Past Memories – Chapter 10B

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Sam, Martouf, and Jacob stepped through the wormhole and into the familiar grey gate room of the SGC. Sam smiled as she saw the welcoming party of General Hammond, Lt. Graham, and her guys, SG-1. 


“Sam!” Daniel rushed forward just as soon as Sam stepped off the ramp and gave her a big bear hug, smiling at having his late-night-office-staying-up-until-ungodly-hours-debating-coffee-drinking-addict-buddy back. It was so boring without Sam; there was no one smart enough to argue with.  Daniel had to admit that when he came back from his trip to Egypt and was told about Sam’s departure and the condition of her dad, he was more than a bit worried and he and Jack had repeatedly begged the General to let them join her at the Tok’ra base, to which the General had refused, saying there was no real reason for them to go.


So Daniel was stuck working on alien artifacts that he didn’t have time to study before, not that he was complaining about that. No, it was Jack. The General had put SG-1 on stand-by until Sam returned and Jack of course was antsy and bored. And what does Jack do when he’s antsy and bored? He could do paperwork, but hey, it’s much more fun to bug Daniel. And now that Sam was back, Daniel was more grateful than he’d ever let her know.


“It’s good to have you back, Sam. We missed you.” He let go of her, but continued smiling happily. He shoved his hands in his pockets and nodded to Jacob and Martouf, who were standing behind her. “Jacob, I assume that you’ve regained your memory? I’d really appreciate it if later on; you could give me a description of this plant, just so we could avoid something like this happening again. And Martouf, it’s good to see you again.”


Teal’c, standing beside Daniel, bowed his head in greeting and smiled at Sam. “Major Carter, it is good to see you have returned. Your presence was greatly missed.” He too nodded in greeting to Martouf and Jacob. He, of course, missed the fourth member of SG-1 and was quite happy that with Sam’s return, SG-1 would be placed on missions. He too suffered from the colonel’s many impromptu visits.


Colonel O’Neil was beyond ecstatic that his 21c had returned from her jaunt with the Tok’ra. As usual, he disliked and didn’t trust the snake-heads. But Jacob was in trouble and the colonel considered him a friend, so he could understand. He hated though, not being able to be there with her and was instead stuck at the SGC, doing nothing and avoiding his growing pile of paperwork. He was happy that his major was back and Jacob was always fun, but why was that…that other man here, the colonel didn’t know nor did he like the fact that when they had exited the wormhole, Martouf and his…HIS major were contentedly holding hands.


“Hey Carter, good to have you back. You too, Jacob. Martouf.” The colonel added unenthusiastically.  He crossed his arms and bounced on the balls of his feet. “What brings you two crazy kids here?”


After saying hello to his old friend, Jacob answered the colonel’s question. “Well, Jack, I thought that since I was going to visit my little girl before all this happened, I might as well actually visit.”


“Of course. What about you, Marty?” The colonel directed his gaze to the Tok’ra, who, he noticed, was standing rather closely to his major.


“I invited Martouf to visit Earth for awhile, Colonel. Show him some sights and stuff.” Sam answered swiftly, recognizing that her commanding officer was a little more than unhappy at Martouf’s presence. Well tough for him. The way she was looking at things now, the colonel was going to be seeing a whole lot more of Martouf.


“Well then, let’s all go to the briefing room then and get Martouf some clearance and Jacob, I’d really like to hear some details about what you’ve done.” General Hammond announced, gesturing to the exit of the gate room.


Sam nodded and turned slightly to grab Martouf’s hand, tugging on it and smiling seductively at him. “Good. The sooner we get out of here, the better.”


Martouf didn’t say anything, but merely smirked at the desire he could see in his mate’s blue eyes. He squeezed her hand tightly and then lifted a hand gently to caress her cheek.


Both the colonel and Teal’c raised their eyebrows, one in amusement and the other in irritation.


The colonel cocked his head. “Let’s go, Teal’c.” He turned abruptly on his heel and stomped out of the room.


Daniel and Sam watched the colonel depart from the room with equal parts worry and sympathy. Martouf and Lantash watched in evil glee.


After they left, Daniel turned to Sam and Martouf and looked questioningly at them. “There’s something going with you two, isn’t there?”


Sam blushed lightly and tried to berate herself for smiling so broadly. Martouf nodded his head and then placed an arm around Sam’s waist.


“Samantha and I have confessed our feelings for each other and we are now bonded mates, Daniel Jackson.” Martouf explained, looking down at Sam in quiet happiness.


Daniel’s eyebrows rose. “Really?”


“Yep. Look at what Martouf gave me.” Sam replied, holding out her left hand and showing Daniel the ring that Martouf had given her.


Daniel inspected the ring and was quiet for a few seconds, and then he broke out in a smile. “Well then, congratulations you two. I’m happy for both of you.” He drew closer to Sam and whispered in her ear. “Although I can safely say that you’ve now officially broken Lt. Graham’s heart. The boy looks grief-stricken.” He winked and then followed the colonel and Teal’c’s earlier departure, hands in pockets and whistling the wedding march softly.


Martouf turned to Sam. “What was he talking about, love?”


Sam grew warm. “Oh nothing, Martouf. I’ll tell you about it later.” She whispered.


Martouf made an understanding noise. “Ah and would this be before or after you teach me about these ‘handcuffs’.”


Sam went bright red as she heard Lt. Graham choking behind her. She pulled Martouf out of the gate room quickly, quietly replying saucily,


“Oh before love, definitely before. See I’m probably going to take a *very* long time showing the many uses of handcuffs.”