Love and Duty - Chapter 9

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Rating: R


After abandoning the cargo ship (but mentally recording the gate co-ordinates in case the SGC needed use of a cargo ship later in the future) and numerous gate-hopping, Sam arrived with the three men on the current Tok’ra home base sometime during the night.


Reminding her father that she still needed to contact the SGC and General Hammond about the success of her mission, Jacob assured her that first thing in the morning, they would let her go home, expressing concern because Sam had informed them that she was passed the deadline for initial contact and that they didn’t want to take a chance of her GDO code being locked out.


And so here she found herself, sitting on the rim of a Tok’ra pool in a far, out-of-the-way room by herself. Her father, Martouf, and Malek, after shocking everyone with their appearance (they had been deemed un-rescuable); the three got cleaned, changed, and debriefed. Sam was welcomed and shown to guest quarters, but left to wander the Tok’ra tunnels by herself as the adrenaline from the mission and the excitement of being among the Tok’ra was still present. Sam briefly wondered how the SG-1 guys were taking her absence, the Colonel no doubt was throwing a fit because General Hammond wouldn’t tell them anything about where she’d gone and why, and only that she was gone. Daniel would be extremely worried and running through all the worse case scenarios that could have happened, trying to calm the Colonel down, and worrying some more. Teal’c…well, Sam truly believed that he would express concern in his usual stoic, Jaffa way and he would be there to help Daniel prevent the Colonel from doing something stupid, like threatening the General. And then there was the General, Sam grimaced as she thought about what his reaction was going to be when she showed up with Tok’ra in tow. After all, she had disobeyed his order and risked blowing her mission, would he understand that she couldn’t just leave the Tok’ra there, especially if it was her dad…and Martouf? They were allies. Sam remained undecided about the general and tried to think of the worse that could happen.   


Sam thought back to her team’s reactions when she returned home, smiled to herself and laughed quietly. She absently trailed her fingers through the water and continued smiling softly when a deep voice said, “You are even more beautiful when you smile, Samantha.”


Sam snapped her head up and spotted Martouf leaning against the doorway to the room. By the blatant desire in his gray eyes and the seductive smile on his lips, Sam knew it was Lantash speaking, Martouf was too proper, like her, to look at her like that.


Sam continued to weave her fingertips back and forth in the warm water as her smile widened at the gorgeous sight. “Hello Lantash, finished your debrief?”


Lantash lowered his head momentarily to let Martouf resume control. He walked further into the room to stand a discreet distance in front of Sam. “Yes, Samantha, we have. Your father is still with the High Council, informing them of your plans tomorrow.” He cocked his head to one side and gazed at her inquiringly. “We are curious, Samantha, though Lantash and I are very happy that you rescued us, what was your initial purpose on Nephthys’ planet?”


“Ah well, that,” Sam took her fingers out of the water and dangled them over the edge to let them dry. She smiled ruefully. “I’m afraid I can’t tell you that, Martouf, I have my orders. I’m sorry.”


Martouf shook his head. “Do not apologize, we understand.” He hesitated a moment before taking a step closer to Sam. “We wish to express our happiness in this unexpected encounter with you, it-“ Martouf cleared his throat. “It gives us pleasure to see you once again.”


Sam stared, mesmerized by the look in Martouf’s eyes, and replied, “It’s good to see you too. I-“ Sam stopped and wondered if she should continue when the vow she made in Nephthys’ fortress came back to her. “I have to admit that seeing you made me realize how much I missed you.” Sam felt her cheeks burn slightly and she ducked her head.


There was no movement from Martouf until she saw him walk to stop directly in front of where she sat. He placed a hand under her chin and pushed her face up to look at him. The look of desire was back in his eyes and was doubled-, no wait, tripled, yeah, tripled from before. The hand underneath her chin moved slowly to caress her cheek and she felt his other hand reach to clasp hers gently.“We have missed you too…greatly.” Lantash’s voice murmured as he stared into her blue eyes, wide with love for him.


“Lantash…” Sam whispered, leaning into his caress. Sam’s mind was screaming at her to remember what she vowed to do. What the hell, she thought. She reached up, cupped the back of Martouf’s head, and pulled his face down to hers. Their lips met and Sam knew that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with this man.


Lantash smiled against her lips as Martouf was pleasantly surprised at Sam’s forwardness. This feeling lasted only seconds as Lantash and Martouf made a silent agreement that whatever their Samantha wanted with or wanted to do to them was just fine.


Lantash pushed Sam’s legs apart and stepped in between them, his hands moving to circle around her waist. One hand skimmed over her back and the other cupped the back of her head, pressing her even closer to him. He skimmed his tongue along Sam’s lips, seeking entrance into her mouth and when she parted her mouth, he pushed his tongue inside, seeking hers to play with. Martouf rejoiced silently inside and urged Lantash to continue to which Lantash gave an Earth equivalent of ‘duh, like there’s any chance of me stopping now.’


He was encouraged even further as he heard Sam moan softly and he gripped her tighter. He felt her hands wandering, running through his hair, over his shoulders, down his back, and up his chest. He yearned for her hands to touch his bare skin and without breaking contact; he started to move his hands slowly up her shirt to feel the soft skin of the sides of her stomach. Lantash decided to let Martouf enjoy the comfort of being in the arms of the woman they loved and relinquished control. Martouf wasted no time in continuing where Lantash had left off.


Sam felt like she was on fire as she felt Martouf’s hands on her skin. Recalling some of Jolinar’s memories, she tugged at Martouf’s vest, causing it to fall neatly to the floor as it came apart easily. She no longer cared about being caught making out in such a public place; all she wanted was the man in front of her, naked and kissing her senseless.


She broke off the kiss and with a wink at Martouf’s protest; she grasped the edges of her shirt and pulled it over her head. Sam watched as Martouf’s eyes hungrily devoured the exposed flesh. She tilted her head back as his lips were drawn to her neck where he began to plant soft kisses everywhere and anywhere.


“Martouf…” Sam gasped, one hand tangling in his hair, the other at work trying to remove his pants.


“Samantha, my love…” Martouf exhaled softly on Sam’s skin as his lips moved to her collarbone. His hands moving to push off her bra straps.


“Martouf, I love you.” Sam’s hand continued to work on Martouf’s pants as she declared her long hidden feelings for the man who was currently driving her crazy.


Martouf paused in his administrations as he gazed at Sam. He smiled softly. “We love you too; Samantha, forever and always, we are yours.”


“Forever.” Sam promised as she slowly got off the rim of the pool she was sitting on and succeeded in pulling Martouf’s pants down. His shirt quickly joined the pile of clothes at their feet as well as the rest of Sam’s clothes. Sam pulled him down to lie on their discarded clothes and promised again, “Forever, my love.”


“Yes.” Martouf answered her before lowering his mouth onto hers.


For the rest of the night, no more words were spoken.