I Want – Chapter 6

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Rating: R – violence, minor sexual content


Sam raced over to Martouf as Bronwyn landed on top of him, covered in blood, began to scratch him, drool pouring out of her mouth. Martouf was struggling to on the ground, holding her wrists, trying to prevent her from making any wounds on him. His eyes were frightened slightly; Jaffa guards, indigenous wild animals, and Goa’uld system lords he could handle, rabid, bloodthirsty Tok’ra who were once friends he could not. The drool and blood dripped down to land on his uniform as he battled to keep the out-of-control Bronwyn, who seemed incredibly strong, from hurting him. What possibly alarmed Martouf the most was the constant flashing of Bronwyn’s eyes, signaling the rapid changes from host to symbiote, both determined to hurt or kill him.


“Samantha…” Martouf said, before his eyes flashed, allowing Lantash to take over and a calm descended over Martouf as Lantash exerted more physical strength and control over the situation and he forcefully pushed her off him. Out of the corner of his eye, Lantash saw Samantha and Milaya watching, Samantha had her zat gun poised, waiting for a chance to stun Bronwyn. Letting go of one of Bronwyn’s wrists, Lantash twisted one arm behind her back and again grabbed the wrist of the hand he had just let go, so that he had both her arms behind her back. Bronwyn began to kick and tried to yank her arms free, twisting her shoulders and thrashing her head about. Lantash met Samantha’s eyes and he received a nod back, knowing exactly what he wanted her to do. He suddenly let go of Bronwyn and pushed her hard onto the floor as Samantha fired an energy blast to stun Bronwyn.


“Again, Samantha!” Lantash ordered as Bronwyn lay paralyzed for a moment.


He could see the hesitation in her eyes and knew that she didn’t want to kill her. Lantash was about to go for his zat gun, which he had dropped when Bronwyn attacked him, when he heard a small exclamation from Samantha. Lantash turned back to see Milaya taking the zat from Samantha and quickly firing a shot at Bronwyn, who was in the process of staggering to her feet. The blast hit Bronwyn and she collapsed back onto the floor in a heap.


Samantha turned to Milaya with something akin to disbelief and despair as Milaya or rather her symbiote said, “I understand why you hesitated, Sam, but it had to be done. She would have killed all of us and maybe more as we did not have the proper restraints with us.”


Lantash bent slowly over Bronwyn’s body and checked for a pulse, both saddened and relieved that he didn’t find one. He straightened up and walked over to Samantha and Milaya. “She is dead, Deaira. We must inform the others immediately. It saddens to see the loss of Bronwyn, but perhaps we may still be able to learn something.”


Deaira, Samantha assumed was Milaya’s symbiote’s name, nodded. “I will go. I will most likely need to seek the help of a healer anyway.” She shuffled slowly down the tunnel, unmindful that she was covered in blood.


Sam stared after Deaira, marveling at the change in attitude of the host and symbiote, and then focused her attention to the still body of Bronwyn. She lay on the tunnel floor, hair messed, clothes ragged and covered in blood, underneath her a small pool of blood was forming. Sam saw that along the tunnel walls both in front and behind her were splatters of blood everywhere. She shuddered slightly and hugged herself. This was definitely not what she had in mind when she thought of going on vacation to visit her dad. This was a nightmare.


Lantash noticed her shudder and moved forward to wrap her in his arms, laying his chin on her shoulder. “I am sorry, love, that your time among the Tok’ra has not been pleasant and that your life has been put in danger. Perhaps it would be better if you returned home and once this has passed-“


“No, no, I’m fine, Lantash…” Sam shook her head. “Actually no, I’m not fine. I’m freaked out of my mind, but I don’t want to leave. I want to stay here with you and my dad, maybe help out I guess.” She pressed herself closer to Lantash and despite the situation, he felt himself responding to her closeness. He nuzzled her neck and held her tighter.


“I can only hope that we are able to spend more time doing much more…pleasurable things, Samantha.” Lantash murmured into her ear.


Sam smiled slightly. “Patience, Lantash, patience.”


Lantash kissed the side of her neck. “My love, I do not know what patience is when it comes to you.” As if to back up his words, he grinded his hips against hers and he was rewarded with a tiny moan as she felt his reaction to her closeness.


Reality came crashing back to Sam as she noticed Lantash’s hands were splotched with blood. She jerked out of his arms and faced him. “Lantash, your hands…” Lantash looked at his hands. “Were you cut? Did any of Bronwyn’s blood…”


Sam trailed off as Lantash silently assessed the damage done to his body. He could feel no open wounds on him and he felt fine, although so did the others infected for the first few hours; it was only later that they became aggressive.


Lantash shook his head. “I am fine, Samantha, but just to be safe, once we have taken care of this, I will go see a healer to be sure.”


Sam’s shoulders slumped in relief. “Thank God, I don’t know what I would do if something happened.”


Lantash took Sam back in his arms. “Hopefully you will never find out, my love.” He licked his lips slightly; was that blood he tasted? Or was he just being paranoid?