Love and Duty – Epilogue

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Info – A bit of Jack bashing. Also, I’m a little iffy about whether or not the Tollans and the Tok’ra are on good terms or if they’ve even met (I can’t really recall), but for the sake of Martouf/Narim awkwardness, for my story they do know each other.


Martouf noticed Samantha fidgeting slightly as he waited with her and Jacob in front of the Stargate as they waited for the confirmation signal to step through. Whether it was because she was nervous about facing the general about her disobeying orders, she had confessed that while they took a little break from their lovemaking to move to his quarters, or if it was because of the semi-stern looks Jacob was shooting in both their directions, Martouf didn’t know.


<Nonsense, Samantha is an adult. She does not need to explain every decision she makes to her father. Besides how would he know?> Lantash pointed out, indicating the careful distance that was between the two.


“Let’s go.” Jacob announced as he received the signal. He gestured for Samantha to enter first and waited until she gone before laying a hand on Martouf’s shoulder.


Martouf turned his attention to Jacob, who looked at him with a glint in his eye. “Jacob?”


“Martouf, all I want is for my Sam to be happy. I stopped by Sam’s quarters early this morning and to my surprise, she wasn’t there. I can easily guess where she was and all I ask is that you treat her right.”


Martouf inclined his head while mentally telling Lantash, <I told you he knew something.>


“You have my word, Jacob. I love her very much.”


Jacob nodded his head. “Good.” And without another word, stepped through the wormhole.


Martouf smiled and followed his friend and his lover to emerge seconds later in the Tau’ri gate room where he saw Samantha already talking alone with General Hammond, undoubtedly explaining what happened. Jacob was walking down the ramp to exchange greetings with the rest of SG-1, who was also present.


Martouf trailed Jacob while observing the expressions of the three men. Dr. Jackson seemed fine who kept shooting a few curious, but relieved glances in Samantha’s direction. He greeted Jacob with a smile and began asking Jacob what happened and how he was doing as Martouf arrived to stand silently beside Jacob, exchanging a nod with Teal’c and receiving a distracted nod from Dr. Jackson. The Jaffa Teal’c also appeared fine and showed no sign of worry or any emotion at all on his face as he listened to the conversation between Dr. Jackson and Jacob as he clasped his hands behind his back. Martouf received no response from Colonel O’Neill who made it pointedly obvious that he was far more interested in the hushed conversation between Samantha and the General.


Martouf and Lantash silently began to smolder as O’Neill ignored everybody else as he kept his attention directed on Samantha. They watched as O’Neill’s eyes glided over Samantha’s attire and their anger increased as O’Neill’s eyes lingered on every inch of Samantha’s clothed-covered curves, which Martouf admitted left no doubt of what a luscious body was underneath them as he recalled the night before that he had spent countless hours worshipping.


As if aware of the wordless anger that Martouf was exhibiting, O’Neill’s eyes flicked toward his. Martouf did not care if his anger showed in his eyes; he would not tolerate Samantha being appraised by any other man than him. Apparently, O’Neill did not agree with this thought as a small smirk appeared on his face and his eyes held a spark of challenge. Martouf clenched his jaw and held his tongue.


<That arrogant little->


(Be still, Lantash, soon O’Neill will be made aware that his challenge is for nothing as Samantha has already declared herself as ours.) Martouf calmed his symbiote even though his mental images of hitting O’Neill rivaled Lantash’s.


“Well, when Sam didn’t come back we got a little worried, the general called us into his office and it was a complete shock to see Narim standing there since, well, since we thought he was dead and all.” Dr. Jackson’s voice filtered through Martouf’s bloody images of a beaten O’Neill.


“It was indeed a shock, Daniel Jackson. Once General Hammond explained however, all became clear.” Teal’c added.

“Where is Narim, by the way?” Jacob asked.


“Here, Jacob Carter.” Narim walked into the gate room to stand beside Teal’c and bowing his head in greeting to Jacob and Martouf.  “It is good to see the Tok’ra again.”


Jacob smiled in response while Martouf bowed his head.


“I am also glad to see that Samantha has returned safely.” Narim continued, moving his eyes to Samantha. As his gaze lingered, Martouf was shocked into silence.


<Another one?!> Lantash exclaimed, staring at the lovesick expression on Narim’s face as he continued looking at Samantha.


Both Martouf and Lantash were feeling incredibly put-out and angry with these men coming and looking at his Samantha…his.


 Martouf’s possessiveness increased as Samantha and General Hammond joined the group.


“Narim,” Samantha smiled. Martouf suppressed the urge to roll his eyes as a small, barely noticeable flush appeared on the Tollan’s face. “Glad you’re still here. I managed to retrieve the prototype.”


“Excellent. Thank you, Samantha for doing this. The Tollans are in your debt. Perhaps if it be of interest to you, you can accompany me back to the Tollan base and look over our operations.”


Martouf transferred his anger to Narim and wanted to hit him. He also noticed out of the corner of his eye that O’Neill also did not appreciate Narim’s suggestion.


“Perhaps we had better take this to the briefing room, people.” General Hammond suggested, walking out of the room, talking with Jacob.


Martouf was about to talk to Samantha when what he considered the most annoying voice interrupted him.


“Hey Carter, where ya been? Having fun without us?” O’Neill made to stand close beside Samantha.


<Too close, that pompous, overbearing hak’tat to’chek!>


(Agreed.) Martouf was too angry to reprimand his symbiote.


He watched as Samantha answered, “Having fun?” Martouf’s anger lessened slightly as he saw Samantha glance over in his direction and smiled a little smile. “Why yes, sir, I have been having fun.” Her eyes twinkled suggestively at Martouf.


Martouf smiled back as he saw O’Neill glare at him as well as at Narim’s confused expression.


“Well, guys, we should probably join the general in the briefing room, shouldn’t we?” Samantha continued.


“Sure thing Carter. Hey, how about we have a pizza and beer night at my house tonight? Celebrate your homecoming and to catch you up on the stuff that’s been happening around here.” O’Neill’s tone made it clear that he, Martouf, was not invited and that when he and Jacob left, O’Neill would still be here with Samantha.


“It was my hope that perhaps Samantha would return to the Tollan home world to review our technology.” Narim pointed out.


“Oh so you’re sharing your stuff with us now?” O’Neill shot back.


“Sorry, boys,” Samantha interjected, holding up her hands. “But I got my own plans tonight and I was thinking afterwards that I should take some of those vacation days that’s been building up.” Martouf watched as Samantha turned towards him and without another word, took his hand and started to drag him towards the door.


“So, Martouf, you want to come over to my house tonight? And after that, I was thinking of maybe going back with you and my dad to the Tok’ra for a while, is that okay?” She asked, her voice echoing in the large room.


Martouf resisted the urge to glance back at the expressions of O’Neill and Narim and instead smiled broadly at Samantha, taking his hand from hers and placing it around her waist, holding her close.


His answer was equally loud as they walked out of the room.


“That would be extremely agreeable, Samantha, my love. Very agreeable. Your company is always a pleasure.”


The End