I Want – Chapter 9

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Rating: R - violence, swearing


Slowly Sam became aware that she was partially resting on something warm and that smelled incredibly nice. She lifted her aching head and saw that she was lying partially on top of Martouf, who had his arms wrapped around her in a protective gesture. He looked so peaceful. They were covered by a blanket and…wait, Sam thought….yep, Martouf was naked, but she was not.


Sam recalled the fuzzy events from last night and she shuddered at Martouf’s behavior. Her eyes filled with tears as she thought. How could it have possibly come to this? What happened to them? And how was she going to get them out of there? Sam missed the old Martouf, she missed her dad, she missed SG-1, and she missed the life she had left to visit the Tok’ra. She knew that even if, by some miracle, she and Martouf got out of this alive and well, nothing would ever be the same.


A tear slipped down her cheek and before it could fall to the ground, a cool hand wiped it away.


Sam looked down at Martouf and saw him gazing back at her with tenderness and concern in his wonderful eyes.


He sat up, gathering her up in his arms. “Love, why are you crying?” Lantash questioned quietly, nuzzling her neck softly.


Sam started at hearing Lantash instead of Martouf and momentarily thought it was worth the chance to try to appeal to Lantash. She raised a hand to wipe her wet eyes. “Lantash, I love you, you know this and I’ll always be by your side, I promise you that.” Sam’s heart flipped as she saw Lantash smile happily, his hands softly caressing her skin. “But Lantash love, I miss my father, I miss my team-mates, I miss my life.” Sam cradled Lantash’s face in her hands and stared into his eyes imploringly. “Lantash, we can’t stay here, like this forever. We must go back. I promise you that nothing will ever take you away from me. I love you and I’ll never leave you. It’s you and me, forever and always, love. But please, we must go back. Everyone will be worried.”


“Mine.” Lantash said tenderly, pressing a kiss to Sam’s forehead. “I want you to be happy, love. I want us to be happy.”


Sam buried her face in the crook of Lantash’s neck. “The only way I’ll truly be happy is if we go back, Lantash, please…”


“Love…” Lantash’s head snapped up and he directed a stare into the darkness of the cave in the direction of the entrance.


Sam scowled slightly as she saw her chance of convincing Lantash to let her go slipping away as he continued to look out into the darkness. She was about to lay her hands on top of Lantash’s shoulders when he suddenly got up and stood defensively in front of her, his gaze never wavering from the darkness.


“Lantash? What’s-“ Sam cut off abruptly when she saw Lantash tense up and straight after she heard the growl and scuffling of something moving from the entrance of the cave. Sam froze for a second and then scanned her surroundings, looking for a weapon to use to back up Lantash.


This is bad. Sam thought as her scan came up empty. She was in no position to aid Lantash or defend herself in case whatever was making all that noise managed to slip by Lantash and attacked her.


Sam’s fear increased as the noises were getting louder and she glanced at Lantash. He was in the process of retrieving a small sharp dagger from his boot before turning to her, his eyes tender.


“No harm will come to you, love, I promise. I love you.” He stated quietly before moving stealthily to meet whatever was making all that noise.


Sam opened her mouth to protest when an idea popped into her mind and she suddenly realized that now would be the perfect time to escape. She knew that if she could slip past Martouf, make it outside, and hopefully, miraculously find the DHD, she could dial the Tok’ra planet and get help.  It was risky and she knew her chances were slim because there was a good chance something, anything could go wrong.


Sam exhaled slowly and stood up, warily viewing the perpetual darkness around her. She crept toward one side of the wall and flattened herself against it, her palms skinning the rocky surface, guiding her toward the direction of whatever was making those noises, Lantash, and freedom.


As she moved on, the air began to get colder and Sam began to get goose-bumps, the hairs on her arms beginning to rise. She slinked along the cave wall silently and her ears picked up the sounds of grunts and low growling. Her eyes managed to pick out of the darkness the shapes of Lantash fighting an animal with a similar size and build of a wolf. Sam momentarily debated whether she could wait until Martouf had killed the thing and then knock him out, but she was weak and tired while Martouf was in complete control who could easily overpower her. She couldn’t afford to waste time.


No, Sam decided her best chance was to make a run for it and hope that Martouf was distracted enough to afford to give her the time to get away and find help.


She pressed herself tightly against the wall as she inched closer to the two. In the near distance, she could make out the entrance of the cave and her palms grew sweaty. Her life was hinging on her ability to pull this off and Sam willed her heart to stop pounding so hard she was sure that Martouf and that thing he was fighting could hear it.


Quickening her pace slightly, Sam almost let out a yelp as she was forced abruptly to stop as the creature pushed Martouf into a defensive position that was dangerously close to Sam. She stopped breathing as she could clearly make out every line of Martouf’s rigid stance. He was too close to her to continue moving.


There was nothing but harsh breathing heard as Sam desperately tried to calm herself down. But time was wasting and eventually Martouf would return to find her gone. Sam suppressed a shudder to think what he would do to her.


A sudden gush of wind had Martouf suddenly rushing the creature, the dagger raised above his head and Sam reacted.


She ran as quickly and quietly as she could toward the entrance, knowing that as soon as the sun touched her, she’d make a visible target. Sam braced herself against the glare of the sun as she inhaled the fresh air. Stopping only for a second to take in her surroundings, she dove to her right and out of sight of those in the cave.


Sam breathed deeply and looked cautiously around. There was no one in sight and even better, she caught sight of something that made her heart swell in hope.


The Stargate.


It was so close.


With a quick glance to the mouth of the cave, Sam began to run.