I Want – Chapter 14

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Rating: R – sexual innuendo, *violence*, mature subject matter. Please do not read if you don’t like it.


Martouf scowled again as he surveyed his beloved. She was sitting perched on a rock with the sun glinting off her blonde hair, wrapped in nothing but a blanket. Her shoulders were showing and the blanket came down to mid-thigh, showing off her long legs. In other words, she was showing too much skin in both Martouf and Lantash’s opinion.


They were standing outside the borders of the village that Martouf had told Sam about arguing about whether or not Sam was going along with Martouf when he entered the village. Martouf had vehemently protested his beloved’s presence as she was inappropriately dressed and didn’t want anyone to see her like that. Sam didn’t care if she was only wearing a blanket or if she was naked, she wanted to come in order to watch Martouf’s back and to do a little shopping of her own, shopping that Martouf would have no idea how to do.


Sam smiled serenely at Martouf’s frown and blew him a kiss. “I’m still going.”


“No. You are not.” Martouf grounded out. “You are going to stay here and wait for me to return.” Martouf folded his arms over his chest and tried to look sternly at the woman who held his heart.


Sam continued to smile and lifted one bare shoulder in a shrug. “I’m not about to let you have all the fun. Either I go with you or I follow you, your choice, lover.” Sam raised her hand to reveal the zat gun Martouf had given her. “Besides I have a weapon, don’t worry about little old me.”


Martouf’s arms dropped and he walked so that he was behind her. He sat down on the rock directly behind her so that she was sitting in-between his legs. He wrapped his arms around her stomach and pulled her tightly against him. Martouf breathed in the smell of Sam’s hair, closed his eyes, and nuzzled her behind her ear.


Sam closed her eyes, tilted her head to give Martouf better access and murmured, “If you’re trying to soften me up and convince me to stay behind, it’s not working.”


“That’s not why I’m doing this.” Martouf answered against her neck. “I love you.”


Sam opened her mouth to reply when a shadow fell across her face. She opened her eyes to see three ugly-as-sin men standing in front of them. And the way their eyes were glazing over as they scrutinized her body, Sam had no doubt what they wanted.


Martouf had yet to notice the newcomers, so intent on the woman he was holding that it wasn’t until he heard a man’s reply to his beloved’s question of ‘Can I help you?’, did he open his eyes.


“Oh I think you can help all three of us, wench, if you’ll just come with us. We’ll make you all nice and comfortable and then you can ‘help’ us all we need.” One man replied, making obscene grabbing motions with his hands.  The two men standing behind the man chuckled loudly.


Sam subtly readied her zat to fire when she felt Martouf lift his head. She turned her head slightly to look at him. “Did you hear that, love? They need our help.” She winked at him, smiling evilly. “It’s only proper that we should help them, don’t you think?”


Martouf’s eyes flashed, his face set in a sinister look. “Of course beloved.” Lantash was in control as his jaw clenched. “I’ll help them to die.” In a flash, Lantash had untangled himself from Sam and launched himself at the man standing in front of him, tackling him backwards and taking the two men behind him down as well. All four men landed in a heap.


Instantly, Lantash was back on his feet, dagger in hand and his fist holding the hair of one of the men. Lantash cut his throat and threw the body away. He circled the other men cruelly, like a vulture waiting to eat.


A corner of Sam’s mouth quirked up as she dangled one leg from where she was still sitting on the rock. “One down, two to go.”


One of the men let out a yell and charged Lantash, stepping to the left of Lantash at the last minute and letting loose a wild punch. Lantash stepped out of the man’s range, whirled around, and ended up on the other side of the man. Not giving him a chance, Lantash grabbed the man in a headlock and forcefully shoved the knife through the man’s back. He threw the man’s body away from him and stood up straight, gazing at the last man standing.


“And then there was one.” Sam said softly, watching intensely as her love stalked predatorily toward the last man.


The man looked at his dead friends and then at the man who had killed them. He turned around and ran toward the village.


Lantash stopped and stared at the fleeing man angrily. He flipped the dagger in his hand so that he was holding it by the tip of the blade. With a feral smile, Lantash threw it directly at the man watching moments later as the dagger caught the man in the back and he fell.

Lantash turned around to see his beloved clapping and smiling. He watched as she got up and sauntered sexily over to him, wrapping her arms around his waist. “Now that, love, was truly a beautiful sight.”


Lantash growled and grasped the back of Sam’s head, fiercely attacking her lips. There were a few moments of silence as Lantash and Sam became involved in each other until Sam broke it up to gasp for some air.


“Does this mean I get to go to the village with you? I mean, you can’t leave me out here by my lonesome. There might be more men out there.” Sam painted a mock frightened expression on her face. 


Lantash stepped out of Sam’s hold and grasped her hand. He took the zat gun strapped to his waist and fired it at the two men, evaporating them. He turned, tugging on Sam’s hand to follow him, and walked toward the village.


“You stay behind me at all times, you understand beloved?” Lantash ordered softly. They came to a stop beside the last man Lantash had killed to retrieve his dagger and erase the body before continuing on.


“It’s where I intended to stay in the first place, watching your back…among your other luscious body parts.” Sam replied saucily.


Lantash threw a loving grin over his shoulder at his beloved before gripping her hand and leading her into a village that would see its last day of happiness.