I Want – Chapter 4

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Rating: R – minor disturbing image

Info: Ok, for the sake of this story, the Tok’ra do have cells…and obviously, they’re cells that can hold either Tok’ra or Goa’uld.


“A few days ago, one of the Tok’ra scientists by the name of Bronwyn had been working on an elixir of sorts that she and other Tok’ra scientists firmly believed would extend a Tok’ra host’s lifespan by a few more years. It was an extremely important announcement; as such a mixture would prove to be advantageous to the Tok’ra movement. We do not know exactly what happened, but something did. Shortly after, Bronwyn started to act differently and then she began to attack other Tok’ra on base. We managed to subdue her, but she left many wounded, as we were reluctant to harm her. We confined her to quarters, but we have not been able to tell what is wrong with her; it is as if she wishes to kill everyone.” Martouf explained to Sam, as they walked along the tunnel.


Sam had changed into a fitting black long-sleeved shirt and black pants and when Martouf had come back to her quarters, he had said that he wanted her to see something firsthand and that he would fill her in on the details as they walked.


“What happened then?” Sam asked.


“The other Tok’ra healers and scientists endeavored to discover the cause of Bronwyn’s sickness, but before they could come up with anything, two other Tok’ra came down with the same affliction as Bronwyn and one began attacking the Tok’ra in the same fashion as Bronwyn and the other, well, we do not know why, the other became rather…forward with some of the male Tok’ra on the base.”


Sam stopped, her forehead scrunched up in confusion. “Forward? What do you mean by that?”


Martouf hesitated and his eyes shifted to the look at the ground, the tunnel wall, anything before focusing his attention back on Sam. “The Tok’ra, her name is Adel, she began to make rather obvious…amorous suggestions and advances on some of the male Tok’ra here. She is without a mate and so…”


“She was looking for people to sleep with?” Sam said incredulously.

Martouf nodded and Sam could’ve sworn he’d just blushed. “Well, yes, she even approached other Tok’ra who she knew were bonded. When she was refused, she began to become extremely aggressive until she, like the others infected, started to harm people. She is currently confined as well. We have determined that this…contagion…is spread through some sort of exchange of blood. Those who were subsequently infected after Bronwyn had all been attacked and injured by her. We have also discovered that those contaminated act out some sort of aggression, but we have not discovered the primary cause nor do we know how to stop it.”


“What about the symbiotes? Couldn’t they help out in some way?” Sam asked, noticing Martouf’s slumped shoulders.


Martouf shook his head. “We have tried to talk to the symbiotes, but apparently they too are infected just like the host. There are a total of seven Tok’ra who are infected. We are heading to see Adel since she is one of the less violent cases and I do not wish for you to see those.”


Sam smiled gratefully. “That’s good.”


Martouf stopped at a doorway to a cell that was being guarded by Tok’ra guards and in which a woman in her early-30s was pacing around. Sam noticed that the guards were female, which she thought was odd; she had never seen female guards before. Sam moved to get closer to Adel when Martouf laid a hand on her waist, stopping her.


He shook his head. “She may look harmless, but Adel has demonstrated that she is very dangerous if she touches you.” Martouf kept his hand around Sam’s waist as he continued, “We have no choice but keep those infected confined and away from other healthy Tok’ra. You have seen firsthand the damage one can create and we cannot afford to have more Tok’ra succumb to whatever this is.”


Sam had noticed that Adel’s head had snapped up at the sound of Martouf’s voice and she walked seductively up to grasp the bars of the cell. As Sam watched, Adel licked her lips and her eyes roved Martouf’s body as if he were a delectable piece of meat.


“Martouf…” She breathed. “I’ve missed you. This is the first time you’ve visited me.” She pouted, her eyes still lingering on Martouf.


Martouf made no response and merely pulled Sam closer to him, placing both arms around Sam’s waist and making it so that he was standing behind her with his arms wrapped around her.


Sam noticed what he was doing and so did Adel. She looked at Sam for the first time and she sneered at Sam. “You are not Tok’ra…” Adel’s eyes widened slightly. “You must be Samantha, Martouf’s Samantha….hmph, it does not matter who you are, and I will have Martouf.” Adel stated confidently, her eyes going back to Martouf. “We will have much fun once I am out of here and you…” She fixed angry eyes on Sam. “You are nothing to him! He loves me! He loves me!” Adel suddenly started screaming, pounding her hands on the bars, causing cuts on her hands. She was ignorant of the blood as she ranted and screamed.


Sam looked on in shock. The woman was going crazy! Sam’s hands came up to grasp Martouf’s tightly. He curled his fingers around hers and hugged her closer as they watched Adel.


“This is not the first time she has acted this way. It pains us to see another Tok’ra in pain, but there is nothing we can do.”

Sam nodded silently and was astounded when suddenly Adel stopped her tirade and looked at Martouf again. She smiled wickedly and beckoned to Martouf with a hand still dripping blood. “Come here Martouf and kiss me. I have long desired to be held and kissed by you. To lay next you and have you as my mate…” Adel closed her eyes in ecstasy.


Sam responded to the tightening of Martouf’s arms and whispered, “Pay no attention to what she says, Samantha, rest assured that I have no romantic feelings for her.”


“Yes you do!” Adel shouted as she heard Martouf’s words. Her eyes blazed with anger and hate toward Sam. “It is because of her that our love is denied. She bewitches you; she wants to be in your bed, Martouf, when it should be me! She does not love you, she does not care for you-“


“That is enough!” Lantash roared, startling Sam with his appearance.  “I will not tolerate such talk about my Samantha that way!” Lantash spun both himself and Sam around to walk out.


Sam could hear Adel’s cries, “No, Martouf, come back! I am so lonely without you!” Sam flinched and disentangled herself from Lantash’s grip to run a hand through her hair.


They paused in the tunnel, out of view of Adel and far away enough so, they couldn’t hear her. Lantash looked a bit dismayed as Sam walked out of his embrace, but said, “I am sorry, Samantha, that you had to hear that. I wish to apologize for Adel’s behavior; she is not like that at all. As well, I feel I should apologize for blowing up like that, but I did not like her insulting you in such ways.”


Sam smiled and waved a hand. “Like you said, she’s not really herself.”


Lantash nodded, paused, and without looking at her said, “I also apologize about her remarks about you not loving or caring about us, rest assured we understand that you do not, but to have her say it like that-“


Sam’s smile softened, as she understood what Lantash was asking without actually asking it. She took a step forward and cradled his head in her hands, forcing his head up to look at her. “Very subtle there, Lantash.” She giggled a bit as the look in his eyes confirmed what she had thought, but her giggles gave way as she saw the desire and love also present in Lantash’s eyes. “I do care about you Lantash and I believe that I also love you, both you and Martouf, very much.” She watched as Lantash’s eyes widen at her confession and the following broad smile. “And I can just guess that you feel the same way about me, judging by what you and Adel said back there, calling me –your- Samantha and all.”


Lantash continued to smile and his only response was to wrap Sam in his arms and kiss her, right there in the tunnel.