Love and Duty – Chapter 4

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Sam waited until she could barely hear the thumping of the Jaffa’s boots before standing up and following at a discreet distance, what if she just happened to plant an explosive device near the prisons of the fortress, close enough to damage the controls, perhaps enabling the captives a chance to escape. Sam shrugged mentally. It was worth a shot. I know that if I were in their position, I would’ve kissed the person who gave me a chance at freedom.


Sam continued to follow the Jaffa, cursing for the thousandth time that this Nephthys wasn’t like all the other arrogant Goa’uld system lords. She had learned from Daniel that Nephthys was the Egyptian goddess of secrets and initiation and Sam had found out firsthand how secretive the snake was. The layout of Nephthys’ fortress was different from any other and the control panels she had discovered required different codes and served different purposes. Sam could imagine herself getting lost in no time. Where the heck was she? By all logics, the Jaffa were leading her to what should have been where the cargo holds were located, but reminded herself that it was most likely different.


A groan from the prisoner signaled that he was awake.


“Kalshak no incral!” The jaffa leading the contingent turned and hit the prisoner over the head with his staff weapon. Sam winced, knowing how that felt and wished she could just zat them all and save the poor man. But she couldn’t, she could not afford to alert anyone to her presence.


As Sam crept along, a loud yell caused her heart to jump and she glanced quickly around her. Her eyes shot forward as she realized that the Jaffa had stopped and were in the process of throwing their prisoner inside his cell before swinging the bar door closed. Sam saw the Jaffa leader sneer at the prisoners and bark something out in Goa’uld before leaving in the opposite direction. Two Jaffa guards remained behind to guard the cell door, oblivious and uncaring of the groaning of the prisoner. Sam assessed the situation and saw a small corner that she could tuck herself in without being spotted by the guards and where she could have a vantage point to glimpse at the prisoners.


She noiselessly took off her backpack and placed it in front of her, sliding her arms through the straps so that she was wearing it on her chest instead of her back, giving her a better chance to flatten herself against the wall and slide along it. Gliding her gloved hands across as she slinked along the wall, her eyes darted around her for any movement; the face mask she was wearing seriously hampering her side vision. Sam made it to her destination and was made aware that there were two others in the cell along with the other prisoner; as she strained her ears, she deduced they were all men from their low murmurs.


Sam slid down the wall to a crouching position and took off her backpack. She glanced at the guards to see if she had attracted attention, but they stared mindlessly straight. Drones, I tell you, they’re all thick-headed drones, she muttered silently.


Sam’s ears pricked up as she listened to the male prisoners talk. Was it her imaginations or did one of them sound familiar? Sam’s eyes shot to glimpse at the faces of the captives.




Her father was quietly talking to the prisoner who had just returned and was trying to coax him into a sitting position. As Sam took in her father’s face, she could tell that he was severely beaten and in pain, no doubt, Nephthys was torturing all three of the men before their symbiotes could properly heal the damage to their bodies. Her father looked tired and worn out and Sam had to fight the urge to zat the two Jaffa guards and run to her father’s aid.


Sam glanced at the Tok’ra sitting by her father. His face rang yet another bell in Sam’s mind and she recognized him from Jolinar’s memories. Wait for it, she thought, it’s getting there…Malek. Sam felt that Jolinar knew him to be one of Martouf’s close friends, but this Malek was commander of another Tok’ra base and so the two rarely got the chance to talk to each other. As Sam assessed the damage to Malek, it was plain to see that he had at least a couple of broken bones, as his movement was minimal. This was bad, Sam thought to herself, if her dad, Malek, and the other Tok’ra were in a shape as bad as she thought, then blowing the control panel wouldn’t do them much good as neither of them could move very far. They would need either help or time to heal and time was one thing not on Sam’s side. She still hadn’t found the prototype and judging by how confused she was by her whereabouts didn’t inspire much encouragement on her part.


Returning her gaze to her father, she saw that he had succeeded in getting the other Tok’ra to sit up, albeit incredibly slowly. As he did, the cloak fell away revealing that back of the Tok’ra’s head. Sam felt all breath leave her and her heart stopped. She recognized that head of hair anywhere.




Shit…things just got a whole lot worse… Sam closed her eyes in despair.