Past Memories – Chapter 6

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A Couple of Hours Later… (Or me being too lazy and wanting to spare you the whole background of Jacob becoming a Tok’ra…)


“Don’t worry, Sam, I’ll get us out of here. You don’t need to do anything they say, sweetheart.”


Sam threw her hands up in exasperation as she listened to her father. “Stop patronizing me dad! And I’m not a hostage and neither would you be if you just listened to what I’m telling you which is very real, by the way.”


Jacob approached his daughter and caught her by the shoulders. “Sam, it’s okay.” He winked at her. “I believe you.”


Sam rolled her eyes in disbelief. “Dad, we’re not being watched, ok? Just answer me this, if you think I’m making this up, then how else do you explain all this? Why can’t you remember anything beyond the doctor telling you that you had cancer, which by the way is gone and you said it yourself, you’ve never felt better! What, did you think the government had the cure to cancer all along and was just keeping it a secret? Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? And why cure you? Not to sound insulting, but what’s so special about you. Also, how else would you explain the confusion of Martouf and the others when you say things that they don’t understand? That any other human with basic understanding of slang would understand? Do you really think an enemy base would fill its ranks with idiots?  And no offense, but have you looked at their clothing? What do you think this place is? The construction, the material,” Sam gestured to the still messy wall, “And the food? Have you ever seen anything like this? Don’t tell me you think this is some top secret enemy military base that’s decided to be just a bit wacky?” Sam grabbed her father’s hands and held them tightly. “Dad, please, this is me talking, just me, Sam, your daughter. Now I know that you’re thinking that we never really got along, but I have never lied to you and I’m not starting now. This is real, all of it. I love you dad and I care about what happens to you. You may not remember this now, but in the last three years that you’ve lost, we’ve patched things up, hell, even you and Mark are talking now. I don’t want to lose this. Please dad.” Sam gazed hard into her father’s eyes and had to stop tears from falling.


“Dad, please, even if you don’t believe me, I am asking you to trust me. The Tok’ra have developed a serum that, when taken in proper doses, will allow you to regain all of your memory back. Now I trust the Tok’ra with my life, with your life; they are truly our friends. If you don’t trust them, I am asking you to trust me. I’d never let anyone hurt you. We’re Carters remember? We stick together. Please, just do this for me.” Sam let go of her father’s hand, pulled the blue vial from her jacket pocket and held it out.


Jacob took it, but his eyes still held suspicion. But looking at his daughter, he was so tempted to believe her fantastical story. After all, as ridiculous as it sounded, it would actually fit what had happened to him. The part about a…symbiote with healing powers inside him was by far the most far out, but it would explain his bounce back from having a fatal disease as well as explaining the voice he heard inside his head earlier.


He watched Sam rub a hand over her eyes. She looked tired, but extremely well. It was obvious from her interactions with that Martouf earlier that she seemed to be on friendly terms with him. She looked so sincere and the things she said about them patching things up not only between them, but with his son, Mark, as well seemed like a dream come true. He wanted to believe so much…


“Fine. I won’t pretend that I’m not still a bit sketchy about all this, but I do trust you, Sam, after all, you’re my daughter and I know I raised you right. So I’ll take this and then we’ll see what happens.” Jacob said, waving the blue vial slightly.


He was rewarded by his daughter’s brilliant, but exhausted smile. “Thanks dad, it means a lot to hear you say that.” She stepped up and hugged him. “Hopefully soon, they’ll let you out of here and I can show you the things I’ve been talking about, especially the Stargate. Oh and General Hammond also sent along a file that’ll tell you everything about the SGC and more about the Tok’ra from his point of view.”


“You got it, kid.” Jacob replied as they separated. That was another thing that racked up in Sam’s favor, the fact that his old friend George was also in this he wanted to believe… “But right now, kiddo, all this talking has made me whipped. Why don’t you go back to your quarters and rest? I’ll do the same. We’ll talk more later.” Jacob kissed Sam on the forehead before looking at the blue vial still in his hand. “It looks like blue Kool-Aid, what, they didn’t have it in raspberry flavor?”


He smiled gently as he watched Sam chuckle softly. He opened the vial and drank the liquid, grimacing at the taste. “Not enough sugar.”


“Here. I wasn’t joking about Tok’ra food earlier.” Sam pulled out two chocolate bars and handed them to her father. She shrugged. “It’s not much, but I couldn’t exactly walk around with steak and beer, now could I? I also have some coffee. Hopefully I’ll be able to make some later.”


Jacob’s eyes lit up at the mention of coffee.


Sam yawned. “You’re right dad, I am tired. I’ll see you later, ok?”


Jacob nodded and watched as his daughter walked out of his room before tearing the chocolate bar wrapper and savoring his first bite of chocolate-y goodness.