I Want – Chapter 8

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Rating: R

Ok, when I finished writing this part, I felt like I had to issue a warning that there is, what I believe, some disturbing inferences at the end of this chapter. So I’m warning you now…


Could that have been Martouf’s way of aggression, the overwhelming urge to *sleep* with her? Sam almost scoffed at the idea, but she remembered the way Adel had acted; all she wanted was to jump Martouf when they saw her. Put that together with the fact that he had drugged her, kidnapped her, brought her to God knows where, *stripped* her down to her underwear, and wouldn’t stop touching her. Then there was that single word he kept saying, mine. It made sense in a stalker-ish creepy sort of way.


She had to get out of there and fast. She also debated the idea of knocking Martouf out and bringing him back to the Tok’ra; surely, by now they had realized that she and Martouf were missing? At least her dad would.  Sam tried once again to free her numb hands, but Martouf had bound them too tight for her to gain an ounce of leeway. She stared at the fire, wondering if it was worth the risk and pain, a lot of pain, to try to set the rope on fire and try to break free that way. Sam dismissed the idea straight away, there would be massive burns and blistering that would need immediate attention and she wasn’t too keen on trying to find help, who knows what she would encounter, that and the fact that she was still in her underwear with no sign of her clothes. Not a very good position to be in, in case she ran into trouble.


A crunch jolted Sam out of her thoughts. Martouf was back.


Half of her felt relieved, but another part was scared at what he was going to do. After all, he wasn’t Mr. Talkative earlier and she didn’t know she’d be able to dodge his attacks on her and she didn’t even know if she wanted too. If Sam were completely honest with herself, she’d willingly admit that she was turned on by Martouf’s behavior. Ugh, she thought, what a horrible mess I’m in now.


Sam swallowed as she saw Martouf’s face emerge from the surrounding darkness and she saw the sinister look in his eyes; she couldn’t believe that this was Martouf. It was as if all the goodness was sucked out of him, leaving only this darkness. He stared at her as he stalked toward her before standing in front of her. In his arms, he was carrying some food that was most likely indigenous to the planet they were on and as Sam glanced at the food, her stomach chose that moment to painfully remind her that the last time she had any decent food (which obviously didn’t include Tok’ra or commissary food) had indeed been a long, long time.  


Martouf stopped and knelt down beside her. He dumped the food he was carrying onto his lap, eyeing it momentarily, and then picking up what Sam thought looked like grapes. And what she hoped tasted like grapes as well. He picked a grape from the branch and brought it up to her mouth to eat.

Sam hesitated before hearing Martouf growl softly. “Martouf…I can feed myself you know, if only you’ll just untie my hands. Please, my love, I can’t feel my hands; they hurt.” Sam said softly, hoping to appeal to Martouf’s softer side…if he had one left.


She held her breath as Martouf gazed intently at her, seemingly trying to decide whether or not this was a trick. He set the grapes down onto his lap again and slowly his hands reached over to untie the knot on the ropes that bound Sam, all the while cautiously watching her for any deception on her part.


Sam breathed a sigh of relief as she felt her hands being freed; she brought them around to rub gently at the bruises on her wrists and tried to massage some feeling into her hands when Martouf brought the grape he was holding back to her mouth.


“Eat, love, you need to eat.” It was the first complete sentence Martouf had uttered since this nightmare began and Sam felt a kindling of hope that perhaps Martouf wasn’t all that gone. Perhaps there was a way to bring him back and maybe, just maybe she could convince him to take her back to the Tok’ra. But for now, she was practically naked, sore, exhausted, confused, and starving; Sam opened her mouth to accept the grape that Martouf was holding up to hers lips and tried her hardest not to think of how turned she might get in a situation such as this under other circumstances.


“I love you so very much.”


The soft declaration jolted Sam out of her thoughts and she turned her head to look at Martouf who was staring at her with such adoring love in his grey eyes that she was speechless and her heart stopped.


“You make my heart hurt.” Martouf endeared quietly as he plucked another grape off the branch he was holding and held it up to her mouth to eat. “You are so beautiful, so amazing.” Martouf continued as he continued to feed her grapes, all the while gazing at her in awe. “I adore you and I’ll cherish you, I promise, for the rest of my life.”


Sam sat in silence as she listened to Martouf whisper things she’d only dreamed about him saying to her and he continued to feed her until the grapes were all gone and he placed the branch onto the cave floor. She watched entranced as Martouf lifted her still-numb wrists in his own hands and lifted them up to his mouth to gently place kisses on her wrists.


Sam swallowed tightly as Martouf placed lingering kisses on her hands, wrists, and fingers. “Martouf…” She said haltingly. Sam felt her brain cloud up with fantasies of Martouf and it was a battle to try to think straight.


Sam knew that she was rapidly losing the battle when she made no protest as Martouf scooted closer to her, dislodging the food on his lap. Eating food was the last thing on either of their minds. Martouf let go of Sam’s hands and placed his hands on Sam’s cold hips, drawing her closer to him. Sam sighed as she felt Martouf’s warm hands on her bare flesh and she automatically raised her hands to wind them around his neck, her fingers playing with the soft edges of his hair.


Martouf watched Sam intensely before lowering his head to rub his nose against Sam’s chest, planting wet kisses on her collarbone, moving upwards to nuzzle at her neck. Sam gasped and pulled Martouf closer, tilting her head back and closing her eyes to revel in Martouf’s wonderful kisses. A hand at the back of her head caused her to open her eyes again and look at the man who doing such a wonderful job of seducing her.


One of Martouf’s hands drew little circles on Sam’s lower back and Sam was once again blown away at look of intensity in his eyes. “I am yours. I exist only for you. My darling Samantha.” As Sam’s eyes widened, Martouf slowly moved to kiss her and when their lips touched, Sam almost forgot the situation they were in.


Martouf drank from Sam’s lips like a man dying of thirst (so cliché) and Sam found herself lost, but when she felt Martouf’s warm fingers fiddling with the clasp of her bra, no doubt trying to take it off, she ran her hands quickly down to push at Martouf’s chest.


“No, not like this…” Sam gasped as she broke the mind-drugging kiss that Martouf was giving her. Before Martouf could react, Sam staggered to her feet, unsteady as she tried to find her balance after how many hours of kneeling.


She weakly raised her hands as she saw Martouf staring at her with mounting anger tingled with a bit of confusion. “Martouf…this…this isn’t right. We shouldn’t…be doing this here. It’s obvious that you’re not well, Martouf…love. I care about you, please, why don’t we just-“ Sam found herself flying back and landing hard against the cave wall. She winced sharply as she felt the jutting rocks of the cave bit harshly into her naked back. She shook her head slightly to clear it as her vision was blinded for a moment for hitting it against the wall.


Shuffling in the sand of the cave floor brought Sam to raise her head weakly to look at Martouf through blinking eyes filled with white spots as he stood a few feet away from. She didn’t have time to react before Martouf had suddenly flowed to his feet and she certainly wasn’t prepared for the hard shove he gave her that sent her flying back and landing against the wall.


Sam shook her head again, this time a bit harder. Damn it, why wasn’t her vision clearing?! Sam vainly tried to focus her attention back on the man standing in front of her, waves of intense emotion radiating off him.


“You are mine. You exist only for me.” Martouf angrily bit out the words he had whispered to her moments before, exchanging the ‘I’ for ‘you’ and it scared the hell out of Sam. Martouf was completely unstable and Sam was completely vulnerable.


A light rustle caused Sam to narrow her eyes at Martouf, trying to get a clear picture of what he was doing through her blurry vision and what she saw made her bite back a whimper. Martouf was slowly and steadily removing his clothes before stooping to pick up the discarded blanket.


“Please, no…” Sam whispered as she felt herself losing consciousness; her vision turning black and the last thing that filtered through the haze in her mind was Martouf, naked, stalking toward her, blanket in hand and a disturbing expression on his face.


“Mine.” Was the last thing he muttered before Sam surrendered to the comforting darkness.