Past Memories – Chapter 2

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Martouf watched apprehensively as the Tok’ra healers examined the unconscious Jacob. The latter was tossing and thrashing about, flinging his arms and threatening to hit anyone who got close to him. The man whom Martouf considered one of his closest friends lay on a Tok’ra bed, unconscious and sweating ever since Martouf had brought him back from the planet they were on, Cythera. The plant which had done this to Jacob was being carefully studied by Tok’ra healers and scientists alike to come up with an antidote that would expel the poison the Hakcor plant had injected into Jacob’s body while sucking on his blood.


Martouf had heard of the poisonous properties of the Hakcor plant, but had never actually seen its effects firsthand. It caused one to become delirious and amnesiac for awhile and if the antidote was not administered, untreated, a person could die. What made this poison unique in the Tok’ra, Goa’uld, Jaffa or any other species that a symbiote might inhabit was that the poison only seemed to infect the host leaving the symbiote disease free, unfortunately, the Hakcor poison was something that could not be cured by a symbiote, healing device, or even a sarcophagus.


<Fortunately, we have records of an antidote, so I suggest you calm down.> Lantash sent out reassuringly. <Jacob will be fine.>


(In time, yes, he will be. But both of us are aware of the side effects the poison causes in the meantime. It will also take the Tok’ra healers time to develop a serum since such cases of Hakcor poisoning is rare.) Martouf reminded his symbiote as he continued to watch Jacob thrash about. The healers about him were alternating between dodging his wayward arms and wiping his brow while exchanging worried looks with each other.


<Yes, the temporary amnesia. I must admit to being a bit concerned as to how much he will remember, but I have hope that it will only be a matter of hours.>


The concerned look did not lessen from Martouf’s eyes. (I have failed in my promise.) He elaborated as he felt Lantash’s puzzlement. (To Samantha. I gave her my word that I would look after Jacob as if he were my own father and now this…) Martouf’s shoulders slumped as he allowed the picture of Samantha’s face full of disapproval and accusation.


If Lantash had a body of his own, he would’ve rolled his eyes at Martouf’s stupidity and slapped him on the back of the head. As it was, all he could do was put as much scorn into his voice as he replied <Nonsense. Samantha would surely understand what happened and would not blame us for such an event occurring.> He paused momentarily before continuing mischievously, <Although seeing Samantha angry would prove interesting. Have you noticed how her eyes flare with that spark? She is absolutely riveting when angry.>


Martouf mentally shook his head at the thoughts of Lantash. (I’ll admit she is beautiful when she is angry, but not while her anger is directed toward us.) 


<As I said before, she would not be angry with us. Even if she were, I’m sure that we could calm her down if we admitted our feelings for her and then perhaps after that, we could-


Lantash cut off his sentence as both he and Martouf were distracted by a yell from Jacob. They refocused their attention on their friend, who was now awake. They watched as Jacob jolted up into a sitting position, looking confused and dazed.


One of the healers standing next to the bed tentatively reached forward and placed a hand on Jacob’s shoulder, jumping slightly as Jacob snapped his head to gaze at her.


“Jacob? Are you alright?” The healer queried.


Jacob said nothing as he stared at her and then disregarding her, he turned his attention to the others in the room before settling his gaze on Martouf standing in the doorway.


Martouf was briefly stunned at the look of anger on Jacob’s face and in his eyes before Lantash prodded him to talk to him.


“Jacob? What is the matter?” Martouf walked to stand closer to Jacob. “Jacob?”


Jacob didn’t answer as he took his gaze off Martouf to scan the room. The anger grew in his face as he slapped the healer’s hand off his shoulder, threw back the covers of the bed he was sitting on, and got up. He swayed a bit, but regained his balance to push Martouf away as the other man reached out a hand to steady him.


Martouf watched in confusion as Jacob glanced down at his clothes and was about to call his name again when Jacob raised his head to glare at him and the others around them.


“I am General Jacob Carter of the United States Air Force. I demand an answer to where I have been taken, but first, I want to ask one question. Who the hell are you people?”