Love and Duty – Chapter 5

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Rating: PG- 14


Sam had to stop herself from thumping her head against the wall. Now what the hell was she going to do? She opened her eyes to glance at Martouf and saw that he wasn’t looking so hot; but she couldn’t jeopardize her mission. Sam ran scenarios in her mind and knew that if she were going to help them in any way, it was best to do it after she had found the prototype and after the C4 had been planted. Her head knew this and understood, but her heart was screaming at her to do something, anything, just… Do. It. Now.


Sam clenched the zat gun in her hand and was so tempted just to dispose of the two Jaffa, rip the cell door open, grab the men in there and run. Sam shook her head, surprised at herself. She reminded herself that she was a soldier in the United States Air Force and that her first priority was her duty, anything else had to remain secondary. But even as she reminded herself, she was painfully aware that in the last few minutes, her breathing had quickened, her heart was pounding, and she felt like she was on fire. The adrenaline surge coursing through her made her want to run, hard and fast, and never stop. And all because of the badly-beaten man sitting a few meters away from her.


Martouf groaned softly and Sam’s heart felt like it was being painfully squeezed. She longed to hold him, run her hands through his hair and on his face, and whisper that everything was going to be all right. She wanted to see him open those beautiful grey eyes and tell her that he loved her…Damn it, Sam, pull yourself out of it!


She made the quick decision that she would do what she came here for and that hopefully, during the chaos and confusion caused by the C4 she planted, she could help her dad, Martouf, and Malek escape. All she had to do now was to let them know that she was there. How in the heck was she going to do that?


Sam’s solution came when she heard and then saw the Jaffa leader she had seen before return and watched as he gestured for the guards to open the door.


No…Sam cried silently as she saw the guards roughly grab her father and pull him to his feet, prodding him with their staff weapons. He was limping and clutching his right shoulder as they pushed him along. Sam was momentarily caught between staying with Martouf or following her father and then decided that out of everyone, her father was the best person to relay her message to since he understood Earth military tactics best.


Making sure the guards and her father were a safe distance away, but still visual, Sam got up and again began covertly following them. She threw a last glance back at Martouf and made a silent promise.


Soon, my love, soon.




Nephthys was an ugly bulge of a woman. Sam determined as she watched helplessly as the system lord applied the hand device to her father’s head yet again. I thought all Goa’uld were vain and took the beauty thing a step further, Sam thought. Apparently, Nephthys was elsewhere when the other system lords were making that a rule. I suppose it’s a good thing she’s the Egyptian goddess of secrets then, she’s more than welcome to keep her appearance a secret. Nightmares of bloated marshmellowy gaudy peacocks, here I come.


Sam grinded her teeth together as the system lord smiled as her father cried out. A glance at Sam’s watch took mote of the fact that she had been watching this torture for a little over twenty minutes. It would be so easy just to blast the arrogant troll and her Jaffa simpletons away; which reminded her that Nephthys’ throne room was just the place to plant some C4. Sam carefully unzipped her backpack from where she was hiding behind a huge ornate pillar and pulled out the explosive. Without making a noise, Sam planted the C4 on the pillar she was hiding behind and set it like the others she had already placed around the fortress, on a remote timer that would detonate at the push of a button on the remote that Sam carried. This place would blow when she decided.


Sam had just finished her task when the entrance of what she considered a lower peon entered the room and cleared his throat. Sam was tempted to shield her eyes from the costume he was wearing, dear God, is this woman blind?


Nephthys stopped her use of the hand device and turned her head in what Sam considered an Exorcist-Linda-Blair type of way and Sam shuddered. Screw the nightmares, hello shrink flashed through her mind as she heard Nephthys demand the reason for the intrusion.


“My Lady, I wish to speak to you about the Tollan prototype.” Sam focused all her attention on the Goa’uld peon and what he was saying. “As well, the shipment of Naquadah from the planet Nalaan has arrived and is awaiting delivery to lab four.” The peon bowed his head.


Nephthys’ eyes glowed and she smiled a more feral smile than before. “Excellent. Soon we shall begin tests. Jaffa!” The two Jaffa standing behind Jacob stood at attention. “See to it that my Naquadah is delivered to my lab. Now!” Immediately the Jaffa left. Nephthys sneered at Jacob’s prone position on the floor. “You are lucky that I now have more important matters to attend to, Tok’ra, else I would have surely killed you. You will be brought back to your cell until I need some amusement.” Nephthys looked as if she wanted to spit on Jacob, but instead turned and walked out, followed by her peon scientist.


Sam knew this was her chance as she saw that it was just her and her father in the room, though he looked to be unconscious. She pulled off her face mask, quickly scurried over to her father and shook him. He groaned, but gave no response.


“Dad. Dad! Wake up! Hurry! I need to talk to you!” Sam whispered fiercely, holding back tears at seeing her father in such a weak state. It like watching him fight cancer all over again. She cradled his head in her lap and placed both of her hands on the side of his face. “Please, dad, please. There’s no time!”


Jacob’s eyes fluttered. “Sammy…” He muttered.


“That’s it. Dad, please open your eyes. It’s important.” Sam implored, glancing over her shoulder, she could just make out Nephthys and her peon talking.


Jacob’s eyes opened slowly and widened as he took in his daughter’s face. “Am I dreaming?”


Sam smiled through her teary eyes. “No, dad, you’re not dreaming. I’m here. I’m going to get you out of here as well as Martouf and Malek.”


“How?” Jacob’s voice was hoarse as he blindly reached up to grip his daughter’s face.


“I’ve been sent on a covert mission to retrieve something. I have to do that first and then I’ll come get you guys. I’ve planted C4 all around the place and I want you to be ready when the time comes. We gotta be quick. In the meantime, I want you to tell the others and rest. Do you understand?”


“C4?...SG-1?...” Jacob mumbled, his eyes closing rapidly, signaling to Sam that he was about to pass out.


“No, I’m here alone. Just hang in there dad, I’ll be back for you. Be ready.” Sam realized that as she was talking, the voices of Nephthys and her peon were approaching. “Dad, I have to leave you now. I’ll be back. I love you. Don’t worry.” Sam risked planting a small kiss on her father’s sweaty forehead before gently, but quickly placing his head back on the ground. She got to her feet and dashed back to her hiding place just as Nephthys and the peon returned.