I Want – Chapter 7

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Rating: R ---- sexual situations, some heavy stuff, but nothing seriously graphic ---- DO NOT read if you are uncomfortable or if you aren’t old enough!!


The fire crackled and twigs snapped as Sam continued her wondering. Could Martouf have been infected then and not known it? Was that also the case with the healer? Sam stared into the hypnotic sway of the fire, almost forgetting that she was in her underwear and bound as she thought back furiously. If Martouf had been infected then, surely he would’ve started showing signs of aggressive behavior like the others. What had Martouf told her? That those infected began attacking other Tok’ra either immediately or shortly after, unless it was like that Adel and she showed her aggressiveness in an amorous way. Sam frowned and shook her head, as far as she could tell, Martouf hadn’t done either or, unless…




The next night at the Tok’ra base had Sam sitting on her bed in her quarters, looking at Tok’ra reports of scientific endeavors…and she was actually enjoying herself. She shook her head. I’m such a nerd, she thought. Is this really my hobby? Reading papers about science? Sam paused and then smiled a bit, laughing at herself. I guess it is, oh well.


Jacob had told his daughter that he would stop by later on in the night to chat, that is if she were still up and this was partly why Sam had not gone to bed yet. She had changed into her sleeping attire, which was a thin-strapped white tank top and fitting black jogging pants with a wide white strip on the each side running down. Sam had no idea where Martouf was at the moment, but it didn’t really matter. Just because she told him she loved him didn’t mean that she wanted to be by his side every single moment; Sam considered herself a non-clingy person when it came to romantic relationships. Besides, she couldn’t help but be a bit concerned about the attack on him by Bronwyn, even though he and the healer confirmed that he had no visible signs of infection, one could never be sure.


Sam smiled as she thought about Martouf and Lantash. Ever since they had revealed their feelings to each other, their attitude toward her had changed drastically from being just a friend to an affectionate, loving…boyfriend. Sam giggled silently as she thought of Martouf as her boyfriend and she blushed, ridiculing herself for acting and feeling like a giddy sixteen-year-old having her first steady boyfriend.  But she had to admit, Sam got a warm fuzzy feeling just thinking about him and maybe, just maybe she hoped that this was one relationship that could last.


Sam’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of someone clearing their throat and as Sam looked up, all thought present in her mind vanished as she stared at her visitor with wide eyes and her jaw dropped. It was Martouf and at the same time, the Martouf she knew would never do something like this.


Martouf was leaning on his arm that was braced against the wall, his muscles flexing at holding up his weight and his other hand hanging by his side. His hair was tousled in a rather sexy way, Sam thought, and he was smiling seductively at her. He was barefoot, he wasn’t wearing a shirt, leaving his chest bare, and Sam thought what a deliciously beautiful chest it was. The only thing he was wearing was…were those brown leather pants?! Sam had no idea that Tok’ra knew what leather pants were much less wearing them. But what struck Sam speechless was the intense look of desire and lust in his eyes, staring straight at her. He looked like he wanted to eat her.

Sam clamped her jaw shut and swallowed visibly, trying to control her rising blood pressure. She cleared her throat, once, twice, and tried to think of something to say. In the end, all she succeeded in doing was flushing deeply, settling for asking him silently with her eyes what he was doing in her quarters, and dressed like that no less.


Martouf smirked as if completely aware of her distress, but did not respond to her question. Instead, he pushed himself off the wall and stalked slowly over to her; Sam sat frozen like a frightened and bewildered deer caught in the middle of oncoming cars in both directions.


She could only watch as Martouf took the papers she was reading and placed them on the table beside the bed before returning his attention to her. He sat close next to her, took her hands and placed them on his bare chest. Sam could only follow his movements and emit a little squeak as she felt her hands come into contact with Martouf’s lean chest. She was still speechless as Martouf grabbed her waist gently, pulled her closer, and then placed his hands on either side of her. He leaned closer and then kissed her passionately, his tongue pushing its way into her mouth. Sam was blown away as Martouf plundered her mouth and her arms automatically slid over his chest and under his arms to wrap themselves around his back, pulling him closer.


Damn, I didn’t know the tongue could function that way, Sam thought as she closed her eyes in bliss to Martouf’s administrations.


Sam was so lost in the kiss that she didn’t notice Martouf’s hand gently tugging up her tank top to caress her skin and that he was slowly pushing her to lie down on her bed. It was only when Martouf lay on top of her still kissing her that she realized what was going on.


“Wait, Martouf, what are you doing? We can’t do this here!” Sam exclaimed, placing her hands on his chest to stop him.


A flash of irritation crossed Martouf’s face and he muttered darkly, “No one will interrupt us, love, do not worry.” He tried to resume their kiss, but gave a sigh of frustration when Sam restrained him.


“You can’t be sure of that. I don’t relish the idea of doing something so personal and private in a room that doesn’t have a door or a lock. I think we should stop.” Sam made a move to get off the bed when Martouf pushed her back down.


“Martouf! What are you doing?” Sam exclaimed, looking at him with wide eyes.


“I want you.” Martouf murmured, kissing her cheeks, moving to her lips.


“Wha-?” Sam’s question was cut off as Martouf’s lips covered hers and Sam felt herself give in to the kiss, though her hands were trying to push Martouf off.


Martouf didn’t break off the kiss as he growled at Sam’s attempts and he grabbed her hands and yanked them above her head, holding them together with one hand tightly. Sam wriggled, but was unable to do anything when Martouf suddenly lowered his full body weight on her and held her effectively trapped underneath his body. Martouf used his free hand to push up Sam’s tank top and he broke off the kiss to stare at her body as he noticed something. Sam cursed herself for choosing to go braless to bed as she saw Martouf’s eyes glaze over with heated desire as he viewed her. He immediately let go of her wrists and before Sam could push him off, his hands were grasping the side of her stomach, holding her as he lowered his mouth to her stomach, kissing her belly button, slowly moving upwards…


Sam gasped as his mouth touched her and her hands stopped trying to push at his shoulders, instead moving to entangle her fingers into his hair. She arched slightly as she felt the magic of Martouf’s mouth and tongue on her bare skin and the thought of stopping him was slowly pushed out of her mind as she sensed his hands moving to slide her pants down.


“Martouf…” Sam moaned softly as Martouf continued his torturous ways on her.


Martouf stopped what he was doing to look at her with a dark heated gaze and he stated, “Mine.” He pushed her pants lower and his hands began to wander lower, touching her.


Sam couldn’t have responded if she wanted to, she was too far gone to even recognize anything except…what was that noise?


What small part of Sam’s logical mind that was left recognized it as whistling…and even as her eyes closed in rapture to what Martouf was doing to her, they snapped back open as they recognized the tune. She bucked suddenly, throwing Martouf off the bed. She jumped out of the bed on the other side, hastily pulling her shirt down in the process. A low growl attracted her attention as she saw an incredibly unhappy and angry Martouf getting up off the floor. Sam gave an apologetic smile and began to walk backwards toward the doorway of her quarters, Martouf following her slowly and deliberately, his eyes promising that what he was doing to her was far from over. Normally, this attitude change would’ve frightened Sam, as she’d never seen him act like this, so…so dangerous, but her mind was on other things, mainly the fact that the whistling was getting louder.


As Martouf approached her, she grabbed his hand and pushed him into his quarters, how lucky, or unlucky whichever way you looked at it, was right next door just as her dad appeared in her line of vision.


Sam could feel Martouf’s wordless anger as she said loudly, “Hey, dad!”


Jacob smiled as he caught sight of his daughter, standing in the entrance of her quarters, flushed and beaming at him. Wait a minute…why was she flushed like that?


As he got closer, Selmac pointed out that Martouf was undressing in his room next door and Jacob had to chuckle, Sam must’ve gotten an eyeful.


“Hey, Sammie,” He looked down at her outfit. “I’m sorry, honey, are you heading to bed? We can talk tomorrow.”


“No!” Sam’s hand shot out to grab her father’s arm. “I mean, no, dad, I just wanted to get comfortable. I want to talk to you. I haven’t seen you since I got here.” Sam tried to slow her heartbeat and she painted a pout on her face.


Jacob chuckled again and gave in to his daughter’s pout. “Ok fine, I’ve been meaning to ask you about your brother…”


Sam breathed a sigh of relief as her father joined her in her quarters. Martouf would never try anything like that with her father around and she just hoped and prayed that he wasn’t the kind of person who snuck up on people when they were sleeping…