I Want – Chapter 15

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Rating: R – minor character death, mild torture descriptions, be warned, if it’s not your cup of tea, don’t read.


General Hammond finished waving goodbye to Jacob, mentally wishing him good luck. If the Tok’ra fell, the SGC would lose a valuable ally, not to mention new friends. He turned to walk out of the gate room when the klaxons sounded and the gate begun to turn. General Hammond spun around and shot a look at Sgt. Siler in the gate room. There was no scheduled return for any of SG team at the moment, unless it was SG-1 and the other SG teams he had sent out earlier to save SG-8 from Niirti. He felt some hope in his heart.


“It’s SG-1’s IDC signal, sir.”


“Open the iris!” General Hammond barked, signaling the soldiers in the room to get ready to hand back some weapons fire if his teams were under assault and possibly being chased.


The iris opened and Hammond heard the guns cock around him, ready to provide cover fire for their country-men as they exited the wormhole.


To everyone’s surprise, Daniel came hurtling out of the Stargate to land roughly on the metal ramp. He lay unmoving. The gate shut down behind him.


General Hammond moved quickly up the ramp to crouch beside Daniel and what he saw made him bellow, “Call a medical team now!”


Daniel had been tortured severely. Covered with lacerations, cuts, bruises, and gouge marks, not to mention blood, sweat, and dirt. His green SGC uniform was torn and dirty. There was no sign of his gear. Daniel’s glasses were askew on his face as his mouth opened and closed, gasping for breath.


“Dr. Jackson, what happened?” General Hammond asked frantically.


At the sound of the noise, Daniel seemed to shrink further into himself until he was curled up into a ball, his arms wrapped around his stomach where there was still blood dripping out.


General Hammond laid a gentle hand on Daniel’s shoulder. “Dr. Jackson.”


Daniel’s blue eyes popped open and as he saw the general’s face, tears silently leaked out from the corner of his eyes.


He began to whisper. “Trap…ambush…no chance…Jack…Teal’c…” Daniel’s mouth started opening wordlessly for a moment before saying one last sentence and passing out.


General Hammond sat back on his heels as the medical team rushed in, fear catching a hold of his heart.


“Niirti said to thank you for sending her more test subjects.”




Jacob stepped down the stone steps leading to the Stargate when he saw a Tok’ra running towards him from across the grassy plain.


“Jacob!” The Tok’ra stopped in front of him, panting and holding his stomach.


Jacob did a double-take as he saw a gash on the Tok’ra stomach. He clapped a hand on his fellow Tok’ra’s shoulder and let Selmac take control.


“What has happened?” Selmac demanded.


“It’s Jadan…he did not reveal…we were unaware…” The Tok’ra replied, gasping.


“What?” Selmac waited anxiously.


“Jadan is infected, he started attacking the Tok’ra. Already there are others showing signs…it was too late to try to contain them…the infection…it’s begun all over again.”


Selmac cursed. “Are the unaffected Tok’ra still fighting?”


“Yes, Selmac, they are.” The Tok’ra responded.


“Good.” Selmac stepped a few feet away from the Tok’ra talking to her. “How were you injured?”


“I was attacked by Jadan, the blood may have intermingled. You know what you should do.” The Tok’ra symbiote answered back solemnly.


“Yes.” Selmac grasped the zat gun she had pulled from Jacob’s waist and lifted it. “I’m sorry.” She said apologetically before firing three times at the Tok’ra.


Jacob took control immediately afterwards and began heading to the ring transporter, gripping his zat gun. He stepped into the ring area and waited to be transported to the tunnels.


As the rings went up around him, he took a deep breath. 


And so it begins again. He thought grimly, raising the zat gun in a defensive position in front of him.