Past Memories – Chapter 3

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Rating: PG -13 - swearing and subtle Anise bashing as well as innuendo


“It seems that Jacob has no memory of the past three to three and a half years.” Anise observed as she watched Jacob prowl about the room, looking extremely angry.


“That much is obvious.” Martouf replied dryly as he bit the inside of his mouth to keep from laughing at the rude comments Lantash was making about Anise. Both watched Jacob from just outside the room where they had been forced to place him and under guard after he went…well, a word Jacob would use would be ballistic and Martouf had to agree. After questioning Martouf and the healers and getting no answer, Jacob left the room and began running through the tunnels, most likely searching for a way to escape. Martouf sent a healer to inform the High Council immediately and went after Jacob whom he found shaking a fellow Tok’ra named Kian, demanding to know where the exit was.


Martouf, by the time he reached Jacob, had been followed by two Tok’ra guards and pleaded with Jacob to come with him and that he would explain everything. Things had not gone as easy. Jacob, being in a military frame of mind, had immediately taken Kian hostage, threatening to kill her if they didn’t release him. Martouf had no idea what to do and he didn’t want to risk further hurting Jacob. The situation diffused as Jacob’s eyes suddenly flashed and Selmac took control. She immediately released a frightened Kian, apologized before stepping quickly up to Martouf, and suggested that Jacob be placed under safe custody until the antidote was prepared.


As Martouf and Selmac walked to secure quarters followed by the two guards, they were met along the way by Garshaw, who suggested that Selmac assume control until things were under control. Garshaw and Martouf were a little surprised when Selmac adamantly refused, saying that the only reason Jacob was extremely angry was because he was confused and alarmed at having no memory of the circumstances. She explained further that she had tried before to talk some sense into Jacob while he was running around, but she had only succeeded in frightening him further. Selmac insisted that she didn’t want to block out Jacob from his own body and trap his mind; that if she did, it would be no different from being a Goa’uld. As long as Jacob was confined to his quarters and watched, he should be fine. Selmac remained in control long enough to enter Jacob’s quarters and see that the guards had taken their positions before relinquishing control back to Jacob.




Jacob, it turned out, was not fine. He was pissed off and looking as if he could kill someone. He had no idea how he ended up back in the room where he had woken up, but seeing the guards in place and knowing he was now a prisoner made him livid.


And here he was, by his calculations, he had been stuck in this room for a little under four hours being watched by the young man he had seen when he first woke up as well as a young woman who looked like a-, well, Jacob wouldn’t get into that. In those four hours he had been stuck, he had succeeded twice in escaping, only to black out and when he came to his senses found himself right back where he started, which made him more frustrated.


He had no idea where the hell he was and who these people were. As he recalled running through the…hallways of this place, he took in the fact that most people were dressed in the same uniform as he was with some women occasionally wearing dresses. He also noticed that the people he passed sent him a startled smile followed by bewilderment, but otherwise made no move to stop him. This led Jacob to believe that he possibly was involved in some sort of mission that required him to spy and infiltrate these people, but something undoubtedly went wrong, Jacob just couldn’t remember what. The last thing he remembered was being told he had cancer and making the decision to visit his daughter, Sam. That was another thing that Jacob couldn’t understand, he felt normal and healthy, what the hell was going on?


A movement from the corner of his eye made Jacob turn and watch as the young man he took notice of before enter the room followed by the young woman he was talking with.


“Jacob.” The young man said. “How are you feeling?” Jacob was almost convinced that there was genuine concern for him in the man’s eyes, but he was military, if these people thought they could pry vital information about the military by playing the sympathetic captors, then they were dead wrong.


“I’d be more happy if you’d let me go, boy.” Jacob all but snarled, crossing his arms and stood firmly. “If you think playing me for a sap in order to get military information will work, then you’re cracked.”


The man looked puzzled. “Cracked?” He shook his head. “We do not wish to gather any information about the Tau’ri military.”


“What the hell is a Tau’ri?” Jacob switched his gaze to the young woman. “And who the heck is the floozy?”


The woman joined the man in his confusion as she repeated, “Floozy?”


Jacob through his hands up in the air in exasperation. “Jesus Christ! I’m surrounded by idiots!” He walked toward the young man in an intimidating manner and poking him in the chest. “Listen up good, boy, I demand to see your superiors, NOW. I obviously can’t negotiate the terms of my release to illiterate asses such as yourselves.”


The confusion on the man and woman’s faces did not lessen, though the woman replied, “A course of action has already been proposed and I do not think the High Council will change their mind.”


High Council? Jacob thought, perplexed. Who the heck were these people?


“Listen, miss, no offence or anything, but judging by your attire, I have no doubt that you serve only one purpose and so forgive me if I don’t take your word.” Jacob turned his back on the two people and went to sit on his bed.


The man inclined his head. “The purpose of this visit is that we wish to know what the last thing you remember is.”


Jacob shook his head and placed his hands on his knees. “Bite me.”


The young man was taken aback at his words. “I have no wish to bite you, Jacob. I merely wish to know the last events in your memory.”


Jacob closed his eyes in annoyance. “Believe me, boy, you’re not my type.” Jacob lay down on his bed and placed his hands underneath his head. “I ain’t going to talk, so why don’t you and Ms. Supermodel-wannabe get out?”


A frown crossed the man’s face and he gestured to the woman to leave. He turned to follow her, but before he left, he said, “You must be hungry; I will see to it that some food is sent down to you.”


Jacob watched the man leave, intrigued. Did the man’s eyes just glow?




Lantash waited until he and Anise were out of Jacob’s hearing to stop. He breathed deeply to calm himself down. While he and Martouf didn’t understand half the things Jacob had said, he understood the tone in which they were said; he had no doubt that they were insults. Lantash marveled at the change in Jacob’s demeanor, that his friend was acting like a completely different person, such blunt rudeness and a constant look of disgust. Almost like O’Neill….except worse.


“It appears that Jacob does not wish to co-operate with us.” Anise said.


Lantash stared at Anise, wondering if she had always been so…


Martouf surged forward to take back control before Lantash did something they would get into trouble for, not regret, but get into trouble for.


“What is the progress on the Hakcor antidote?” He asked, trying to ignore the biting remarks of Lantash.


“The healers have it almost prepared, though I doubt that Jacob will let anyone get close enough to him to administer it.”


Martouf paused, listening to the suggestion made by Lantash. “Then the best solution is to contact the Tau’ri and request Samantha’s presence. Perhaps she can talk to Jacob. I will take this suggestion to the High Council.” Martouf was about to turn to head in the direction of the council chambers when he heard Anise behind him.


“I will go with you. I also believe that it would be best if I go and retrieve Major Carter and the rest of SG-1.”


Martouf nodded and both continued in silence. Martouf listening to Lantash’s scathing remarks about how Anise just wanted to go to pester O’Neill among other things and Anise was contemplating something Jacob has said. Ms. Supermodel-wannabe?