam adopted a Cheshire cat grin as she kneeled in front of Martouf, looping her arms around his neck and pressing her body close to his. He groaned at the contact and immediately brought his arms to wind around her back.


Sam pressed her forehead to Martouf’s and her eyes twinkled as she whispered seductively, “Never better, love, never better.” Sam pressed her lips against Martouf’s and ran her hands down his chest.


“Love…” Martouf muttered as his hands went to unclasp Sam’s bra.


Sam merely smiled, as she made no protest.


“Mine.” She whispered, pulling her love down to lie on the sandy cave floor.




Hours later, Sam stirred and opened her eyes to see the most beautiful sight in her whole life. Martouf sleeping curled up around her, arms holding her protectively. She slowly wriggled her way out of his hold, with some difficulty and stood up to stretch, unmindful of her nakedness.


As Sam looked around her, she noticed several things. Her clothes were beyond repair, there didn’t seem to be any spare clothes about, Martouf’s clothes were intact, though there were rips here and there, and that the creature Lantash had fought against was still lying against one side of the wall, where Lantash had thrown it. Sam was cold, hungry, and she felt filthy. There had to a river or lake nearby where she could take a bath.


Sam glanced at her sleeping lover and smiled mischievously. What better idea could she come up with than enjoying a leisurely bath with the man she loved? That and the fact that if he were to wake and find her gone, he’d go all Mr. Abusive on her again. Sam had had enough of being smacked around and moved to kneel beside Martouf.


She softly caressed his face and watched as Martouf’s eyes fluttered open. “Wake up, love.”


Martouf blinked and he rose slowly, grabbing Sam’s hand that was on his face and kissed each of her fingers. “Beloved…”


Sam smiled and leaned in to kiss Martouf. She pulled back and asked, “Martouf, love, is there by any chance someplace I can wash up? I feel filthy.”


Martouf thought for a minute before nodding. “There is a waterfall nearby where we can go.”


Sam clapped her hands together and gave Martouf another quick kiss. “Good! Then after that, I’m starving, unfortunately for food, and Martouf, we really must be getting new clothes.”


“There are also natives on this planet, though we are some distance from them and they do not know what the Chappa’ai is, so they do not venture near here.” Martouf replied slowly, entranced by the joy in his beloved’s eyes.


“We must go there then. I need clothes.” Sam smiled and Martouf smiled back. If anyone else were watching the interaction, for reasons unknown, a chill would have passed through their bodies at the sight of the pair’s smiles.




“Well I hope that the next we see each other, George, it’ll be in better times and Sam will be here with you.” Jacob said determinedly.


The pair was standing in the gate room after Jacob had been patched up; watching as the gate dialed to the new Tok’ra base Jacob was heading off to.


“I hope so too, Jacob.” General Hammond, his mind equally worried about his kidnapped major and his still-missing SG teams, including the rest of SG-1. He shook Jacob’s hand and watched him depart.


P.S. I hope you’ve all realized what’s happened to Sam. You do know right?