Past Memories – Chapter 7

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Rating: R


Martouf was about to step into the bathing chamber when he spotted Samantha going into her quarters.


(She looks extremely tired. I can only imagine how this ideal must be weighing down on her.) Martouf observed, debating whether or not he should go talk to her.


Lantash had no such qualms as he responded, <Let’s talk to her.>


(Lantash, did you or did you not hear me just mention how tired she looks? Perhaps she would like to spend some time resting, not entertaining us.) Martouf reprimanded lightly, his feet betraying him as he began to walk toward Samantha’s quarters. He could hear her moving around, took it as a sign that she was still awake, and had not collapsed onto the bed in utter exhaustion. He listened for a minute more before making the decision to visit her and partly to stop Lantash’s nagging.


<I’ll get you for that ‘nagging’ remark soon Martouf.> Lantash vowed.


“Samantha?” Martouf walked around the partition that separated Samantha’s quarters from the rest of the tunnel. He stopped suddenly as he saw Samantha finishing taking off her shirt. Martouf’s eyes widened and he echoed Lantash’s comment of ‘wow’ as he viewed her lean back that her third garment, a flimsy piece of material, did not cover.


“Martouf?” Samantha turned around to face him, seemingly uncaring of her state of appearance. “Can I help you?”


<Definitely.> murmured Lantash.


Martouf cleared his throat and looked down at the floor. “I have interrupted you. I will return later.” He made a move to walk out when he heard Samantha say, “That’s okay. I was thinking of changing into one of the dresses that was placed in my closet. But,” Martouf turned around to face Samantha as she held up a blue dress with thin straps. “It looks as if I need someone to help lace up the back for me. Could you?”


<Absolutely, love, anything for you.>


“Perhaps it would be best if I got another-“ Martouf’s head bowed as Lantash surfaced. “What Martouf would like to say is that we are at your service, Samantha.”


(LANTASH! What are you doing?) Martouf’s angry voice echoed loudly in his head.


<What you are too scared to do, Martouf! We both love Samantha, why shy away from those feelings. This way we will find out soon enough if Samantha reciprocates those feelings. Besides, you want this too, I told you before that I am not very patient.>


(But Samantha-)


Lantash cut off Martouf’s weak argument with one of his own. <Samantha is a grown woman and is capable of saying no, Martouf. I will simply use this opportunity to act on our feelings for her. Samantha is an intelligent woman and will undoubtedly understand our actions, if and I repeat if, she recognizes what we are doing and she refuses, then we will have our answer. However, I am fairly confident she will not refuse.>


Lantash was satisfied when he heard the silent agreement of his host and refocused his attention on Samantha who had laid out the dress on her bed and was rubbing her shoulder.


“Is there something wrong with your shoulder, Samantha? Do you wish me to retrieve a healer?” Lantash questioned, concerned.


Samantha smiled and shook her head wearily. “No, that’s okay, Lantash. I’m just trying to massage away the body aches.” She rolled her neck a couple of times.


<Perfect.> Lantash said smugly.


(Lantash, don’t you dare! This is entirely inappropriate, such touching would only be approved between mated people, this-)


“Perhaps I can assist you in that as well, Samantha.” Lantash stepped forward and gestured Samantha to sit on the bed. As she did so, he sat beside her and placed his hands on her shoulders, reveling in the softness of her skin. “How do you do this…massage?” He paused over the unfamiliar term.


“Um…well,” Lantash could feel Samantha’s heart beat faster as he started to knead her shoulders. “Just…like that.”


Lantash and a now silent Martouf felt themselves enveloped in the warmth of being with the woman they loved and in such an intimate situation. They continued to massage Samantha’s shoulders and were nearly undone when she let out a small moan of pleasure.


“Wow, Lantash that feels great. I’d love to take you home just so you could give me a massage every day.” Immediately after saying so, Samantha went rigid and started to pull away saying, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that, I only meant-“


Lantash silenced her by grabbing her shoulders and continuing his massage and declaring, “Such a task would be extremely agreeable to us, Samantha. You must be aware by now that both Martouf and I will do anything to make you happy.”


Lantash discerned a slight blush on Samantha’s face, but since she had not denied his answer, he decided to question her further.


“Samantha,” Lantash moved his mouth so that it was inches away from her ear. He felt her shiver slightly as he whispered her name, but made no movement to stop him. “I realize that when we first met, I had told you that suggesting you becoming host to Selmac was the desire to have some part of Jolinar back in both mine and Martouf’s lives.” He felt her begin to stiffen and he needed no urging from Martouf to continue. “However, much time has passed and both Martouf and I have developed feelings for you and you only. In fact,” Lantash stopped his massage and slid his hands down Samantha’s arms, encircling her in his arms and against his body as he clasped both her hands. “Martouf and I have found ourselves thinking of you constantly and it has become increasingly clear to us that what we feel are feelings of…love.”


Lantash paused as he let the woman in his arms have a chance to digest his words. He heard her ask very quietly, “Are you saying you, I mean, you and Martouf, do you…love me?”


With his mouth still hovering over her ear, Lantash dared to plant a small kiss on her temple. As she gasped softy, he murmured, “Yes, Samantha, I love you.”


Lantash allowed Martouf to regain control and hugging her tighter to him, he said, “I too love you Samantha.”


“Martouf…” Samantha slowly tipped her head back to lean on his shoulder. Her hands gripped his tighter. Her eyes were closed and a small happy smile appeared on her face. “You love me.”


“Yes, beloved, we do.” Martouf decided to follow Lantash’s course of action and kissed her lightly on her cheek.


“That’s good.” Samantha touched his face and then wriggled out of his grasp to face him. She cradled his face and Martouf found himself captivated by the blueness of her eyes as she gazed at him, the smile on her face growing larger as she murmured, “I love you too. I have for awhile actually, I mean, it took a long time for me to sort out Jolinar’s feelings and when I did, I realized that some of what I was feeling for came from me, just me and it scared me because I was so sure that you probably didn’t feel the same way-“


Martouf drew Samantha closer until their lips touched.


<Oh excellent, Martouf, I have taught you well.> Lantash complimented before shutting up to also enjoy the moment.


(You think that’s good. Watch this. You are not the only who knows a few things about romance.) Martouf replied back.


“Samantha…” Martouf broke off the kiss to look at her and was almost blown away by the desire in her eyes. His eyes twinkled as he smiled and suggested, “If you are still feeling sore, then I can continue your massage, but I know of a way to completely relax you if it is agreeable to you, that is?”


<Martouf, I’m impressed.> Lantash declared as he caught Martouf’s train of thought.


“Do we have to move?” Samantha looked as if the only movement she wanted to do was to lie down on the bed they were sitting on.


Martouf hesitated before continuing, “Yes it does, but it is only to the bathing pools. There I can insure that I can give you a full…massage.”


He watched Samantha raise an eyebrow. “Bathing pool?” She said mischievously, her eyes sparkling.


(By everything, I hold dear, I love this woman.) Martouf thought.




“What are we waiting for then?” Samantha stood up, but then stopped to look at him with a disappointed look on her face. “I don’t have anything to wear.”


Martouf smiled and gathered Samantha in his arms. “My love, we won’t be needing anything to wear.”