I Want – Chapter 2

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Rating: R ---- sexual situations, inference to violence


Sam awoke to lazy kisses being trailed down her neck and onto her bare shoulder…Bare shoulder?! Sam snapped her eyes open to look down to see that her clothes were gone, leaving her in her underwear, her legs covered by a blanket. Martouf was holding her and kissing her skin softly. Before she could even begin to assess that, her eyes wandered around her, they were sitting in front of a fire, in a cave, in some place that Sam was damn well certain was not on the same planet the Tok’ra were based at and where she had been until…Martouf drugged her!


She gazed back down at Martouf and saw that he had stopped kissing her and was watching her with a sweet smile on his face, but as she looked into his eyes, she could see something dark lurking beneath those beautiful grey eyes.


He didn’t say anything to her, just continued to stare at her with that smile of his; he was definitely unnerving. Sam grew more alarmed as she realized that her hands had been tied behind her back. She wriggled a bit, trying to get her hands free when she yelped a bit as Martouf tightened his grip on her. Her eyes shot back up to his face, a million questions in her eyes. Martouf’s expression was unchanged until he bent his head and continued to kiss her shoulder, his eyes closed, smile still on his lips as they glided smoothly to kiss her collarbone, her neck, and dwindled even lower.


Sam unconsciously tipped her head back and she closed her eyes briefly before reality snapped her back. She swallowed hard as she felt Martouf’s hair brush her skin. “Uh, Martouf? Not that I’m not enjoying what you’re doing, but…what’s going on? Where are we? We weren’t supposed to leave the Tok’ra base, remember?”


Martouf gave no response as he lowered her body in his arms, so that she was lying down on his lap and his mouth licked his way down to her belly button. One of his hands straying up to play with the ends of her hair and the other slowly pushing the blanket covering her legs down, stroking her thigh as he went. Sam felt herself respond, but focused her mind on the how and why of the situation. She blocked her mind of what Martouf was easy, and then she cursed silently when she couldn’t. What the hell was happening?


Ok, both she and Martouf were at the current Tok’ra base and something had happened in one of the labs there that resulted in- Dear God! What was he doing?! Sam jolted out of her thoughts as she felt Martouf tugging her underwear down, his head never lifting from her skin.


While part of her relished in Martouf’s touch, another part of her, the saner, logical part of her realized something was seriously wrong with Martouf. She remembered the look in his eyes as he stared at her; he looked, well, he looked somewhat malevolent to her, at least. Sam, despite having her hands tied behind her back, managed to twist her way out of Martouf’s arms and roll off his lap to sprawl on the sand in front of them. Using her feet, which were luckily free, she propelled herself backwards until she was a good distance away from Martouf. Sam managed to tuck her legs beneath so that she was sitting on them and she gasped for breath as she looked at Martouf.


His arms were still outstretched as if he were still holding her and he was looking at her, unblinking, like he were hunting her. His eyes bored into hers as they took in her flushed face and then wandered down to look at her heaving chest. His arms slowly came to rest on at his sides as he continued to look at her.


“Martouf, what’s going on? Why did you drug me like that? Not to mention kidnapping me and what’s the deal with my clothes?” Sam forced her voice to stay calm when she considered herself nearly on the verge of hysteria. As she received no response, she tried again. “Martouf, I’m serious here, not joking, what’s gotten into you?” Sam was startled and held back a small scream as Martouf suddenly moved from his still position to being right in front of her, his hands gripping her waist tightly.


“Mine.” Martouf all but growled as he kissed her forcefully. Sam refused to respond and kept her lips tightly clamped as Martouf’s hands slid around her waist and down her back to pull her onto her knees. He too got to his knees and she gasped as she felt his hands slid down to cup her butt. Martouf took advantage of her gasp to skim his tongue along her bottom lip before pushing it in to touch hers. Sam groaned under the assault on her mouth as well as his hands kneading her butt roughly. Part of her was being turned on by his aggressiveness, but a very large part of her was dumbfounded in shock and getting a bit scared, as she had never remembered Martouf acting like this ever, even with Jolinar.


It was this part of her that caused her to bite down sharply on Martouf’s tongue, listening to his muffled exclamation and watching him push her away, his hand flying to his mouth. Sam landed roughly on the sandy cave floor, most of her weight falling on her left arm. She winced, knowing she was going to get a bruise later, but she couldn’t worry about that now. Martouf was looking rather angry with her and he raised his hand as if to slap her.


It’s Jonas all over again. Sam thought as she prepared herself for the sting on her cheek. I can’t believe this is Martouf.


The slap never came and Sam saw Martouf struggle with himself before launching himself to his feet with a snarl and walking towards the entrance of the cave. It was too dark for Sam to see further than the light the fire had provided, but as long as he was gone, she breathed a sigh of relief.