Love and Duty – Chapter 7

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Rating: PG - 14


Sam fidgeted in the dark corner of the lab where just a few feet away, Nephthys’ scientist peon was fiddling with the stolen phase-shift prototype. A glimpse at the energy build-up monitor strapped to Sam’s shoulder indicated that Sam’s own phase-shift device was slowly building up; she had to turn it off soon.


Dear God, would this man never leave? Leave man! Leave! She cried out silently in frustration, so tempted to hit the man in the back of the head. This was the last thing she had to do before going to help her father and the others to escape. It had been almost an hour and a half since she had talked to her dad and she was running out of time. Sam, after leaving her father in Nephthys’ throne room had managed to tag the peon scientist with a tracking device on his pant leg where she was crouched behind the pillar as he passed her. She had then begun taking a course that she knew would take her to the heart of Nephthys’ fortress. The snaky system lord might have designed her stronghold differently, but she was the same as all the others Goa’ulds, choosing to build and hide her power generator in the center of her palace, making it one of the most guarded places in the entire place. Or it would have been if Sam hadn’t possessed the phase-shift technology that allowed her the ability to walk through walls and doors, invisible and undetected. Sam had almost laughed aloud as she had planted the remaining C4 on and around the generator. Sam smiled diabolically as she imagined this place going up in a burst of flames…


But back to the problem at hand, she was cramped, tired, running on adrenaline, and she was seriously pressed for time. Without a second thought, Sam got her zat gun ready to fire. It made sense to kill the peon, after all, even if she did steal back the prototype, there was still a chance, the man had memorized the Tollan technology and could quite possibly be able to duplicate the phase-shift device. So, the soldier in Sam made it clear that the man had to go. The only thing she could hope for was that Nephthys would not miss the man anytime soon.


Sam took a deep breath, rose quickly, and pointed her zat gun directly at the Goa’uld scientist’s back, firing three times. No body, no evidence. Sam strode to the lab table and picked up the stolen Tollan technology, placing it carefully in her bag, but not before checking to see its energy gauge. Sam cursed as she saw that it was dangerously close to exploding; she wouldn’t be able to use it again without turning herself into crispy toast. Sam pressed her phase-shift device to deactivate and decided that it wasn’t worth the risk to use it again. She’d used up all her advantages excluding the C4 and she still had to make it back to the prison cells where Martouf, her father, and Malek were being held without being seen. Add to that, her escape plan had drastically changed; in the beginning it was determined that she would simply go through the Stargate again, but now she couldn’t use the phase-shift device and they were now a group of four.


Sam went to the lab doorway and peered cautiously in both directions before flitting to the wall and started to move slowly and steadily in the shadows to the prison cells, all the while trying to come up with a viable escape plan.




Luck was on Sam’s side, either that or Nephthys was not in the mood for Tok’ra entertainment right at that moment because as she reached the cell where Martouf, her father, and Malek were being held, she was extremely relieved to find all three men there and in relatively good health. At least they were standing; Sam paused to cheer on those blessed Tok’ra symbiotes. Ok, how was she going to pull this off? She glanced at the Jaffa guards, off in drone-land as always, she thought, and than Sam glanced at the prisoners. Sam could tell that her father had alerted Martouf and the other Tok’ra to the fact that she was there because all three men were pacing and prowling the cell, just waiting for her to dispose of the guards and ready to run.


Sam focused her attention on Martouf and saw that he was extremely nervous as he kept pacing, rapidly changing direction, and raking a hand through his hair every once and a while. He also looked as if he were engaged in a discussion with Lantash as Sam could occasionally see his lips moving. As Sam continued to watch him, she found herself studying his lean physique and his gorgeous face. Damn…that man is irresistible! Sam made a silent vow that if she got the chance; she’d kiss that man senseless. Her lips curled up in a seductive smile just thinking of the thought and Sam had to force the desire she knew was in her eyes away before she got herself into trouble. The thoughts that were in her head had no place in there right at that moment! Later, definitely, but not now.


She felt her face flush as she mentally filed images of her and Martouf away for further use and was glad that she was wearing her face-mask to cover her blush. Sam made sure her backpack was tightly secured to her backpack as she took up position. She raised her zat gun and took aim.