Love and Duty – Chapter 6

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Comments: Mention of steroids, completely in a humorous sense though Also, to not complicate things, Malek is the host and I named his symbiote Comyn, ok?

<…> indicate Lantash’s thoughts

(….) indicate Martouf’s thoughts


<Sit still, Martouf! You are making it extremely difficult for me to heal your injuries if you keep moving around like that!> Lantash berated Martouf.


(What’s the use? They are just going to torture us again.) Martouf muttered, trying to crane his neck to see down the hallway, waiting and hoping to see if Jacob was returning.


< Sit still!> Martouf huffed and leaned against the wall again. He glanced over at his friend Malek, who also sat motionless, no doubt letting his symbiote heal the damage done to his body.


(How did this mission go so wrong?) Martouf asked silently. Malek, Jacob, and himself had been here for over three days. Martouf found his thoughts wandering to the cool crystal tunnels of the Tok’ra and he wished he were there instead of in this place.


<As do I. Unfortunately, I find that wishful thinking does not help to improve the situation we are in, Martouf.>


Martouf sighed wearily. Where was Jacob? It seemed as if hours had passed since he was taken. (It is times like this, Lantash that I believe that we should take…what is it that Jacob calls them? A vacation?)


Martouf could feel Lantash’s amusement. <And where would you go, Martouf?>


(The only place where I’d want to go.) Martouf slumped his shoulders and closed his eyes in despair.


<To Samantha.>


(Yes.) Martouf could feel Lantash echoing his thoughts and despair as he thought of the woman who had captured his heart. (It has been too long since we have seen her.) Mentally, Martouf conjured up a picture of his beloved and he allowed a small amount of comfort wash over him.


<Beloved? Since when you have started to think of her as your beloved? You have not even expressed the depth of your feelings aloud to her.> Lantash countered.


Martouf shifted slightly. (I do not wish to frighten her. Besides, she has not shown any indication that she returns such feelings.)


<You have not asked her how she feels. Things would be much simpler if you did.> Lantash argued.


(Lantash, we have been over this many times and the end result is always the same. Please, not now.) Lantash grudgingly agreed and continued the process of healing Martouf’s injuries. (I miss her so.) Martouf breathed heavily as he struggled to control his emotions.


<As do I, Martouf. When we get out of here, I suggest we approach the high council for permission to visit the Tau’ri.> Lantash was not impervious to his host’s emotional state as he too also loved Samantha.


(Yes….Samantha.) Martouf sighed. 


A shadow flitted over Martouf’s eyes and he opened them to see Malek about to sit next to him. His friend appeared to be healed and concern was apparent in his eyes.


“Martouf? Are you all right?” Malek asked.


Martouf nodded slowly. “We are getting there, my friend. We trust that your symbiote Comyn has healed you?”


Malek ran a hand through his wavy brown hair. “Yes, although he will most likely have to do it again when I am taken.” He shifted and stretched his legs out in front of him. “I do not suppose that you saw any advantage we could use to escape when you were taken?”


“No, I did not. It was the same as it has been these past days. Did you?”


“No…” Malek exhaled deeply as he stared at the cell door and the two Jaffa guards standing in front of it. “It is apparent that Nephthys is deliberately separating us as she does not want us three together for long in case we try to escape and the High Council made it clear that if we failed, we should not expect a rescue anytime soon.”


Martouf stayed silent as he felt his friend’s dejection, his mind flitting once again. (Samantha…)


The sound of the cell door opening caused Martouf to open his eyes and Malek to spring to his feet as the Jaffa guards shoved the returning Jacob to the floor before slamming the cage shut.


“Tok’ra malkeck.” One Jaffa muttered as he walked away.


“Right back at ya, you worthless sack of steroids.” Jacob muttered as he attempted to pick himself off the floor into a sitting position.


“Jacob, are you all right?” Malek asked, going over and grabbing his arm to drag him to sit next to Martouf.


Jacob gave Malek what was supposed to be an incredulous glance, but ended up in a grimace. “Peachy.”


Malek frowned in confusion, but Martouf had heard a similar phrase from the mouths of other Tau’ri and understood that Jacob was being…sarcastic?


“It appears that we do not have much time left before Nephthys kills us. When I was being tortured, it was clear that she was not seeking information, but was instead looking for amusement. It will not be long before she grows tired of us.” Martouf reported tiredly. Jacob grunted in agreement.


“We need to get out of here.” Malek stated. “But how?”


To Malek and Martouf’s amazement, Jacob began to chuckle quietly.


“Jacob?” Malek questioned worriedly.


<As Jacob would say, he’s cracked.> Lantash observed. Martouf agreed.


“Jacob?” Malek repeated. He placed a hand on the older man’s shoulder and then glanced perplexed at Martouf, who shrugged his shoulders.


“Don’t worry, boys, we’re gonna get outta here soon. We just have to wait for it.” Jacob gasped out over his laughter.


Martouf looked quickly at the Jaffa guards to see if Jacob’s laughter had attracted their attention. They ignored the prisoners as they stared directly at the opposite wall.


“What do you mean, Jacob?” Malek asked urgently, wondering what Jacob was talking about.


“Sammy, my Sammy, I saw her.” Jacob explained, wiping away what Martouf thought were tears from either laughter or joy or both.


<Who cares? Did you hear what he said?> Lantash interrupted his thoughts with curiosity and bewilderment.


A frown crossed Malek’s forehead. “Your Sammy?”


“Samantha…” Martouf uttered in disbelief. He struggled, despite his aches and bruises, to turn toward Jacob. “You saw Samantha? Here?”


“Samantha…Jacob’s daughter? Part of the infamous Tau’ri group, SG-1?” Malek inquired. “SG-1 is here?”


Jacob shook his head and coughed. “No…just Sam. She talked to me, said she was here on some sort of covert mission. Didn’t tell me what about though. She told me that she planted explosives around the place and that when the time comes she’ll blow the place and come to get us outta here. She wants us to be ready.” Jacob laid his head back and closed his eyes. “Relax boys; we’ll be out of here soon. Now stop asking questions, Selmie’s getting mad that I keep moving.”


Martouf leaned back and felt wonderful elation fill him. “Samantha.”


“Martouf,” Malek asked quietly. “Are we sure that Jacob’s daughter is capable of achieving such a task?” Doubt was written across his face.


<He obviously does not know our Samantha.> Lantash bit out angrily.


(No, he does not…’Our’ Samantha?) Martouf replied back smugly.


<…………Answer Malek, Martouf.> was the only reply Martouf got from his symbiote.


Martouf smiled at Lantash’s sullen behavior and answered Malek’s question. “I can assure you, my friend, that Samantha is very capable. She would’ve made a fine Tok’ra operative.”


<Don’t say that! You know as well as I do how uncomfortable Samantha feels about being blended.> Lantash scolded Martouf. <She makes a fine Tau’ri soldier as she is.>


Malek nodded uncertainly and took a seat near Martouf to wait.


(She is a remarkable woman, regardless of being a Tau’ri or a Tok’ra. As long as she remains in our life, I am happy.) Martouf stated.


<It would be even better if you…how do you say it? Gathered the guts to tell her that we love her.> Lantash pointed out. <Imagine how life would be like then?>


(Lantash…) Martouf groaned silently as his symbiote began to flash wicked mental pictures in his mind.