Love and Duty - Chapter 8

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Sam shot one Jaffa guard and then the other. As she watched both Jaffa falter, she took advantage of their stunned state and quickly rolled to crouch into the middle of the corridor with one foot planted firmly on the ground and placing the rest of her weight on her knee as she raised the zat gun once more to kill the first and then the second Jaffa, their staff weapons clattering to the floor.


Sam stood up and jogged over to the cell door, watching as the three Tok’ra came to grasp the cell bars. Her father smiled slightly and whispered, “What took you so long, Sammie?”


Sam crouched by one of the Jaffa and before she pressed the button to release the cell door located on his gauntlet, she turned and though she knew they couldn’t see her smile, she said, “Sorry dad, but the line-up for the ladies room was a killer.” Sam pressed the button and Martouf pushed open the door. “So, as much as I know you boys would love to stay here in your spacious accommodations, I’m afraid we have to go. We’re late for tea at the SGC.”


She was met by two confused stares and one bemused smile. Malek and Martouf  grabbed the zat guns from the Jaffa and immediately shot them once, eradicating the guards’ bodies.


“Here dad, you take this.” Sam handed her father her zat gun and pulled out her handgun, pausing to add a silencer to it and making sure her extra ammo was within reach in case she needed a quick re-fill.


“Now, the plan to use the Stargate is definitely out of the question, so the only other option is stealing a cargo ship.”


Jacob nodded, gripping the zat gun and placing a hand on Sam’s back, urging her down the corridor. He beckoned Martouf and Malek to follow and watch out for attacks from behind. “The cargo bay is actually quite close by, but the controls will be tricky.”


Sam nodded, her muscles tensing up as the four moved quickly down the hallway. Sam took off her face-mask because it became stifling and Sam wanted to keep her wits around her. Sam fell back as her father moved to take the lead and Sam felt sudden warmth on her the small of her back. Without turning around, she knew it was Martouf and she relished in his touch.


She shivered as he lowered his mouth to whisper in her ear. “We are grateful to you Samantha for rescuing us.” Suddenly she sensed a shift in his demeanor and this was confirmed when, with his mouth still hovering over her ear, continued in Lantash’s voice, “We are also extremely pleased to see you, though not in such a situation. Perhaps later, we will be given sufficient time to talk.” Sam almost closed her eyes in sheer delight and she almost turned and kissed him as she felt his hand come up and lightly caress her neck and the edges of her hair.


“Lantash.” Selmac’s voice boomed. Sam snapped out of her haze and realized that they had made it to the cargo bay door and she stepped away from Martouf as she saw the look on her father’s face. He did not look pleased, which is probably the reason why Selmac had taken over. Sam fought the urge to giggle nervously and fidget like a thirteen-year-old caught kissing the boy next door.


Lantash bowed his head and Martouf re-emerged. He took a step back, almost knocking Malek down, who was still watching their backs.


“We have to open the cargo bay door.” Jacob said tightly as he took control.


“I got it, dad.” Sam glanced at Martouf and then back at her father. She tiptoed to the control panel and started fiddling with the power crystals.


“Are you certain you can open the door? Perhaps it would best if one of us tried-“ Malek started, turning his head, but keeping his eyes on the passageway they had just been down, searching for enemies.


Sam shook her head, exasperated. “Give me a little credit, would you? I’ve been wandering around this place for a little under three hours; I’d like to think I’d picked up some knowledge of how to open a door.” Sam moved some crystals and switched their places, hoping she could back-up her words with actual proof.


She breathed a sigh of relief as the cargo bay door opened. Sam turned around and flashed a look at triumph before following her still-peeved father into the hangar and onto a cargo ship.


“Malek, take the controls.” Jacob ordered, checking to make the ship’s hold was empty of Jaffa. “Fly us to Tyral; we’ll use the Gate there to go to the Tok’ra base.”


Malek sat down and nodded to Martouf, who had taken the secondary seat. Martouf pressed a couple of buttons and the cargo bay door leading to the outside began to open.


As soon as the door was wide enough to permit the cargo ship to pass through. Sam reached into one of the many pockets of her utility vest and pulled out a remote control. “I planted some C4 on the power generator, how ‘bout we blow this popsicle stand?” Sam smiled wickedly, waving the remote control.


Jacob lost his stern face as he smiled broadly and faked wiping a tear from his eye. “That’s my little girl.”


Martouf heard Malek mutter, “Tau’ri humor.”


“We must hurry.” Martouf reminded everyone.


Sam waited until Malek had maneuvered the ship past the cargo bay door and was in the process of flying into the atmosphere and then pushed the remote detonator. Seconds later, Sam, Jacob, and Martouf watched as parts of Nephthys’ fortress exploded. Malek concentrated on flying the ship into space and away from the planet as soon as possible.


Once in hyperspace, Sam shrugged off her back pack and utility vest and placed them in the ship’s hold, taking the moment of solitude to check to see if the Tollan prototype as well as the one she used were safely tucked away. After doing so, she took off her gloves, placed them in her bag, and got up to join the others.


Jacob held out his arms and bear-hugged his daughter. “It’s good to see you, kiddo. I’m proud of you. Thanks for rescuing your old man.” He placed a kiss on her forehead and let go of her.


Sam returned the hug and smiled. “I missed you too dad, though seeing you the way you were was not the best way to surprise your daughter, you know.”


Jacob chuckled.


“Are you feeling ok, now? Selmac patch you up?” Sam asked, concerned slightly.


“Never better, Sam.” Jacob paused before adding quietly, “Martouf’s fine too, in case you’re wondering.”


Try as she might, Sam’s face flushed a little. “I can see that, dad.” Her tone made it clear that Martouf was not the best subject she wanted to talk about with her dad.


Jacob placed an arm around Sam’s shoulder. “Ok, so I may have over-reacted a bit before, but he’s a good kid, Sam. And I only want what’s best for you.”


“Dad!” Sam hissed, glancing at Martouf from the corner of her eye. If he could hear their hushed conversation, he gave no sign of it as he quietly monitored the controls in front of him.   


“Humor me, sweetheart. That’s all I’m going say on the subject, period.”


“Jacob, we have entered the atmosphere of Tyral.” Malek reported.


Jacob let go of Sam and stepped up to the control station. “Begin our descent.”


As Malek began to descend the cargo ship, Selmac took over. “We will use the Gate to dial to another planet; from there we will dial the Tok’ra home base in order to make sure we are not tracked.”


“Fine by me.” Sam shrugged, going to the hold to collect her stuff.