Past Memories – Chapter 5

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Rating: PG-13


A breeze of cool night air hit Sam as she exited the wormhole and she shivered, wondering how Anise could stay warm in her outfit. She squinted into the darkness and was just able to make out the treetops against the pale light of the blue moon.


“This way, Major Carter.” Anise walked down the steps of the Stargate and headed in a westerly direction. Sam could tell she was still puzzled over her answer to what a floozy was and Sam was caught between wincing and chuckling as she realized that having no idea who Anise was, her father must’ve said the first thing on his mind about Anise aloud. Sam shouldered her pack and followed Anise until they were standing out in the open in the middle of a grassy plain. She supposed she should’ve gotten used to the sudden appearance of the transporter rings, but judging by the small jump she did, she guessed not. Within seconds, Sam found herself standing in the cool Tok’ra crystal tunnels and oddly, a part of Sam felt as if she had come home.




Martouf nodded silently to yet another curious glance from a passing fellow Tok’ra as he stood awkwardly against the wall just outside the room where the transporter rings were located. He had been standing there for roughly an hour as he waited for Samantha and the rest of SG-1 to arrive. Ever since Anise left, he had tried to keep himself busy and his mind off the woman coming to visit. He brought food for Jacob, who took one look at the contents and turned his back, Martouf had then returned to his quarters and tried to keep busy with reports, but he couldn’t shake the feeling of excitement and nervousness. And so here he found himself, waiting for Samantha to come.


<You do realize you look like a fool?> Lantash stated.


(You want to be here just as much as I do, Lantash, do not deny this fact.) Martouf argued back, wishing that he had brought a report or something to occupy his time.


<What do you suppose Samantha will say if she saw you standing here like a lovesick fool?> Lantash bantered back.


Martouf sighed. Sometimes Lantash could be so trying.


<I heard that.>


(Of course you did.)


The sound of the transporter rings prevented Lantash from making a scathing remark for which Martouf was grateful. He turned and stood in the doorway of the room and saw Anise and Samantha standing there. Martouf and Lantash took a moment to look at this blonde goddess who, at the moment, was dressed rather provocatively, at least in Martouf’s opinion. She looked thrilling and strong and independent, a strong contrast to Anise, who-


<Do NOT compare our Samantha to that woman!> Lantash ordered loudly.   


Martouf stopped himself from visibly wincing and stepped forward to greet the woman who had been distracting his thoughts ever since he had first seen her.


“Samantha, it is good to see you again.” Martouf dared not let his emotions take control as Samantha smiled at him.


“You too, Martouf. How is Lantash?” She asked.


Before Lantash could assume control, Anise stepped up hurriedly.


“If you will excuse me, I must ready the first dosage of the serum.” Anise bowed her head and walked away.


Samantha watched as Anise strode quickly away. “I guess she’s a little upset about the rest of SG-1 not being here.”


“Where is SG-1, Samantha? On a mission?” Martouf asked, fighting the urge to look at the wide expanse of skin the top Samantha was wearing showed as Lantash kept suggesting.


Samantha smiled again. “No, nothing like that. They simply took a vacation, some time off.” She hurriedly added as Martouf grew puzzled and then he nodded.


“I understand.” Martouf bowed his head and when he raised it, the telltale flash made Lantash’s presence known. “I am fine, Samantha and extremely pleased to see you. While Martouf may not admit this, we have both missed you.” Lantash watched as Samantha blushed and then with a quick bow of the head disappeared and Martouf was back in control.


“Come,” Martouf gestured with his hand, mentally berating Lantash for his forwardness. “I will show you to your quarters for your stay here, I have made sure that they are close to your father’s. Then I will take you to see Jacob unless you are in need of refreshment and food?” Martouf noticed the looks from both he and Samantha were getting as they walked along. As secrets were incredibly rare among the Tok’ra, Martouf had no doubt that most knew of his feelings for the woman walking beside him and the looks were mainly consisting of smiles and friendly nods.


“No thanks, I’d rather see my father. Is he really alright?” Martouf detected a hint of concern in Samantha’s voice.


“He is a bit disoriented and uncommunicative. I must admit, I have never seen Jacob so angry before, but generally speaking, he is fine.” Martouf reassured her.


Samantha blew out a breath. “Now comes the hard part, convincing him that everything I’m about to tell him is real and that I’m not a crackpot.”


Martouf furrowed his brow as he and Lantash analyzed the term. “Crackpot?”


“It means crazy, out of your mind, you know, insane?” Samantha explained.


Martouf nodded and mentally filed away yet another strange Tau’ri word. He stopped in front of a room and walked into it. “This will be your temporary quarters. I hope they are satisfactory.” He said.


“They’ll be fine.” Martouf watched as Samantha walked around the room before placing her bag on the bed and sitting down next to it.


“I notice that you did not bring extra clothing, Samantha, I will have clothes brought up for you to wear during your stay.” Martouf observed Samantha rifling through her bag to pull out two small rectangular objects and a folder.


“That would be great; I wanted to get here as soon as possible.”


Martouf watched as Samantha then took off her outer garment and to Lantash’s great delight, appeared to be wearing a garment that showed even more of Samantha’s delicious skin. Martouf noted that the red material Samantha was wearing looked extremely flattering on her and he had to control his heartbeat as he imagined his hands gliding over her soft skin. Lantash, of course, was no help as he merely intensified the feelings.


“I hope you don’t mind, it’s a bit warm in here.” Samantha looked at Martouf for a second and then glanced down at the folder she had laid on the bed before picking it up, as if she were deciding something.


“Of course not-“ Martouf choked as he watched Samantha lean over to place the folder back in the bag, giving him a nice view of her cleavage. “Samantha.” He finished, averting his eyes from the sight, arguing with Lantash who was trying to make him look again.


(Lantash! I insist that you stop this wanton behavior immediately!) Martouf fumed, struggling to stop the flush from creeping up his neck.


<There is nothing wrong in openly admiring Samantha. She is after all an extremely beautiful woman and we do desire her.> Lantash pointed out reasonably.


(She may not return our feelings. Looking at her in such a fashion may only serve to frighten her away!)


<Nonsense. I am fairly confident that Samantha returns our feelings. Let me have control and I will settle this now.> Lantash stated.


(No, Lantash. Now is not the time, Samantha’s foremost concern is the well-being of Jacob as should ours be as well, not our feelings toward her.) Martouf argued.


<Very well. But I am not very patient Martouf.> Lantash said sullenly.


(A fact that I am well aware of.)


“Martouf? Are you okay?” Samantha’s voice broke through the silent argument he and Lantash were having. She was standing in front of him, holding the two small rectangular objects in her hand, glancing up at him worriedly.


Martouf smiled and tried not to think about the effect her close proximity was having on him. “Yes, Samantha, I am fine. Shall we go see Jacob now?”


Samantha took a deep breath. “Yes, we need to get this over with.”


Martouf was tempted to take Samantha’s hand at the concern and tiredness in Samantha’s voice, but instead placed a hand on the back of her arm, barely touching her as he led her out of her quarters and to Jacob’s room. As they walked the short distance, Martouf pointed out that one room across and down was the bathing pool and he also assured her that while she talked with Jacob, he would make arrangements for clothes to be delivered to her.


They were just about to turn into Jacob’s quarters when a healer, shouting Martouf’s name, came jogging up to them, explaining that the first dosage of the serum was ready to be administered. The healer nodded a greeting to Samantha and handed her the serum, which was encased in a small tube in the form of a blue liquid.


Martouf thanked the healer and nodded to the guards standing in front of Jacob’s quarters. Seeing the Tok’ra guards made Samantha bite her lip and Martouf understood that seeing her father held captive by friends was hard. He went in first, telling Samantha that he wished to inform Jacob of her presence first as not to startle him, and stopped in his tracks. Jacob had taken the food Martouf had given him earlier and smashed it against the wall, creating a mess as some food stuck to the wall and others dripped down to fall on the floor.


“What the hell do you want?” Jacob’s harsh voice came from behind him. 


Martouf was momentarily taken over by the fury of Lantash at seeing Jacob’s audacity and it wasn’t until he heard Jacob gasp, “Sammie?” did Martouf turn around to see Jacob staring at Sam like he didn’t believe she was really there.


“Hi dad, love what you did to your room. I may not a big fan of Tok’ra food, but did you really have to paint a mural on the wall with it?”


“Sam, is that you?” Jacob moved hesitantly toward his daughter.


“Yeah dad it’s really me. I’m really here and before you even think it, I’m not here as some sort of hostage or bargaining chip to use against you. Martouf,” Samantha gestured in his direction. “And everybody else here are friends, dad, they told me what happened and asked me to come see if I could talk some sense into you.”


Martouf could see that Jacob was still not convinced and stepped up to stand beside her, noticing Jacob tense up as he did.


(Surely, he does not think we would hurt Samantha?) Martouf asked Lantash.


<At this point, I believe Jacob is willing to think anything.>


“Do you wish me to stay Samantha? Perhaps it would be beneficial to Jacob if I too helped explain some things.” Martouf asked.


Samantha smiled and shook her head. “Thank you, but no, I think it’s best if I talked to my father alone for now.” She placed a hand on his arm and squeezed it gently. Martouf smiled as she said, “Thanks for volunteering though. We’ll be fine for awhile. I’ll see you later, ok?”


Martouf nodded. “As you wish, Samantha.” Reluctantly Martouf left Samantha’s side and walked out of the room.


Once outside, he paused as he heard Jacob say, “What the hell was that? And why was he touching you like that, Sammie? I want an explanation now, young lady.” Lantash bristled at Jacob’s tone and was tempted to tell Jacob that his intentions toward his daughter were…well, not exactly honorable, but they were good intentions. Martouf reminded Lantash that Jacob was Samantha’s father and as such had a right to act wary of men who approached his daughter.


<Nonsense.> Lantash retorted.


Martouf heard Samantha sigh tiredly and his heart went out to her.  He heard her say quietly, “It’s a long story dad, make sure you’re sitting comfortably because we’re going to be here for a long time and trust me, when I tell you certain things, you’re gonna want to sit down.”