I Want – Chapter 5

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Rating: R - violence


Sam shivered by the fire as she could feel the coldness of the night air seep into the cave. She glanced at the discarded blanket, wondered if it was worth the effort to move from her spot, and decided against it. She looked in the direction that Martouf had gone and despite her worries of his mental stability, she hoped he’d come back soon. She knew now that he must’ve been infected, but the question was how? And when? And why hadn’t he shown any signs of aggressiveness like all the other Tok’ra? Martouf had just snapped, it seemed to Sam and she continued to think back.




It had been one day after Sam and Martouf confessed what they were feeling for each other and they would have been walking around as if they were newly-weds, if not for the tense atmosphere felt among the Tok’ra. They had been told, along with the rest of the base, that the Tok’ra scientists and healers were no closer to finding out the source of neither the infection nor any solution on how to correct it. And the worse was yet to come.


Sam and Martouf were in her quarters, talking and if Sam were being truthful, doing a whole lot more than that, when they heard a commotion outside in the tunnels.


They rushed out and asked what was going on and they had been told that Bronwyn had escaped. Martouf grew alarmed, gave Sam a zat, and told her to remain in her quarters while he helped in the capture.


Sam protested and said that she was a soldier and that she could handle herself just as well as any of them could. Rather than argue with Sam, and knowing he would lose anyway, Martouf relented but gave her strict instructions that she remain with him at all times.


And so there they were, moving slowly and quietly through the Tok’ra tunnels, zats poised, searching for one of their own gone wild. It seemed a bit too quiet for Sam’s liking as she stayed a foot behind Martouf and the silence was eerie. Despite having been in similar situations as this, Sam could still feel a shiver of fear creeping up her spine as her eyes darted from one room to the next, from one corner to another. It was just her and Martouf searching this part of the tunnels as other Tok’ra split up into groups to search other areas.


This is just like being in a horror movie, Sam thought to herself. With a psycho killer on the loose with a craving for blood, all we’re missing is a chainsaw or butcher knife. Sam shivered and berated herself for freaking herself out at a time when she needed all her senses focused and her mind clear.


Sam suddenly stopped as she saw Martouf tense up in front of her. She looked around, but saw nothing and she was about to whisper to Martouf when she heard it. Crying…Someone was crying nearby.


Martouf looked back at Sam and then nodded his head to the right. She nodded her understanding and crept to the right where the tunnel turned sharply in both directions. She would take the right and Martouf would take the left. Martouf waited until she was in position before flattening himself against the wall to the left. He nodded and at the same moment, both of them shot out to stand in middle of the tunnel, each facing their designated direction.


Sam kept her finger on the trigger as she saw a young Tok’ra woman curled up in a ball, lying against the wall in a small pool of blood, crying, in her hand was a small pyramid-shaped marble thing. The tip was covered in blood. Sam looked over her shoulder at Martouf and saw that his back was rigid and his stance stiff as he looked at something in the left tunnel. Sam walked cautiously backwards, keeping an eye on the young woman, and as she reached Martouf, she glanced over his shoulder to see another woman, older this time, lying propped up against the tunnel wall. She had blood all over her and her white-blonde hair was matted against her head and also covered with blood. Her arms lay limp at her sides and appeared to Sam as if she were dead.


“Bronwyn…” Martouf whispered softly to Sam, and her heart went out to the woman who had started it all. Not only because they were too late to save her, but also because since she was gone, it meant that any hope of the Tok’ra scientists and healers finding out what caused all this was now gone.


Sam touched Martouf’s shoulder lightly and gestured with her head to the young woman still crying and oblivious to them. “Do you know her?”


Martouf glanced at the woman and nodded. “That is Milaya; she is a relatively new host.”


Sam nodded. “Ok then, I’ll go see if she’s ok.”


Martouf stopped her. “Wait, remember what I said? All those who are infected were in some way attacked by those already afflicted. She may be the same. Before you touch her, make sure she is not cut or injured in any way that may have caused Bronwyn’s blood to intermingle with hers. I will go and check on Bronwyn.”


This time, it was Sam who stopped him with a worried look on her face. “Are you sure that’s a good idea? Maybe you should stun her first, just in case she’s still alive.”


“It is okay. I will handle it.” To which Sam raised an eyebrow and gave an oh-really? look.


Sam shook her head and walked towards Milaya, zat gun still held firmly and pointed in her direction.


“Milaya?” Sam said softly as she stopped a few feet away from the woman. “Milaya, can you hear me?”


Milaya raised her tear-stained face and looked at Sam, who smiled reassuringly. “My name’s Sam. Are you okay?”


Milaya let out a small sob and let the object in her hand drop. “She attacked me. I had no choice; she was going to kill me, I think. I was so frightened, I picked up my gyhan,” She looked at the object she had dropped. “And I…I hit her…I did not want to, but she kept trying to-to…” Milaya started crying again.


Sam wanted to go to her, but kept her safety in hand. “Milaya, can you stand? Did Bronwyn hurt you in any way? Did she manage to cut you or anything like that?”


Milaya shook her head. “She was trying t-to st-strangle me.” Milaya stood up slowly. “I have been informed how one can get infected. Bronwyn’s blood did not come into contact with mine. The blood you see is all hers.”


Sam sighed in relief, though she continued to watch the girl. “Come on, we gotta get you to a healer or something.” Sam said.


Milaya nodded, wiping the tears from her face and Sam knew by the look on her face, that Milaya would be emotionally scarred for a while.

“Good.” Sam gestured for Milaya to walk pass her and as she did, Milaya’s eyes widened in horror.


“Milaya? What is it?” Sam said urgently, turning around in time to see Martouf being tackled by a not-so-dead Bronwyn.