Past Memories – Chapter 4

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A red motorbike zoomed along the winding mountain road before slowing down to stop at the front gate of the Cheyenne Mountain Base. The guard waved to the rider to proceed after being flashed the ID of the rider. The figure released the brake and firmly pressed the gas pedal to rev the motor engine before continuing its trip down the road and under the mountain.




Major Carter broke into a light trot as she emerged from the elevator. She was still dressed in civvies that included black leather pants, black boots, a red low-cut tank top, and a short black leather jacket, under her arm was her bike helmet. She ran up the stairs, crossed the control room and ran up more stairs to the briefing room, her destination. She spotted General Hammond standing and talking to Anise, who, as usual, was dressed in her oh-so-provocative way. Sam suppressed a smile as she pictured the relief on the faces of the Colonel and Daniel when she told them whom they missed during their vacation.


“General, sorry for not changing first sir, but your message said it was urgent.”  Sam nodded to Anise. “Anise.”


“Major Carter.”


“Please have seat, major.” General Hammond gestured for Anise to sit as well. “Anise has some rather troubling information to tell you.”


Sam placed her helmet on the long briefing table beside her chair and then faced Anise expectantly.


“Recently, Jacob was sent to record the layout of a Goa’uld system lord’s base and it was during that mission that he became infected with a poison from a Hakcor plant.” Anise stated calmly.


It was times like this that Sam disliked the Tok’ra; they hardly ever allowed any emotion, well, besides suspicion and anger, on their faces. “What? Well, is he ok?”


Anise nodded slightly. “In the end, he will be fine. This is not the Tok’ra’s first encounter with the Hakcor poison, though it is rare, we have been able to come up with an antidote. However, as I just said, a case of infection with this particular poison is rare and so we do not keep a steady supply of the remedy. Therefore, we are in the process of creating a serum that must be administered twice daily for about a week for the poison to be flushed out of Jacob’s system.


“The reason why we are here Major Carter is that one of the side effects of Hakcor poison is temporary amnesia. We have observed that people once infected become delirious and forget events and certain times in their life. Each case is different; one person might not remember what had happened to them in the last week, others days, and sometimes even years. All memory of that time in their lives is gone.  However, as the serum is injected into the person’s system, the poison slowly dissolves and we find that by the time that the poison is completely gone; the person has regained their memory.”


Sam squeezed her eyes shut and then opened them again. “What’s my father’s case?”


“Jacob has lost the last three years of his life. Back to the time just before he blended with Selmac. He remembers no knowledge about the Tok’ra or the Goa’uld; we discovered this yesterday when he awoke for the first time and did not remember us or where he was.”


General Hammond blew out a breath. “But is he all right?”


Anise again nodded. “This is why we have come, Major Carter. Jacob does not recognize any of the Tok’ra and Selmac has withdrawn from Jacob’s mind, so she does not frighten him further. It is our hope that you would be able to come back with me to keep Jacob calm until we have finished with his treatment.”


Sam looked at General Hammond and he responded to Sam’s unasked question by nodding.


“I’ve already agreed to let you go, Major. With SG-1 on leave, you have the next couple of weeks off anyway.” He pushed a large file he had sitting in front of him toward her. “I’ve had Sgt. Siler pull up all relevant information about the SGC and its affiliation with the Tok’ra. Perhaps reading some of this will convince Jacob that the things you explain to him are not completely ridiculous.”


Sam nodded and took the folder. “Then I’ll just get suited up, sir.”


The general stood. “No need, Anise has indicated that just before she left, the Tok’ra had developed the first dose of the serum and it is imperative that they inject it. However, they are hesitant to administer it, as Jacob isn’t letting anyone get close to him. I’ve had Lt. Simmons pack your gear and it’s waiting for in the Gate room.” General Hammond began to walk down to the control room, followed by Anise and Sam. “Anise, if you could input the co-ordinates please.” He gestured toward the keyboard.


Anise pushed the appropriate glyphs and then turned to General Hammond. “Are not Colonel O’Neill and the rest of SG-1 coming as well?”


Sam hid a smile at Anise’s put-out expression, as she heard the General say, “Not this time. Colonel O’Neill, Dr. Jackson, and Teal’c are on leave and won’t be returning until a few weeks from now.”


“I see.” Anise replied, disappointed. She turned to Sam. “We must be going now.” Anise walked down the stairs and headed for the gate room.


Sam smiled lightly at Anise’s behavior. “I’ll keep you updated on my father’s condition sir.”


“Take your time, Major, and take care of your father. Jacob is too good a friend to lose.”


“Yes sir.” Sam nodded to the general and headed to catch up to Anise, who stood at the base of the ramp, pointedly ignoring the looks she was receiving from the soldiers in the room. The looks increased as Sam walked into the room, wearing her biker clothes. She thanked a blushing Lt. Simmons for packing her gear and gave him a mega-watt smile when he mumbled that he also packed a few of the chocolate bars he knew she liked as well as some packets of instant coffee.


Sam went to stand next to Anise. Side-by-side the  two woman made a striking pair and the soldiers were having a hard time deciding who was better-looking, which stopped immediately as Sam cleared her throat and said loud and clear, “I suggest you boys find something else to look at before this incident appears on a report to General Hammond, guys.”


Sam didn’t really expect an answer instead focusing her attention as the wormhole engaged and the gate room was filled with its familiar blue hue. Sam and Anise started to walk up the ramp.


“Major Carter, may I ask you a question?” Anise asked quietly.


“Uh, sure.”


“What’s a floozy?”


Sam almost stumbled on the ramp and threatened to fall through the wormhole as she choked.


“Ah, well, that’s…that’s a very…complicated answer, Anise.”