I Want – Chapter 16

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Rating: R


I’m lying slouched against the fountain in the centre of the village we’ve just raided and I’m feeling so damn good. I’m swirling my fingers lazily through the waters as I watch my darling love sift through stuff lying haphazardly around.


I’m a bit miffed at the fact that everyone that didn’t die ran away. You just know that they’re going to cause trouble for my love and me later on. We’re going to have to leave this beautiful planet soon.

And I so liked it here. It’s way better than any place on Earth.


As my love approaches me, a slow smile appears on his face and I can’t help but smile back. Martouf is absolutely yummy and he’s all mine, only mine.


He stops a few feet away from me, much to my disappointment. His smile turns into a smirk as he notes my pout and he raises an eyebrow at my attire that I’ve recently acquired.


It’s this planet’s equivalent to black leather pants and I’ve found a red flow-y silk top to go with it. And they’re both extremely tight. Ha, Anise beat that!


“Beautiful outfit, beloved.” Martouf murmurs. He too, is wearing leather pants and he’s currently holding a bunch of colored shirts in his hands. Twin gold armlets encircle his left and right bicep. He reminds me of a commercial I recall seeing…what was it? Oh, yes mmm, mmm, good.


My pout turns into a smile again. “Thank you, love. I got it off some woman awhile ago.” I don’t have to add the word literally as both our smiles turn into something sinister and dark, as we think back to the carnage we wreaked when we first entered this poor village.


Martouf holds up two shirts. “Which one do you like, beloved?”

I purse my lips and tap my finger against them. The two shirts are identical in design, but one was a stone-gray color while the other was a deep ocean blue. I liked them both.


I shrug my shoulders and say, “Take both.” I grin wickedly as I stand, making my way to wind my arms around Martouf’s neck. “I can guarantee you; you won’t be wearing them all that much, love.” I whisper before reaching up to kiss him.

Martouf’s lips curve into a smile as he returns my kiss, squeezing my waist tightly.


I’m in heaven. I never imagined life could be like this. Just me, the man of my dreams, and us traveling wherever we want, making love and doing other things as well whenever we want. I’ve never felt so free. My mind flashes a picture of my father and my friends. I mentally shrug my shoulders. Screw them this is all about me. The only person I care about is currently trying to suffocate the life out of me and I couldn’t care less.


Martouf and Lantash are my world now; my life revolves around them and vice versa for him. We couldn’t be happier.


Martouf lets go of my lips and gives my waist a final squeeze before regretfully pulling away. I pout again and he plants a gentle kiss on my nose.


“We must gather more supplies, beloved.” He bends down and I take a moment to admire the wonderful assets Martouf has. He drags a medium-sized sack with a shoulder strap off the dead body of a young teenage boy and places it on his shoulder.


I nod silently and look forlornly around. “We must be going soon.” I take a basket to gather some food that will last us a couple of days. I glance at the setting sun and then back at Martouf. “Where will we go, Martouf?”


My love stands next to me and brushes a hand to caress my cheek. “Anywhere we want to, love. I’ll be by your side forever.”


I trail a finger down Martouf’s bare chest. “Yes, forever. Just you and I.” I glance at the sun again and then around at the empty village. I cock my head in question. “Those pesky villagers don’t exactly know where we’re hiding, do they?”


Martouf shakes his head, lowering his mouth to nibble on my neck.


“Then what do you say we head back there and have a farewell party, just you and me?” I ask saucily, pressing myself against him. I’m rewarded by Martouf dropping everything he has in his hands and curving his arms around me, his fingers massaging my back.


He whispers one word to me before kissing me and I have to agree with him.




The End.  


P.S. It’s only fitting that I started this story with a first person POV with Martouf, that I should finish it with one from Sam.