Love and Duty – Chapter 3

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And here she was, sneaking around Nephthys’ home fortress armed with only a zat and a handgun. In her small backpack, she carried the phase-shifting device Narim gave her and a whole lot of C4 as well as the basics given and pocketed away in her utility vest. Sam peered around the corner of the hallway and when she saw it was clear, she walked quickly and quietly down the silent hallway, zat in hand and ready to fire at the first sign of movement. For once, she was glad that she opted for a different type of outfit for this covert mission. Black hiking boots, black tights for easy movement, a black fitting turtleneck, black utility vest, black backpack, black gloves, and something new, a full face-covering black mask with two holes for her eyes. (I couldn’t help it; I just had to have Sam in something form-fitting. *wink* J ) Sam silently thanked God that she had the foresight to leave the SGC in her regular fatigues and had changed into her outfit at the Tollan home base.


Sam thought back to when she had first agreed to this mission. Logically, she knew that this mission was incredibly important and she felt that the odds were in her favor. She frowned as she recalled the General’s parting orders as she left to get ready.


“Major, now I have to remind you the importance of this mission. Narim has specified to me that he wishes no one to know about this undertaking or about the existence of the surviving Tollans. I do not necessarily agree with this, but he has also hinted that we might be given an opportunity to renew our alliance with the Tollan as well as being given certain plans to their technology as a form of gratitude should this operation prove successful. Now with this explained, you are under strict orders to tell no one of this venture and your primary and only assignment is to retrieve the stolen prototype. As this is a covert mission, you are not to alert anyone of your presence. You are not to delay your return for any reason. I repeat, retrieve the prototype, plant the C4, and leave immediately. Your safety is tantamount as Narim has explained to you.”


Sam remembered the General’s stern order and thought back to what Narim had told her about the phase-shifting apparatus she was currently carrying. “Remember, Samantha, the longer you use the technology, the more the energy build-up will increase. Use it sparingly and do not waste time. If for some reason, you delay your departure long enough for the phase-shifting device to reach a critical overload point, then you will not be able to use it again without risk of an explosion. I don’t wish to see you get hurt. No doubt, the system lord Nephthys’ fortress is heavily guarded, as is the Stargate on the planet Okran. Your chance of leaving without the advantage of phase-shift is slim. Please be careful.”


The sounded of heavy boots walking in her direction forced Sam’s mind back to the present and she made sure she was crouched and well hidden in the darkness as she breathed steadily and softly. Mentally, she ran over how much C4 she had left and calculated she had about four charges left; Sam checked her watch and found that she had been on the planet and in the fortress for a solid hour and remembered that Narim had told her that while he was uncertain about the approximate time, she had roughly four hours before the phase-shift device became a risk, at least, he seemed pretty sure…


Sam flattened herself against the wall as a contingent of six Jaffa passed her. She noticed that the pair in the middle was dragging someone covered in a dark cloak; he or she appeared to be unconscious, no doubt from a torture session. Sam bit her lip as a wave of sympathy washed over her for whoever the unfortunate was, but she was under direct orders not to waste time. She had to find the prototype. Then again…