Past Memories – Chapter 10A

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Jacob blinked groggily and struggled to prop himself up his elbows on his bed. He raised a hand to rub at his head to ease the disorientation.


<Ah, sleeping beauty awakens.> A dry teasing voice reverberated in his head. <Hark; bring out the trumpets of joy.>


Despite the obvious pain he was in, Jacob smiled weakly.  (Good to see you’re in fine humor today, Selmie.)


<I’ve been dormant inside this big head of yours for days, Jacob; with nothing to do but quietly look at your memories and entertain myself…do you realize how bored I must be?>


Jacob winced as he sat up gingerly. He swung his feet painfully to the ground and rested his hands on his thighs.


“Ugh.” Jacob groaned. “I feel sick.”


<Next time, it would be safer to listen to this old wise one in your head.> Selmac’s voice came out smugly.


Jacob grumbled. (You got the old part right.)




(Yes, old one?) Jacob replied laughingly.


<If I had legs, I would kick you.> Came Selmac’s sullen remark.


(Then I’m grateful you don’t. But right now, I think that a trip to a healer is in order.) Jacob braced himself and stood up slowly. “Ohhh…I knew I was going to regret doing that.”


Jacob stumbled a little coming out of his chambers and braced himself slightly against the crystal tunnel.


Someone clearing her throat behind him caused Jacob to crane his neck to see who was behind him.


Kian stood a few feet away, looking at Jacob in concern. She clasped her hands together in front of her. “Jacob…are you alright?”


He smiled weakly at the nervous Kian. “It’s me, Kian, I’m back now, and I’m not going to take you hostage.” He shook his head wearily as he thought of his behavior the past few days.


(I’m going to have to apologize to lots of people.) He thought wearily.


<Yes. Yes, you will.> Came Selmac’s smug and laughing response.


(Gee, always with the encouragement, aren’t we?)


“I’m really sorry for frightening you, Kian, really I am. As you know, I wasn’t exactly myself.” He replied apologetically.


Kian rewarded him with a bright smile and wave of her hand. “I understand Jacob. Do not worry. I am just relieved that you are alright now, although you do look as if you could use a healer.” She stepped forward to grab his arm gently. “Let me escort you there.”


Jacob fought off a small wave of dizziness as they began walking again. “Thank you, Kian.”




“Dad! We’ve been looking all over for you. Are you alright?” Sam exclaimed a short while later as both she and Martouf entered the healer’s chamber where Jacob was resting and conversing quietly with Selmac.


“Hey kiddo, I’m fine, just a bit dizzy that’s all.” Jacob replied, sitting up. He gazed at his daughter and the man who, in the past few days, had been glued to her side. “So, what have you been up to while I was knocked out?”


Sam and Martouf looked at each other and then back at Jacob. Sam took a deep breath and went to sit beside her dad.


“Uh oh, you look exactly like your mother used to when she was about to tell me something she wasn’t sure I was going to like.” Jacob teased.


Sam smiled briefly and then took her father’s hand. “Dad, I love you, you know that right? Of course you do. Anyway, last night, Martouf presented me with this,” Sam showed the ring Martouf had given her. “And he asked me if I would be his mate or wife if you want to look at it that way. I know that it’s a bit unconventional,” Sam rushed on as Jacob’s eyes threatened to bulge out of his sockets. “And this sort of thing has never been done before, but I love Martouf and Lantash and they love me. We make each other happy, we know the risks involved, and we’re prepared to handle them. But dad, this…this is what I want; this…being married to Martouf makes me happy.” Sam finished and anxiously waited for Jacob to speak.


Martouf also waited nervously, alternating his worried glances between his beloved and one of his closest friends, despite Lantash’s reassurances.


Jacob felt like he’d been hit by a truck and Selmac laughing in joy wasn’t exactly helping his disposition. He stared at his daughter, looking hopeful and so in love and then he looked at the man who had claimed his daughter’s heart, still standing by the door. At the sight, Jacob had to smile; Martouf looked as if he were getting ready to run. Jacob stared hard and long at the two of them, knowing that love isn’t always everything one needs. If Martouf and Sam became bonded, they would still eventually have to part from each other and it was incredibly likely that the two of them would not see each other regularly. Fighting against the Goa’uld was a full-time job and he hoped…prayed that his daughter and Martouf would be able to persevere through all the times ahead.


Jacob fixed his gaze on his daughter and softened looking into her blue eyes, so like her mother. He smiled and pulled her into a crushing hug. “Well then, as long as you’re happy, Sammie, that’s all that matters. I love you so much, sweetheart.” He whispered, growing a bit teary at the thought that his daughter was all grown up and, in his mind, was getting married or already was. He was so proud of her.


Jacob let go of Sam and stood up to offer a hand to Martouf. “Take care of her, Martouf, Lantash or else I swear I will kill you. But hey, congratulations my friend.”


Martouf exhaled, relieved and took Jacob’s hand. “I promise I will protect Samantha with my life, Jacob.” Martouf brushed aside Lantash’s mental ‘I told you so.’


“Well! This calls for a celebration!” Jacob exclaimed, rubbing his stomach. “Besides, I’m starving. Hey Sammie, since I was already going to visit Earth, there’s nothing stopping us now is there? I say we go! I’m overdue for a vacation anyway.” Jacob announced. He turned to Martouf. “You of course are coming along if Sam has anything to say about it. So why don’t you kids get packed and I’ll have a small chat with the High Council.”


Sam crossed over to Martouf and slid an arm around his waist. “Sounds good to me, dad. How about you love?”


Martouf smiled mischievously and bent to whisper something in her ear, which caused Sam to blush and slap his chest. “Yes, yes, later love, later.”


Jacob shook his head. “I don’t want to know.” He turned to leave the room. “Now if you kids will excuse me, there are some people that Selmac is making me apologize to for my recent behavior.”


“Like Anise, dad?” Sam asked.


Jacob looked incredulous. “Anise? Why would I apologize to her? I meant every word.”